i was in my elementary school and there was some political event going on like cop26 type and in my old classroom there were just people chilling ??? like sitting on the floor being on their phone etc and one of them was laying on a mattress and it was THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MAN IVE EVER SEEN LIKE . idk how to explain it but he was just insanely pretty but like in a My Drawing way uknow??? like if i drew a Cute Guy and then humanized him ??? anyways i went up to him like Hiiiii and he said he had 4 hearts left and he was dying ? and i was like NOOOO and he looked rly sick and one of his friends(?) said i need to bring him rohlik s maslem so i went to find rohlik s maslem but suddenly i was at my high school ? like in the 1st floor but ju5 corridor uknow?? like when ur going up the stairs from the lockers i was at the spot where the biology nastenka is w the flowers etc ? and i was talking to a girl i didnt know and then my bestie A and the girl was a lesbian so we said OMG UR GONNA LOVE LEE MACK XD i have no idea why ? ? and then we were like Omg omg were gonna wait for lee mack i bet ur gonna love him and there were lots of people coming out of one classroom and i couldnt see their faces at all cause it was dark there but A said OMG THATS LEE MACK and i was like “no no its bob mortimer going mikulášing” and idk why we talked in english but this is the exact sentence i said Like ???? but he did have a big stick etc and then A had a hit tweet that had 2742 likes and we talked abt it in zsv and our teacher said that 2742 likes is the least likes u can get to become famous and then he crowned A famous ??? like she went up to the whiteboard and kneeled and he put a crown on her head and said Now, you are famous. in a super dramatic voice