i was working at a grocery store (it had vecerka vibes but more Official u know ? kinda like a coop in my little town) in a town that was like ?trebic sized? i think someone in the dream said pardubice but it was def tinier than pardubice but it was like one of those classic czech towns w the uphill streets and the oldtimey pavement where its just big rocks n stuff? and it was just around the corner from a town square with a market and i was going to the town square when a girl ran past me having stolen sth from my store and i legit yelled at her Slay!!!! like why tf did i do that. but i yelled that and she smiled at me and went to her lil table at the market and put the thing she stole (it was in a fruit type plastic box but idk what it was) on her table and i was like WAITTTTTT this isnt slay!!! i said slay bc i thought u needed it to eat but ur selling it??? now THAT goes against my principles wtf! and she was just like ;) (she looked my age but also kinda older? she looked exactly like when someone in a movie is supposed to be your age but they obv look older u know? its like u know theyre your age but theyre also older) and then her mom came and was like Whats going on here! and i was like SHE STOLE- and the girl took out a KNIFE and it was one of those pearl colored weird shaped fantasy knives youd see on tumblr? and i took it from her (idk how i did that ?:?:?) she was like HEY WTF and i said . I said . "Its a bladee........................." and i said it like blade instead of bladey cause i didnt want her to think i think its bladey but now i wasnt sure if she knew what i was talking about BUT she said LIKE DRAIN GANG :D and i was like YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YES OMG and the mom was like ? and we were like YOOOOOO and that was . Fun but then next day(ish) i went outside and nobody was out and ALL the houses in town were like??? shut down?? like they had over them that thing they put in malls over stores that arent finished yet? like that type of print was on them but it just looked like a brown/beige drawing of the house and it always said what type of store it was so mine said GROCERIES and there was a BUTCHER and CINEMA and stuff and it doesnt rly sound scary but it was THE SCARIEST SHIT EVER like imagine u wake up and go to school and u go outside and every single house looks like That . and u just dont know wtf is going on and nobody is there??????????? anyways i was like Wtf What the hell. and some guy came to me and he looked like a math/computers teacher at our school (RP) kinda? but a bit taller and with grey hair (i think he basically had greg davies hair) and he was like Yeah, look what our little town has become! Everyone just moved out this morning when they woke up and saw this, and we cant do anything with it, our town is just dead, its not even on the map anymore! and i cant even describe to u how i felt like ?? it felt SO REAL it was the worst feeling ever and i was like Holy shit . Wtf am i supposed to do now. and he was like Yea..not much to do besides go to the lockers take your stuff and go somewhere else :/ and i was like holy shit............................ and i went w him to the lockers and it was just lockers at our school except we were in the row against the wall? like if our row just moved forwards up to the wall . and i got my stuff (??? idk tf kinda town this is but apparently it was just a Thing) and there were 3 people me, teacher guy and some other guy that i didnt know and the other guy is IMPORTANT i was walking away from my locker being like :( :/ :'( :(( and i asked him in the quietest shyest (but i wasnt whispering) voice "do you know how to get to the train station" and he replied in a similar tone "yes i do actually im going there too, to see hora říp for the last time" and i was like :) and he was like Do you want to go with me? and normally obv id be like Uhhhhhhhh no thanks random man at the lockers <3 esp after the pavel liska situation but i said Yes id be very glad!!! cause he didnt rly have creepy vibes to me at all he looked kinda like joe hill but not exactly like he was tall skinny like 35ish blonde joe hill hair and a 0 face but he had stubble and was dressed in a ? rly dark blue hoodie ? idk what pants he had but that was the only thing creepy vibes to me cause it looked like sth youd put on if u were mopping the floor at home and u were also sick uknow??? but i trusted him for some reason and we went to hora rip and we had SUCH a good time like he didnt talk much and always spoke in a rly quiet voice but it wasnt like mumbling or whispering it was like u turned the volume down on someone talking normally? and that was soooo comforting to me and we also walked through the town and i cried rly hard i was sooo sad obv and he was just like :( and we hugged a lot and we took photos on a film camera from hora rip and there was some other girl w us??? i dont remember her being there but she was in all the pics (the pics part literally looked like chainsmokers selfie music video it was cursed but) with us she had the same face shape as me but she had brown hair w no bangs and a ponytail??? and i dont think it was like Me from the past or sth (or the blade girl) im p sure it was literally just some other random girl but according to the pics we rly vibed (there was one pic where i was sitting in the grass and the guy was behind me and smiling rly wide and had his arms like around my neck but straight down? and i was holding his hands and then the girl had her head on my chest??? and we just looked like 3 besties) and then we were without the girl on the train and i was like I dont know where im even going.... i literally dont know... i just have all my things in a backpack and im on a train with a weird man ive known for like 2 hours going nowhere rly . and he was like :( :/ Sorryabout that i know its hard, if you want to get your mind off this i can tell you about the trains in this area :D and he was also always smiling super hard like i feel like i smile too often sometimes but he was 24/7 like :D ??? it was cute cause he was cute he kinda felt like a child to me for some reason but also ?:??:? anyways i was like Woo trains sure love them letsgoooo and he was like OMFG NO WAY U LOVE TRAINS I LOVE TRAINS !! and i was like Why is the dream giving me literally the autistic white guy stereotype character to interact with tall skinny has backpack dresses like 12yo boy loves trains ???? but i said YESSSS SO TRUEE and we were vibing sooo hard like he was just telling me some stuff and i was like :) :) rly listening very hard and then some guy came to our part of the train he literally looked like a cartoon bully like he looked like if u mixed yung lean and yungblud (HATE those names next to each other omfg) ?:? and he started yelling at us and being rly weird and mean and violent and i was scared of him and he said one of us need to wrestle him bc hes the heir to the town and hes gonna inherit it??? andeveryone else on the train was like Bestie......... and then he got kicked out and then i was at??? like a huge dinner event in a restaurant like it looked like when u celebrate ur grandpas 75 or sth like there was the huge long table with the white tablecloth and everyone had way too many plates and knives and there were the triangle napkins n stuff and i came to the room and everyone looked at me like !!!!!!!! and my parents ran to me and were like WHAT THE HELL WERE U THINKING U JUST DISAPPEARED LIKE THAT AND WE HAD TO MOVE WITHOUT U???? UR LUCKY AS HELL UR ABLE TO BE HERE TODAY WTF WERE U DOING???? and i was like I was at hora rip :D and my mom was like WITH WHO..... and idk why i told her or how i knew his name cause i didnt know it before but i said With tommy :) (????) and everyone at the table started whispering to each other and my mom was like HIM??? YOU DO KNOW HES.... U KNOW!!! and i was like ? he was super nice to me wtf r u on he was nicer to me than anyone else ever . and she was like HES NOT NICE... HES A RESULT OF PARENTAL NEGLECT AND EXPOSURE TO RADIATION!!!! and in the moment it was scary but why is this the funniest line ever like ??? me tbh . also could be the tagline to a low budget 70s frankenstein movie . anyways i was like ???????????????????????????hes literally just some guy???????????????????????????? and then they brought the violent guy from the train in handcuffs and told him to say what he saw and he said he saw me and tommy on the train ? and then the cop unhandcuffed(?) him and told him to JUMP OUT OF THE WINDOW AND HE JUMPED OUT OF THE WINDOW AND EVERYONE WENT ! AND UNDER THE WINDOW THERE WAS MACOCHA???? like not just some hole it was macocha specifically . and i was like What the actual fuck is this room what the hell is gonna happen to Him and also to me . and then tommy came in and it just looked like he was looking for me like he saw me and went Oh here u r! and ig they took it as He wants to kidnap her again!!! and my parents started yelling at him and he was like What the hell is going on help !!!!!!!!!!!! and i hugged him rly hard and was like He didnt do anything to me stop this leave him alone!!!!!!!!!!!! and then i woke up cause my dad started making tea . Truly kafkaesque

edit 2 hours later: just realizedhe looked like MJC in the pre- all that.. photo thats on his facebook I hate it here (w joe hill hair but his face was the same)