ade edmondson tweeted I just read about one of the Bohemian wonders - the Tot vrzí louchotě, truly magnificent! and i qrted it FUMING cause apparently tot vrzi louchote was in like blansko region so i was like ITS MORAVIAN NOT BOHEMIAN I HATE BRITISH PEOPLE!!!!!!! and it went viral and then i got invited to compete in a geography game where we were at my nearest bus stop and classmate S(J)M was also there and also my 1-3rd grade teacher and she was like Now, find Akazy in turkmenistan! and there was a map on the roof of the bus stop and i pointed to the map like Its there i see a little dot where it is its there !!!! and she was like Yay and then i ran home for atlas and ran back and S said it was 22 seconds (i wish)