my parents and i were talking abt what we should listen to on tv(?) and my dad said Squatemala and i was like WHAT and he said The famous prague podcast!!! and i was like Not prague its brno actually! and he was like HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT. DO YOU WATCH SQUATEMALA? I CANT BELIEVE MY OWN DAUGHTER WATCHES SQUATEMALA. and he got so mad at me and then i was with like ?irl versions of frozen characters but they were all trans women somehow? in a tram that was owned by nick fuentes and i wrote ANTIFA on the wall(?) and i tried to be sneaky but he noticed and wanted to beat us up but we ran away and vibed in a park where turns out nick fuentes is banned from going? but then we fell into some hole where girls from class already were stuck and we had to live there and we could choose from 2 videos playing in the background and one of them was black and white stock footage of some city and the other was a compilation of cute moments from donovan music videos(??) so i put that on but nobody liked it OH also i remember in the dream having a conversation with classmates L and MC abt the word páč and i was like I prefer páč because theres no r in it and also morava pride ! and nick fuentes (he was also in the hole) went SO TRUEEEE and i was like What the hell .