we went to the cinema as a class (I KEEP HAVING DREAMS ABT SCHOOL LATELY HELP) and they were searching us at the door for some reason? and classmate E beeped and everyone was like oh?? and shes like. Alright. I Have To Come Clean. I Am Hiding My Son In My Jacket. and everyones like ,,,aight , ,, , so they search the son and find out hes got some ??? deformed ??? feet ???? and he cant walk ?????? and E was like :/ yea i wish i didnt have him tbh :/ and classmate S like NOOOOOO!!!!!!! OH MY GOD WHAT WOULD I DO FOR A BABY!!!!! and someone said Girl ur lit raly 16 be glad u dont have one, , ,and S started crying ? that a child is her #1 wish??? and we were all like Nooo Its Gona Be Okay and our teacher started yelling (!!) at us that THE MOVIE IS STARTING and classmate A wanted to sit w me in the first row but i wanted to sit w other ppl somewhere in the back and im like . sory gotta piss . and i went to sit w them and classmate L was like didnt u say u had to piss ! and im like. u got no rights to say that S cant read the room . and ur like .ok. and then it started and idk what the movie was cause now we're in ju5 i think and our bio teacher is there ? and shes waving a dvd around ? and shes like do yall know any animal named famous people!!!! and im like . should i . should i s. should i say it. . . ,. . and shes like YES SAY IT!!!! and im like . k . k . . kafka .,. ,.,.,. ,. , and everyones liek :I and shes like :I and im like ,,it counts right,, and then E's baby starts crying and the teacher yells at me that thats my fault ????????? like . i am sorry but dont bring ur offspring to class