this is a space for stuff i think is cool like lyrics quotes other bits of text names images videos etc stuff i want to remember i guess and also i can be pretentious here i suppose :D:D

20/10/2021 cheer up sleepy jean... my name is kristýna i do not have facebook pavel liška god dont take hazey jane ii away from me

16/10/2021 fear is the mindkiller fear is the little death that brings total obliteration i will face my fear i will permit it to pass over me and through me

16/10/2021 nahoře v poschodí bydlela stará paní, která často plakala nad fotografií svého syna

14/10/2021 the frank saunders to my lilla hallowell (charles francis, elisabeth)

13/10/2021 phil ochs, joan baez wondering about things

13/10/2021 the last heard of him he was in montreal where he died of a broken heart

13/10/2021 ur some kind of dys ?

11/10/2021 i have no idea where im going so i can never be lost

10/10/2021 50 THOUSAND VIEWS ON THIS WEBSITE THAT IS HALF A HUNDRED THOUSAND VIEWS . thank you besties for clicking on my little web site and being cool and sexy ! !

09/10/2021 netruchlete, organizujte se

09/10/2021 česká jepublika - protože ona je

08/10/2021 is this a commonplace book? (richard brooke, 15)

08/10/2021 was anyone going to tell her ***** n **** are dating or was she supposed to find out when analysing their handwritings

07/10/2021 joe hill was always on the line

07/10/2021 landlords fear the enterpreneurial apartment carp farmer

06/10/2021 gf posting

06/10/2021 will you worship moons in winter's night

06/10/2021 gathertown

05/10/2021 i cry at the start of every movie (but nobody cared about the stories i had)

03/10/2021 One of 5 boys & 2 girls, all gay I think. Mum was gay too. Father was Archbishop of Canterbury of course

01/10/2021 jiří suchý :)

01/10/2021 i always dream of a solemn face

30/09/2021 mark hoppus!!!

30/09/2021 a bit of singing on the floor below, an occasional door slamming in the corridor, and all is lost.

28/09/2021 dilf milf christian vance břímě temnota I didnt know y*ngblud was british?

26/09/2021 trying to continue the brooke hound by jack bentley

26/09/2021 tomorrow is nearly yesterday and everyday is stupid!!!

25/09/2021 digital archeology becoming a big thing in 75 years or so

25/09/2021 since i left you & the ignác schiffner story

24/09/2021 twenty seconds to give a man a soul

23/09/2021 when i fall in love it will be forever

21/09/2021 vy si kreslíte do deníčku těstoviny?

21/09/2021 "went missing on the russian front, no info on him, maybe had a long life with a local woman, nobody knows" died 1 month after world war i started . god bless you 2g grandpa

21/09/2021 richard h. kirk.

19/09/2021 more dearly than the spoken word can tell

17/09/2021 nevěřím na zázraky ale spoléhám na ně

15/09/2021 i miss you gene deitch

14/09/2021 norm macdonald.

13/09/2021 ...and away

12/09/2021 this is exactly what ur supposed to do with life when ur name is abbott fuller graves

11/09/2021 m̶r̶ ̶c̶h̶a̶r̶r̶i̶n̶g̶t̶o̶n̶'̶s̶ ̶p̶a̶w̶n̶ ̶s̶h̶o̶p̶ oh nvm

10/09/2021 she owed us so many poems

10/09/2021 Jsem divná a krajně podezřelá osoba. Proč tě zajímaj nějací lidé

09/09/2021 bilanční album

08/09/2021 with you, we will overcome. to 80 more

07/09/2021 co kdyby po 2. světové nebo po covidu skončil novověk

06/09/2021 this website is kind of a diane if you think about it

06/09/2021 jean-paul belmondo.

06/09/2021 mt keeping me from flexing about the fitzgerald !!! at least not for 14 days

05/09/2021 every triangle is a love triangle when you love triangles

05/09/2021 alternate angle

05/09/2021 thinking about you, rateyourmusic user from woodstock illinois! (yes you right there! i appreciate you i hope you like it here and i hope i am at least a tiny improvement in your day)

05/09/2021 cant take my eyes off you frankie valli, before my eyes him with a wine glass slowdancing with himself to this song playing from a radio (that he doesnt own)

04/09/2021 "i love you so much dont you ever fucking forget that. thank you. thank you so much"

04/09/2021 nothing is as it seems and everyone has something to hide

04/09/2021 good vibes all around in name change town, two monsters today and the blend, more hsmith but at what cost. love is blindness

03/09/2021 ...i'll stay, one more day

02/09/2021 majo seman.

01/09/2021 shledávám písničky jež jenom zima čte si a ptám a ptám se jich

01/09/2021 it's like you're always stuck in second year (?)

31/08/2021 uncle smoky & the gulf war wikipedia article

30/08/2021 how's annie?

29/08/2021 the chemistry teacher to comedian pipeline

28/08/2021 various Different hands in these Memores but infact are the Same

28/08/2021 a stranger. let him rest in peace

27/08/2021 raimund verner. prisoner of war, tomsk, russia, november 1915. i'm so sorry for everything

25/08/2021 why die before your time?

25/08/2021 trapped, i have just realized, thank you so much

24/08/2021 either the future will resemble the present, in which case it will not listen to me, or it will be different and my predicament be meaningless

24/08/2021 charlie watts.

24/08/2021 i've never met someone who wasn't important

23/08/2021 MJC three steps to heaven at leverndale 11, god why did you let a man live such a life

22/08/2021 Edmund the Moth inventor of Society

22/08/2021 there are things you can't get anywhere but we dream they can be found in other people

22/08/2021 lets meet up in uncanny valley

22/08/2021 don everly.

(21 - 22/08) dreamt

20/08/2021 so close to death yourself that you're now able to see dead people

19/08/2021 milovat. nebo vyzkoušet lsd, popřípadě básněmi posprejovat pár mostů

18/08/2021 you can't write tears

18/08/2021 SEAN LOCK.

18/08/2021 MP in my dream in a record store on a date, ian mcculloch camp activity, sponsored by demonia (i am now bob dylan-sized) . now what was he doing april-may 1965??

17/08/2021 pc update: WOO YEA WOO YEA I HAVE IT BACK! NOT BROKEN ANYMORE HOWEVER I LOST ALL MY FILES . it is alright tho A new beginning!!

13/08/2021 anxious and sad five-foot-and-a-bit frame, crying into the depths of an auditorium, voice wrapped in cobwebs, one tiny fist clenched by his side

12/08/2021 there is no sadness in saturday night and all dogs go to heaven

11/08/2021 pc update: there is no update its still broken !

(10 - 11/08) dreamt

09/08/2021 its paradise lost all over again

08/08/2021 i is someone else

06/08/2021 with tears like flashbulbs (up into a high-rise block) - here's bowie with the birthdays

05/08/2021 16 clumsy and shy for the last time

04/08/2021 good lives make bad stories

04/08/2021 he's the cleverest man on tv but he sure does hide it well

03/08/2021 some soundscapes - in d: duffy

02/08/2021 dread most the god unknown

01/08/2021 velleity

31/07/2021 look preppy, act normal, produce strange music

30/07/2021 will you be my friend historically

30/07/2021 pc broken screen broken battery broken everything broken website on a break i suppose :/

29/07/2021 dusty hill.

28/07/2021 bestie's first monster!

25/07/2021 what is jmalacovas stance on kyle maclachlan

22/07/2021 dont worry you and me wont be alone anymore

22/07/2021 harold smith,

22/07/2021 i send the fullest version of my love to her, wherever she may be, and nick drake too, all of it

20/07/2021 CONTRIBUTORY: made a mistep

19/07/2021 here lies a horse thief. hanged here. cut down. buried where he fell. name unknown

19/07/2021 dear god: why me, at a gas station in a bistro in a hotel farm

18/07/2021 františek nedvěd.

17/07/2021 forrest!!!!!!!

14/07/2021 digital rose, a stranger known but to god

(13 - 14/07) dreamt

09/07/2021 kotek gender před pramenem labe

05/07/2021 yes sir what time 3 o'clock sir and what time is now 3 o'clock sir

05/07/2021 12:30 dancing with tears in my eyes right now and 2 years ago

04/07/2021 i don't know where i'm going but i think it's somewhere good. and dont you dare give up

01/07/2021 lytton, lytton

30/06/2021 forget all the tears that you've cried it's OVER

30/06/2021 safari dress, "if you want we could meet sometime in the summer", pancho and lefty, pipeline punch. who knows where the time goes?

29/06/2021 baby siehst du nicht der mond?

27/06/2021 mike gravel. rest in power

26/06/2021 siegfried herz he is me i am him in the cool timeline

26/06/2021 pivovarov literally just be saying words but i think he means well

25/06/2021 and lost among the subway crowds i try to catch your eye

25/06/2021 moravo, moravo

24/06/2021 we are so small between the stars, so large against the sky

24/06/2021 mark hoppus

22/06/2021 9:30 pfizer 55

21/06/2021 nina divíšková.

19/06/2021 bring someone to life someone for real someone who feels the way that i feel

18/06/2021 miroslav tichý, vivian maier

17/06/2021 a socialist utopia with drainer characteristics

16/06/2021 ah hastings, my dear friend, they were good days

15/06/2021 everything about class trip if ur not in the main big social circle is extremely springsteenesque

14/06/2021 a humorous jpeg or two for my bestie!

12/06/2021 ať je válka, červen, mlha, bouře nebo klid

12/06/2021 i'm the easter bunny

10/06/2021 obligatory apathy's a tragedy and boredom is a crime post cause i am a gay mentally ill ex-theatre kid in 2021 .sorry about that . apathy's a tragedy and boredom is a crime

09/06/2021 libuše šafránková.

09/06/2021 To YOU its a ufo. I know what it is

07/06/2021 frederick fleet

06/06/2021 for all those born beneath an angry star lest we forget how fragile we are

04/06/2021 i'll see you in my dreams, bruce springsteen

04/06/2021 karel haphilček borochský

03/06/2021 another sleepy dusty brno day

02/06/2021 i wish i was a banker professor civil servant radioamateur in the 1930s. today i am thinking about 721bennyboy. david lynch shaved his beard i will cry


02/06/2021 you will have to find another account to follow as i am no longer suffering from mental illness - me someday in the future probably hopefully maybe

31/05/2021 a little bit of everything all of the time

31/05/2021 40 THOUSAND VIEWS ON THIS VERY WEBSITE??? ITS MORE LIKELY THAN YOU THINK!!! thank yall sm for being here <3 i just be saying stuff

30/05/2021 he's bladee i call him bladey

30/05/2021 how DO i articulate my ideas tho????? via revenge dot neocities

28/05/2021 has no one told you he's not breathing? i'm your mind giving you someone to talk to

28/05/2021 i have seen A Thing. no rest for me in this world

26/05/2021 if i never do anything worthwhile with my life at least i know i made u laugh a couple times back in 2021

25/05/2021 turn my head into sound IN MY ROOM NOW

24/05/2021 i was born very far from where i'm supposed to be and so i'm on my way home

24/05/2021 if love is a sin then beauty is a crime (when the times comes i'll cry)

23/05/2021 01:00 never get attached to people

22/05/2021 21:00 please don't break my heart i promise

21/05/2021 5 camels who have just robbed a bank

(20 - 21/05) dreamt

20/05/2021 europe has failed us, shouldve sacrificed serbia, finland god bless u (tactically), denmark deserved, GJON MUHARREMAJ gjon muharremaj............

20/05/2021 maybe gjon does have a point maybe gender isnt a spectrum but a sphere

19/05/2021 With enough style and polish, cringe just becomes aesthetic

18/05/2021 for every shout that went unheard

18/05/2021 i wanna know if love is real!!!!!

17/05/2021 no amount of guilt can change the past no amount of anxiety can change the future

17/05/2021 five miles south of the canadian border, twelve miles west of the state line

14/05/2021 strange but not a stranger

14/05/2021 hello besties i have made my own radio station come listen to my radio station we play cool bops 24/7!! :D :D

13/05/2021 slowly learning that life is okay

13/05/2021 Ritchie Valens at 80 —

12/05/2021 a 12th century druid and political activist

08/05/2021 minigolf-tetris-Kickboxing

06/05/2021 shame about cliff richard

06/05/2021 anson best

(04 - 05/05) dreamt


(03 - 04/05) dreamt

30/04/2021 i was born at the end of the night

28/04/2021 anita lane.

(26 - 27/04) dreamt

25/04/2021 Sophie

24/04/2021 josh swain

24/04/2021 if you could meet your ancestors would they be proud of you?

23/04/2021 unjumble your chess moves from your beckett plays

23/04/2021 this pizza is gonna be sooo lynchian 6 12 2

19/04/2021 rufus britton anderson \

19/04/2021 its been 197 YEARS thats SO MANY YEARS

19/04/2021 do you, mr. jones?

(18 - 19/04) dreamt

18/04/2021 you think you cant be surprised and boom james acasters house is an estranky website

17/04/2021 if you listen to this album starting at 2:15 AM CST on the appalachian mountains during a failed cartography expedition, carrying only a broken compass and some australian poetry, i think you'll very easily find out that this album is for the gays. otherwise, it's hard to tell.

16/04/2021 helen mcrory.

16/04/2021 obscure local gentleman john monke

15/04/2021 písně z lesů a opuštěných kostelů

15/04/2021 the mystery of october 19th 2019

15/04/2021 &this world feels so distant !! !

12/04/2021 tell me about the streams you watch

11/04/2021 "he" in the way you call an animal you don't know "she" in the way sailors refer to their boats "they" in the way 'they say that ___' a faceless and all knowing collective

11/04/2021 i can hear it gooping . -

(10 - 11/04) dreamt

09/04/2021 philip ochs, 45 years ago

07/04/2021 shit!! i'm at a 24 hour barnes & noble

(06 - 07/04) dreamt

06/04/2021 the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls

05/04/2021 piccolo nemáme, ale rádi vám uvaříme espresso

04/04/2021 one easter sunday i went to a party at mary pickford's house

03/04/2021 a blood-covered loaf of bread in the wrong room

02/04/2021 "you're living for nothing now, i hope you're keeping some kind of record"

31/03/2021 all rim and bounced out

31/03/2021 time is a bit more precious

31/03/2021 král šumavy

30/03/2021 thank you for all the beauty and goodness you put out into the world

30/03/2021 you're soft as glass and i'm a gentle man

29/03/2021 there was something deeply comforting about the boat being stuck and i would appreciate it if they could put it back

29/03/2021 beránka a ochočenou myš

27/03/2021 i seem to be a verb an evolutionary process an integral function of the universe

26/03/2021 bugs are just math

25/03/2021 this is only a foretaste of what is to come and only the shadow of what is going to be

24/03/2021 it sounds like a song it hits you like scripture

24/03/2021 60 packs of quavers but he would've gone quisps

23/03/2021 i'm gonna give all that i've got to give cross my heart and hope to live

23/03/2021 hana hegerová.

23/03/2021 baby eel monte

21/03/2021 4th wall

21/03/2021 the miracle sudoku

21/03/2021 robert cutler 1475-1548 ipswich (robert cutler 1455-1474 jane robert wolsley 1462-1486) ( - john cutler carwithan mayor of exeter --- mabel and stephen carwithan, married 1408)

20/03/2021 sells clocks under the bridge, dormant malevolence, baby pirate, endless meadow

20/03/2021 l34340

18/03/2021 měl býti po škole, utekl

16/03/2021 you are interviewed in a shopping centre by a team from the local tv news

16/03/2021 did you go to the rhod gilbert school of explanation

15/03/2021 i am in severe distress. i am vibing. i am king of the world. i am bored. i am lost at sea. i am making coffee. i am foraging in the forest. i am making tea. i am chasing pigeons. i am napping in a chair

12/03/2021 got us on a highway got us in a car got us going faster than we've ever gone before and i know it ain't gonna last

(11 - 12/03) dreamt

11/03/2021 softest grave of a thousand fears where their mother, care, like a drowsy child is laid asleep in flowers

10/03/2021 woody guthrie did it earliest and most convincingly pete seeger did it longest joan baez did it most artfully phil ochs tried the hardest and the young bob dylan did it best

06/03/2021 a half full glass spills so easily

(04 - 05/03) dreamt

03/03/2021 how sweet it is to sit and read the tales of mighty poets and to hear the while sweet music which when the attention fails fills the dim pause

02/03/2021 don't let the stars get in your eyes don't let the moon break your heart

01/03/2021 scarborough fair

01/03/2021 there's nothing to fear but fear itself

28/02/2021 got a collection of vintage calculators

28/02/2021 you just had to be there

27/02/2021 just cut them up like regular chickens

(26 - 27/02) dreamt

26/02/2021 he's a sportsman and a shepherd he's a lazy bastard living in a suit

26/02/2021 bleib dir nicht treu, phil ochs

25/02/2021 made to love magic

24/02/2021 irene bromley, c.m. hall, pam wilson liverpool 1963

24/02/2021 this pic is my gender

(23 - 24/02) dreamt

23/02/2021 i have clung to nothing loved a nothing nothing seen or felt but a great dream

23/02/2021 whose name was writ in water?

(19 - 20/02) dreamt

19/02/2021 no rest for me in this world perhaps in the next

19/02/2021 innocent of all things innocent of all things feel a second beating of my heart

19/02/2021 píšeme vám, jiří ortene, a víme, že jste pro nás stále živ

(14 - 15/02) dreamt

13/02/2021 it's important not to get lost in his world

11/02/2021 i guess that i miss you, i guess i forgive you, i'm glad you stood in my way

10/02/2021 for your consideration: laura dern

08/02/2021 z jednej strony jarmark z drugiej europa

08/02/2021 a pirate station or the late night show

07/02/2021 I miss you and me and kenneth going fishing by the bayou in our spot

07/02/2021 catsdown 100%

07/02/2021 i grieve in stereo

05/02/2021 in two separate worlds

05/02/2021 there's no wind on this bitter earth, time and distance claimed my blues for what they're worth

04/02/2021 unlimed

03/02/2021 can't survive on what you send anytime you need a friend (i wish i wish i wish you'd care)

03/02/2021 if he didn't exist it's highly unlikely that anyone would have thought to invent him

02/02/2021 child of passion, fool of fame

02/02/2021 polyhymnians v. severns, nolte knight frost

02/02/2021 if songs were lines in a conversation the situation would be fine

31/01/2021 oldřich slezák 9.10.1926 - 26.11.1945

31/01/2021 "Then, what is life? I cried."—

30/01/2021 abigail

30/01/2021 SOPHIE

29/01/2021 david lynch number of the day: 7

28/01/2021 gluee drops , the world will stop.

27/01/2021 8oo10cdc 0201 38:30-41:04

26/01/2021 from your armchair you ruled the world

26/01/2021 where's anderson

25/01/2021 a catalog of cultivated hatred and a bit in my style so i kinda feel validated

25/01/2021 the "in his letters he was always doing fine" from joe hill by phil ochs but to the tune of love to hate you by erasure

24/01/2021 here's a song to those who are gone with never a reason why

(23 - 24/01) dreamt

23/01/2021 if somebody at least listens, it's not too bad

23/01/2021 josef bednář 6.8.1865 - 17.2.1888, počátky

23/01/2021 is novelty-seeking (read: lives with adhd)

22/01/2021 dont pull a bladee may have a grenade

(19 - 20/01) dreamt

19/01/2021 anne mott's byronmania july 1998 - 18th january 2021

19/01/2021 Oh did he go to heaven or hell? You do not know because you were not there

18/01/2021 giles edmund newsom

17/01/2021 lana clarkson

14/01/2021 tea and sympathy


12/01/2021 sometimes i feel that the world isn't mine "it's a lonely life you have known"

11/01/2021 not a thought not a fault not a wrong nothing's off nothing's broken

11/01/2021 my father was an exhaust manifold and my mother was a tree

09/01/2021 i'm not a saint i am a fraud i'm looking for a better life

(08 - 09/01) dreamt

(07 - 08/01) dreamt

02/01/2021 it's just myself talking to myself about myself

01/01/2021 if it was heaven what would i be doing here

01/01/2021 don't dwell on what has passed away or what is yet to be (a crack in everything- that's how the light gets in)

31/12/2020 i was so much older then, i'm younger than that now

30/12/2020 ashes and diamonds foe and friend we were all equal in the end

30/12/2020 feeling cool and normal feeling cool and normal feeling cool and normal

28/12/2020 i'm seeing evil men- am i imagining them?

25/12/2020 can you feel my heartbeat? can't remember anything at all

24/12/2020 mental health i thought we were long over this

23/12/2020 a man unknown dropt down dead kingsland road

22/12/2020 i love indexing i love wikipedia i love bladee i love life

22/12/2020 put the world on hold for a moment

22/12/2020 when i grow up i wanna be richey edwards

19/12/2020 the best thing about music is that it’s invisible

18/12/2020 i think holden is watching a movie right now exactly 71 years ago

16/12/2020 i should tell you or wouldnt you care come tomorrow i wont be there

(15 - 16/12) dreamt

14/12/2020 love is the longing for the half of ourselves we have lost

14/12/2020 "that comment made me smile for a few minutes :) you also seem very cool and open-minded regarding taste and i respect that. i hope youre well!"

13/12/2020 i am a widow, could be charleville could be anywhere

13/12/2020 sitting all alone listening to nick cave, love (this is a dark song, real dark)

11/12/2020 d̶o̶n̶'̶t̶ ̶e̶v̶e̶r̶ ̶t̶e̶l̶l̶ ̶a̶n̶y̶b̶o̶d̶y̶ ̶a̶n̶y̶t̶h̶i̶n̶g̶.̶ ̶i̶f̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶d̶o̶, you start missing everybody

08/12/2020 but i'm not the only one

06/12/2020 spadl kámen do voda / napsal básník Svoboda

06/12/2020 no matter how hungry the hand that wrote in his letters he was always doing fine

05/12/2020 riding inter-city trains dressed in european grey

04/12/2020 what to ignite and what to extinguish

04/12/2020 everytime i post a dream i get a spike in page views is anyone actually reading them lmao hmu if you do

03/12/2020 cohen collects his letters and makes certain that he is heavily photographed

03/12/2020 you don't have one damn thing the way you're supposed to

(01 - 02/12) dreamt

30/11/2020 how patti smith's midnight encounter with bobby fischer sparked an abstract friendship

30/11/2020 my website manifesto

29/11/2020 i wanna find tomorrow

(28 - 29/11) dreamt

28/11/2020 please accept this gift on the occasion of your second birthday. fare thee well comrade.

28/11/2020 tell me what your worst fears are i bet they look a lot like mine

28/11/2020 can you still get into heaven if you downrate this?

26/11/2020 i'm quite illiterate but i read a lot

(25 - 26/11) dreamt

25/11/2020 time has told me not to ask for more

25/11/2020 f. nadelfest

22/11/2020 how strange it is to be anything at all

22/11/2020 11...Nh5!?

(21 - 22/11) dreamt

20/11/2020 "youre the most boring interesting person ive ever met tbh"

19/11/2020 i hope i don't die. well, if i did, i wouldn't know it anyway

19/11/2020 should've worn another layer between my shirt and my coat

19/11/2020 i recently realized i probably won't die young

17/11/2020 a union card and a wedding coat

16/11/2020 raimund verner

15/11/2020 pulled from the chaotic ether, originated nowhere and belongs to nobody

14/11/2020 i'm free and that's why i'm lost

14/11/2020 "oh btw thanks for being based"

14/11/2020 100

14/11/2020 a blind man with his knife in hand has convinced himself that he understands

13/11/2020 in 10 years thats me and miro zbirka bet

12/11/2020 poets and pornographers, spies and solicitors, feminists and farmers, witches and whalers, judges and journalists

11/11/2020 liberia 2008

11/11/2020 and you read your emily dickinson and i my robert frost

09/11/2020 "can this decade just fucking end already i want to start anew"

09/11/2020 as plain and dry as a brown paper bag bound volume of de balzac

09/11/2020 based bill (throwback to my question aug 2019)

08/11/2020 Romantic belief in madness and chaos

08/11/2020 sapphics wobblies boobs

07/11/2020 17:29 its done its finished we won holy shit its done its finished

07/11/2020 suit trousers are casual

07/11/2020 just reached 50 average lastfm scrobbles a day i think i need help

07/11/2020 officially(?)

06/11/2020 forgive me faron young

06/11/2020 nenechejte ze mě udělat blázna. pozdravujte kluky, řeku a les

06/11/2020 just thorns without the rose

05/11/2020 asleep in a phone booth

04/11/2020 powerfully antisocial nightmare folk with not a shade of pretense. i wouldn't want it any other way

04/11/2020 trump says he'll go to supreme court; unclear why

03/11/2020 be ruthless with systems be kind to individuals

02/11/2020 unlikely that human beings will ever go out-of-date (the way special effects do)

02/11/2020 it's thirty-six hours past judgement day

02/11/2020 do you actually like the taste of haggis

01/11/2020 the greatest of all the clowns / one of the most beautiful people who was ever photographed

31/10/2020 tragedy is a close-up comedy is a long shot

30/10/2020 if you're reading this, my life was lonely

29/10/2020 girl who loses dollar outside cinema (uncredited)

28/10/2020 these people don’t know what advil is...they’ve never heard a josh groban song....they will never get to try the panera double bread bowl

28/10/2020 andy warhol won't you please come home

28/10/2020 50°4′42.3″ 14°23′54.3″

28/10/2020 cold, calculated, mechanisch and automatisch

28/10/2020 can't add my name to the fight when i'm gone

27/10/2020 that utter failure to identify sentiment

26/10/2020 the only limit to the realization of tomorrow is the doubts of today

25/10/2020 you weren't much of a muse but then i weren't much of a poet

24/10/2020 1 extended synth note whenever i walk into a room

24/10/2020 majored in shopping cart navigation minored in grocery store spatial awareness

24/10/2020 for someone you adore it's a pleasure to be sad

22/10/2020 will the circle be unbroken?

22/10/2020 daniel thomas fourteenth january 1959

21/10/2020 come from forever and you will go everywhere

20/10/2020 what does the taxman know about poetry?

20/10/2020 sidetrack me to the altar

18/10/2020 so easy to look at, so hard to define

18/10/2020 somewhere between new york, manchester and the lines of my memoir

(17 - 18/10) dreamt

17/10/2020 i like black metal and mcdonalds and drain gang and clear skin and girls and furry girls and boys sometimes and anime and cold weather and vampires and friends internet online

16/10/2020 the politics of inconsequence

16/10/2020 as obsolete as warships in the baltic

16/10/2020 rsd

14/10/2020 the grave of the female stranger

13/10/2020 život, smrt a to, co děláme z nudy

10/10/2020 to be a part of a scene, anonymous, listening, recording

09/10/2020 dříve než mě přijme svatý petr u komise, básníkům české země chtěl bych uklonit se

09/10/2020 someone's kid just lives for today

08/10/2020 to feel that his silent presence was accepted was good enough for him

07/10/2020 if the illusion of meaning is the most that we can get then i guess that has to be enough

07/10/2020 some will rob you with a six-gun, some with a fountain pen

06/10/2020 the old world is dying and the new one struggles to be born

04/10/2020 moral of the song is there never has been one

01/10/2020 ...i'll have you know i'm scared to death

(27 - 28/09) dreamt

27/09/2020 praotcem všech hackerů byl rumburak

27/09/2020 dadaist theatre, black-and-white figures in an absurd space of xyz

25/09/2020 i literally listen to sufjan

25/09/2020 16, clumsy and shy (makes two of us)

22/09/2020 are you willing to fight for someone you don't know as much as you're willing to fight for yourself?

20/09/2020 i heard you're making problems rhyme

(17 - 18/09) dreamt

17/09/2020 curiously absent

16/09/2020 the conversing abilities of a baron's daughter

(09 - 10/09) dreamt

09/09/2020 jello cube

06/09/2020 so jealous but so kind

06/09/2020 OH???? I HIT 20K????? WHY ARE YALL HERE LMAO HI GUYS THANK U SM everyone who visits my website gets 20 years of luck its scientifically proven

05/09/2020 IT specialista, cestovatel (poutník), fotograf a básník.

(02 - 03/09) dreamt

02/09/2020 my mind is in the future my heart is in the present my soul is in the past november 7 2016

01/09/2020 oh brno just got colder and...

23/08/2020 a w co wierzysz? w nic nie wierzę

20/08/2020 schwiter @ 13 rue royale

(18 - 19/08) dreamt

15/08/2020 you shut the door, the wind closes two more

14/08/2020 "you are living in the free world, in the free world you must stay"

11/08/2020 LOUD

(09 - 10/08) dreamt

09/08/2020 i have nothing to offer anyone except my own confusion

09/08/2020 tu přišla krutá stará mezi nás dva si sednouti a já jsem nevěděl, že by tam židle stála

08/08/2020 just me and oppenheimer waltzing with crowded streets in chromakey

08/08/2020 solitude never sounded more enticing

(07 - 08/08) dreamt

06/08/2020 sixteen candles burn in her mind

05/08/2020 it feels like he's been living indoors for a century, and that he's always dying, dying to see the sunlight. but oh, his dying will be literal, his beer will be his tea of loneliness drawn into the sea

(01 - 02/08) dreamt

01/08/2020 i like to pretend that i'm a rich pennyloafers-wearing fool, serenading some senator's daughter at the country club while the flavor of pâté lingers on both of our tongues

01/08/2020 to collide in a glimpse before your eyes

31/07/2020 just kids

27/07/2020 you can't see california without marlon brando's eyes

26/07/2020 you're far away from me not just by length but by an eternity

25/07/2020 living in the moment is living in uncertainty

24/07/2020 technological advances really bloody get me in the mood

24/07/2020 lord byron, women and some men want me

23/07/2020 i'm glad you stood in my way

23/07/2020 nostalgia for an age yet to come

15/07/2020 a old man's advice, 17. 5. 2015

15/07/2020 i followed my dream up into a high-rise block

14/07/2020 i think i am in love with this 2008 video of a tim buckley looking guy playing an eerily accurate rendition of nick drake day is done

(12 - 13/07) dreamt

11/07/2020 Introvertphobia Might Not Be Real But It Definitely Killed My Boy

11/07/2020 suspiciously in love

10/07/2020 a million candles burning for the help that never came

10/07/2020 twitter for iphone

08/07/2020 and just when i was sure that his teachings were pure he drowned himself in a pool

08/07/2020 melody to a scene of former times

07/07/2020 spaceman2291

07/07/2020 your ancestors would find you incomprehensible and your descendants will despise your grave

06/07/2020 summer taylor. with the blood of the martyrs our flag is red

06/07/2020 whatever getcha through the night

(05 - 06/07) dreamt

05/07/2020 nothing leonard cohen did should have worked

05/07/2020 face like sin and heart like a james joyce novel

05/07/2020 sonic skronkery

(02 - 03/07) dreamt

02/07/2020 so it goes, too bad it's all over

29/06/2020 i want a reform, i want a riot, i want a reason to make it through the night

29/06/2020 a jack of all trades, master of none, oftentimes better than a master of one

28/06/2020 endeavour 73

28/06/2020 salvation in the secular age

28/06/2020 grilling is counterrevolutionary

27/06/2020 the backrooms

(26 - 27/06) dreamt

26/06/2020 nothing just me my sudoku and suzanne by leonard cohen

25/06/2020 short on money, long on time

(24 - 25/06) dreamt

(23 - 24/06) dreamt

22/06/2020 i struggled with some demons, they were middle class and tame

22/06/2020 rhyme dancing with transatlantic

21/06/2020 music to awkwardly dance to at 3:35 am in your room with a glass of orange juice

20/06/2020 poetic, cryptic, surreal, sarcastic, passionate, conscious, rebellious, philosophical, introspective, urban, melancholic

20/06/2020 we've got the sky to talk about and the earth to lie upon

20/06/2020 its me im sousedovic baby milena

19/06/2020 for some there's a future to find but i think they're leaving me behind

19/06/2020 six strings that drew blood

19/06/2020 put a jewel in your crown and i put out the lights

18/06/2020 please don't put your life in the hands of a rock and roll band (they'll throw it all away)

18/06/2020 you will find me at the spring of consciousness

18/06/2020 "tbh u might be the most poetic person i know ngl"

17/06/2020 i hope we live to tell the tale

(16 - 17/06) dreamt

16/06/2020 stuck between berlin and düsseldorf

(15 - 16/06) dreamt

15/06/2020 i've been living for tomorrows all my life

(14 - 15/06) dreamt

14/06/2020 when will we ever learn

14/06/2020 i can die now. thank u stinky music art fashion man

14/06/2020 you can stop the party but you can't stop the future

14/06/2020 to the stars the moon pleaded stay

11/06/2020 we'll be alright. we'll be alright

10/06/2020 i was keats, i was blake

10/06/2020 the mortifying ordeal of being known

09/06/2020 he has a brand new radio but never turns it on / his modern world revolves around a synthesizer song

09/06/2020 give me reasons we should be complete

09/06/2020 the jk in jk rowling stands for john keats . stan him instead

09/06/2020 i'm the enemy of the unlived meaningless life

(08 - 09/06) dreamt

08/06/2020 elvis freed your body, dylan freed your mind

08/06/2020 i always liked the music, maybe that's how they got to me

(07 - 08/06) dreamt

(05 - 06/06) dreamt

(31 - 01/06) dreamt

29/05/2020 and like all lovers and sad people i am a poet

26/05/2020 hiraeth

25/05/2020 no justice no peace

25/05/2020 unrest and gloom

25/05/2020 sometimes melancholy leaves me breathless

24/05/2020 give, sympathize, control

23/05/2020 whichever way you can be sure that the shadows are on your side as soon as the lights go down

22/05/2020 impress myself with stealth and bad health and my wealth and regressive causes

21/05/2020 amor fati

21/05/2020 the apocalyptic romanticism of mystery girl

21/05/2020 what we have loved others will love and we will teach them how

20/05/2020 it was as if he didnt want anything of himself to remain except his songs

20/05/2020 step outside cause summertime's in bloom???

18/05/2020 a chemistry of commotion and style


17/05/2020 such a moon and such a sea and you and me

15/05/2020 astrid kirchherr.

15/05/2020 we've got time to kill we've got nothing to lose

14/05/2020 we're too late for heaven

14/05/2020 please remember to mention me in tapes you leave behind

12/05/2020 the cars are fast but so is the fashion, nobody's ever heard of compassion

11/05/2020 rough and rowdy ways indeed

10/05/2020 ok. keats, yeats, emily dickinson.

10/05/2020 people mention murder the moment you arrive, i'd consider killing you if i thought you were alive

10/05/2020 we shall overcome

09/05/2020 little richard.

07/05/2020 choking on your alibis

07/05/2020 kid your country's been at war since birth now

06/05/2020 florian schneider.

06/05/2020 lonesome morning reverie

06/05/2020 X Æ A-12 is a thing that . exists . and also no mathurita


02/05/2020 isn't it nice? sugar and spice

01/05/2020 pantone 448 c

01/05/2020 alles in allem, alles auf einmal

25/04/2020 jmen, že nedoved si žádné udělat

25/04/2020 oh come and rove to the sea or the grove when the moon is rising bright and i'll whisper there in the cool night air what i dare not in broad day-light

22/04/2020 busy being bored

22/04/2020 nothing better than kafka, new order and four scoops of caramel icecream

21/04/2020 boulevard of crime

(19 - 20/04) dreamt

(16 - 17/04) dreamt

(14 - 15/04) dreamt

(13 - 14/04) dreamt

13/04/2020 the tower that never got rebuilt

11/04/2020 nikdy více edgar allan

11/04/2020 franz kafka hat gestern 3 kg pferdeäpfel produziert

(10 - 11/04) dreamt

10/04/2020 who idolized japan's david sylvian and followed the dandy dilettante's lead by dabbling in polaroid art

10/04/2020 i accept chaos, i'm not sure whether it accepts me

09/04/2020 emča revoluce

(08 - 09/04) dreamt

08/04/2020 don't mourn, organize

08/04/2020 coke mouse, tax attorney

07/04/2020 the alesmen

05/04/2020 der tod ist ein dandy

27/03/2020 new order is just wham! for art students

25/03/2020 jreg could 100% be bob dylans grandson sorry i just needed to share

25/03/2020 the sex pistols sang "no future", but there is a future and we're trying to build one

23/03/2020 tell me what it's like to have someone who's always there for you

22/03/2020 i know this world is killing you

(21 - 22/03) dreamt

21/03/2020 it was 56 years ago today pete seeger came to town to play

21/03/2020 ahoj jonah myers jsem ráda že se ti líbí čeština lmao

20/03/2020 a disrupter of norms, a bender of rules, a disquieter of calm

20/03/2020 you may experience the emptiness with me if you wish


(19 - 20/03) dreamt

18/03/2020 a broken heart is all that's up

17/03/2020 beautiful melodies telling me terrible things


15/03/2020 look at his face—as beautiful but as inhuman as a butterfly

15/03/2020 i still think about this

15/03/2020 aspoň ve snu zažít ten pocit, že nejsem osamělá / svůj osud znám, mě nelituj

14/03/2020 i will cherish this answer until the day i die

13/03/2020 bliss nouveau

12/03/2020 aristocratic hand

12/03/2020 NOUZOVÝ STAV

11/03/2020 piss-arro anarchist icon

11/03/2020 indeed

11/03/2020 love is real and so is propaganda

11/03/2020 Ok prestanu retweetovat penis jinak me tessa violet s takovou nebude sledovat


10/03/2020 fuck

07/03/2020 midnight chardonnay; number 16 bus shelter

07/03/2020 "ok, není to tak špatné," evakuovat a nikdy se nevrátit do tohoto města

07/03/2020 ubi sunt qui ante nos fuerunt?

06/03/2020 the distance from this sentence to your eye is my sculpture

02/03/2020 lord byron v aténách

02/03/2020 decay exists as an extant form of life

01/03/2020 hrome...tamhle je můj krepový papír

01/03/2020 wuthering heights -v

29/02/2020 ehrlich gesagt

26/02/2020 raymond geist

(25 - 26/02) dreamt

25/02/2020 fate up against your will through the thick and thin

(23 - 24/02) dreamt

23/02/2020 things you call dead haven't yet had the chance to be born

22/02/2020 light is therefore colour

21/02/2020 if it's not love then it's the bomb that will bring us together

21/02/2020 first verse, second class

21/02/2020 the lovers cried and the poets dreamed

20/02/2020 john constable 1806

18/02/2020 be the art nouveau to my art deco

18/02/2020 giorgio de chirico - the uncertainty of the poet

17/02/2020 who would win in a fistfight: the Romantics or the new romantics

17/02/2020 if i never read catcher in the rye if i never watched dead poets society

16/02/2020 wishing wells and magic spells and everything between

16/02/2020 the manufactured night

16/02/2020 take a year in provence and shove it up your ass

15/02/2020 Je rozdíl mezi životem žit život. fery

15/02/2020 corleone

14/02/2020 my heart is stronger than a four letter word

12/02/2020 ascher squares

12/02/2020 peristaltic filtration system in the river of time

07/02/2020 sine ira et studio

06/02/2020 people never notice anything

06/02/2020 parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme

05/02/2020 indifference is the young person's enemy

02/02/2020 someone shot nostalgia in the back

30/01/2020 phineas gage

19/01/2020 again and again, even though we know love's landscape and the little churchyard with its lamenting names

18/01/2020 taking the 8 values test listening to common people by pulp

07/01/2020 i dreamed i saw joe hill last night

06/01/2020 antonín širůček, strojírenství

06/01/2020 don't mourn, organize

04/01/2020 i love the romance of crime

27/12/2019 sweet bliss prevails. nobody wants to make a fool of themselves, everybody is very serious, sombre, dead. life has flown away somewhere...

24/12/2019 the moon is my mother

19/12/2019 crumb in peach

18/12/2019 making love on the edge of a knife

15/12/2019 kunst des 18. jahrhunderts

14/12/2019 disrupt, corrupt, interrupt

13/12/2019 larmes de verre

13/12/2019 get used to missing out

12/12/2019 new moon on monday in the new decade

11/12/2019 oh brothers sisters can't you see the future is owned by you and me

09/12/2019 módu, muziku, mafii a starostu čermáka

05/12/2019 u know ur lifes shit when the thing that keeps u going is miro žbirkas weekly radio show

04/12/2019 sometimes i wonder just for a while will you ever remember me

27/11/2019 you can spike your hair but there's still a jock in your heart

20/10/2019 never-ending days, never-ending nights

20/10/2019 i held my head high so my heart sank low

20/10/2019 we're the middle children of history

19/10/2019 the mystery of kaspian shore

17/10/2019 can talk my way out of anything

16/10/2019 fire pears/piers and stan susanna

(15 - 16/10) dreamt

14/10/2019 trying to make this life my own

(13 - 14/10) dreamt

13/10/2019 it's almost like they've found a friend who's in it for the bitter end

12/10/2019 look out kid, no matter what you did

11/10/2019 cause brno just got colder and i'll have you know i'm scared to death

(09 - 10/10) dreamt

07/10/2019 thought about this again. i love him (that was my question)

06/10/2019 i'm a critic of my own critical need to define myself

30/09/2019 let them do their worst, let them bury me with the romantics

25/09/2019 i'd see delight in the shade of the morning sun

25/09/2019 when i mount you, it's purely a sign of dominance, not attraction

22/09/2019 i feel like i miss everything

(21 - 22/09) dreamt


31/08/2019 what's the story? morning glory

26/08/2019 natural or artificial

21/08/2019 when jefferson airplane said "please, PLEASE listen to me" i felt that

19/08/2019 love my polish twitter mutuals

(16 - 17/08) dreamt

(15 - 16/08) dreamt

(14 - 15/08) dreamt

10/08/2019 want to have someone to be inseparable with

10/08/2019 nostalgic for february

(09 - 10/08) dreamt

09/08/2019 won't wait for me forever

(08 - 09/08) dreamt

(07 - 08/08) dreamt

(05 - 06/08) dreamt

05/08/2019 midway through my california girls cover i realized that yes, my neighbours do hate me

31/07/2019 why are all radio stations playing teenage dirtbag

29/07/2019 daddy's gonna buy you a dream to cling to

27/07/2019 healthy coping mechanism: listening to sunday morning and imagining its andy warhol singing

27/07/2019 i spend all my time reminiscing about the past and preparing for the future

(26 - 27/07) dreamt

26/07/2019 why is everyone thriving except me

26/07/2019 can this decade just fucking end already i want to start anew

25/07/2019 arthur rimbaud

(24 - 25/07) dreamt

22/07/2019 til that pete wentz and tim mcilrath were in a band together

(16 - 17/07) dreamt

15/07/2019 aaaaaaaaaa 1/4 of summer holidays is GONE and i wanna DIE

10/07/2019 daydreaming about being hester argyle

09/07/2019 for all that she's been through, she should've known b̶e̶t̶t̶e̶r̶ why

08/07/2019 damn, i actually feel like stuff is going well today


22/06/2019 nothing better than yeats, duran duran and four scoops of strawberry icecream

20/06/2019 inconveniences

19/06/2019 1111 views uwu

19/06/2019 hbd nick drake wish you were here

17/06/2019 barely surviving thanks to a series of coincidences


14/06/2019 daniel howell came out and i'm so fucking proud of him even tho i dont watch him that much anymore but oh god that video was so Powerful and so well done

11/06/2019 lost 5

09/06/2019 i hate high school so much and im not even there

04/06/2019 I SAW IDKHOW TODAY OH YM GODOOGDIOG full report on That Thing That Happened Oh My God is coming soon to my livejournal haha

02/06/2019 saw rocketman today!!!! its definitely a better movie than borhap, i cried like 4 times during borhap but today it was a full weepfest lmao idk i just felt more ? connected to him ? hm anyways i want a Refund bc there wasnt any mention of nick drake smh

(01 - 02/06) dreamt


(31 - 01/06) dreamt

31/05/2019 g8 vs str8

31/05/2019 today two years ago i downloaded my first panic! songs and it spiralled into my love of music; that being said fuck brendon urie

(30 - 31/05) dreamt

30/05/2019 help how do i articulate my ideas

(28 - 29/05) dreamt