i woke up at night and needed to wash my hands(??) so i went to the bathroom and . old buster keaton, lenny von dohlen, young buster keaton and sarah millican were there waiting in line and i was like OMG ITS LENNY VON DOHLEN BUSTER KEATON AND SARAH MILLICAN and lenny said sth like Yes, this is the club for people who really love washing their hands at night its like a little open secret here haha! and (young) buster started smiling and laughing rly hard and was like YESSSS I ENJOY IT SO MUCH HEHEHEHE and they had their own shampoo and shower gel bottles on the bathtub and there was an art deco themed one so i was like Oooo this one is busters ! and an 80s themed one so that was lenny von dohlens and then there was ??? a calculator themed one ???? like it was just a kids type calculator u could press buttons and it would solve math ???? and then i went in the bathtub and got my clothes off and started showering and they were just sitting there like :) like it was normal??? and i didnt even think Uhhhh maybe this is kinda weird stop watching ! like it was just a Thing ??????? but it was rly nice to see buster keaton in his little three piece suit sitting on my bathroom floor getting super excited abt washing his hands at night . anyways then i was at like an agatha christie type boat/ garden upper class party(?) and i pushed some guy (he was cute he mightve been someone i stan but i dont remember) and he like . fell off the map like in minecraft minigames??? and i was like Oopsies and then i went back to the table and we were eating and everyone was just talking to me like i was their bestie but ??? anyways they were like Where is the guy??? and i was like 😳 Idk! and they were like Damn and then this old lady said i was sus so they chased me down some stairs and it rly looked like minecraft so i just pressed double space (???) and started flying and they were like HUHHHHH and then i was in an abandoned house because i saw someone on twitter post a rly aesthetic staircase with a white piano at the bottom in an abandoned house so i was like Omg!!! and i went there and it was rly normal i remember i spent so much time trying to step on the parts of the floor that didnt move around so it was safe and there were so many little rooms and lots of stuff in them like posters books magazines furniture etc and it all looked properly dusty and abandoned but also some of the stuff was from a suspiciously new date like there was one from 2019?? and in one room (it kinda looked like a kindergarten room but kitchen sized and shaped ??) there was that little whiteboard for kids like it looked like a canvas on a stand uknow?? and there were so many names (and no dates which i thought was kinda weird) and there were markers so obv i went Ellis revenge.neocities and then some GUY was sitting next to me i was like AAAAA but i dont even remember what he looked like i just know he was like a?? 60yo short slightly disheveled but also not that much guy w grey hair ?? thats what i remember but he started telling me some stuff and i hate this cause i dont remember what he said to me but i know it was WILD AND INSANE like i think he was telling me abt a girl that he cared for that ended up as a prostitute and lived in this house and now its just him and his wife living here and we went on some bed???????? and we were just sitting on it and he was telling me these rly fucked up things that always involved prostitution and i was like K ? and then his wife came and she was like a jitka cvancarova type woman but older and she had a red/black lace corset ?? like proper stereotypical madam uknow??? and she was like Oh i see you found [girls name i dont remember] a friend! and he was like Youre right i did, she seems like a perfect fit! and i was like WTF R YALL TALKING ABT and then a girl came and she just looked like a normal girl like she was kinda tall and skinny and had brown hair in a ponytail like she was just Some girl and she looked at me and smiled and started like ?? touching my knees ??? and my thighs n shit and i was like UMMM WTF and then she left and i dont think the guy was there anymore and the madam started telling me all that she has planned for me like me and the girl were gonna do ???Needle play??? and were gonna go buy bras so were ready and stuff like that and i was just like WTF and then i woke up but it rly was kinda scary like ?