we were at school and we were in the biology lab but it had like? desks that r the length of the room uknow?? like there werent 2 next to each other it was just 1 long desk for like 6 people . and i was sitting in the first one closest to the teacher etc and coach beard from ted lasso entered the room and turned on the projector and started teaching us german ??? and apparently this was normal cause i remember having like ?memories of the class in the dream? like i knew there was supposed to be another guy teaching but he was missing today and that last time we talked about vikings(?) and we had materials in google classroom??? but then Actual Irl Nondream Me was like Wait wtf thats coach beard from ted lasso. and i whispered to classmate L Is that beard????????? Like actual beard or just a guy that looks like him????? and L was like Idk idc ask him ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and i contemplated if i should ask him or not the entire time and then i did and he was like What do you think.....write an email to lloyd cole...... and LLOYD COLE WAS THE OTHER TEACHER THAT WAS MISSING and dream me was like Ok will do mr teacher :) but irl me was like WHAT and i went on lloyd coles website and it was like my former biology teachers website?? like it was his actual irl website but he put school stuff there?? and there was a youtube video of him teaching from when we had online school and it was so funny to watch it he rly felt like a TeacherTM like u wouldnt think he wasnt an actual teacher he was kinda like a mashup of our class teacher and an university professor whose lecture has like 700k views on youtube bc its very niche and interesting and he makes university professorTM jokes ? and he was wearing a three piece suit and i was just like Wow........... damn . and then i woke up