when lc said "you're living for nothing now i hope you're keeping some kind of record" this is it . feel free to zoom in/out however u want !! grow up with me

16/06/2024 when i have a mango i am loved by somebody

16/06/2024 paintings aren't real, a subject of a painted portrait could be a completely made up character for all i know but every single photograph is undeniably a person with a life as complex as mine

15/06/2024 you don't get it! he has 12 followers on academia.edu

15/06/2024 i wish the world that jonathan richman sees was the real world

13/06/2024 each of us spent five months in our grandmother's womb and she in turn formed within the womb of her grandmother

12/06/2024 he's always in motion, even when he's sitting

12/06/2024 françoise hardy.

11/06/2024 i found out about one of my favourite heartbreaking historical stories at 15 when browsing top of all time r/morbidreality in my friends dads car going home from a pop punk show after having dyed my hair black for the first time 24 hours ago

10/06/2024 thin places

08/06/2024 Why I Can't Seem To Let Anthony Bourdain Go

07/06/2024 doch ich kann julian den küchenphilosophen nicht mehr hören

05/06/2024 as it happens in this world, time passes and it is now june 5

05/06/2024 The dead man's desk is my desk. I am the one that had to leave first. I am the little moon. I am sitting in the tree like the moon does. I have to finish the song, which is the poem, which is the book. Then I am dead. Then you look at the moon.

05/06/2024 kéž se česká historie i nadále vyhýbá tomuto místu

04/06/2024 how many folk punk musicians does it take to screw in a light bulb? two. one to screw the light bulb in and one to go:

04/06/2024 na embryologii jsem se učil na železničním viaduktu

03/06/2024 beauty is looks that you can never forget (a face should jolt not soothe)

03/06/2024 the main thing, when a sword cuts into one's soul, is to keep a calm gaze, lose no blood, accept the coldness of the sword with the coldness of a stone. by means of the stab, after the stab, become invulnerable / to be spared is not to be alive

02/06/2024 boardinghouse with no visible address

01/06/2024 wishing you rest

31/05/2024 Ten hajzloň minule prisel na zkousku se zakonikem a mezi strankama 167 a 168 mel videnskej pareček

30/05/2024 only fools are satisfied

28/05/2024 a echter oltprinner

27/05/2024 go somewhere you've never been, listen to someone you think may have nothing in common with you, check in on your friends, yourself, enjoy the ride. enjoy the ride enjoy the ride

26/05/2024 show up on time, stay organised, clean up after yourself, think about and respect the people you work with, do the best you can

25/05/2024 Today I realized that I'm probably going to actually commit suicide sometime in my life (not today, tomorrow or even 10 years from now)

24/05/2024 stop asking me about amy i only spent one day with her

24/05/2024 jan kačer.

24/05/2024 it's not dark yet but it's getting there

23/05/2024 mike faist at cannes talking to anyone who will listen about how coppola is gonna die

22/05/2024 "i saw a store that said 'free weed' i went there and asked if they had weed and they said it was fucking illegal!!!" - fraxiom, on prague

21/05/2024 this site could be your life

20/05/2024 on my shelf in an emerald green frame with golden borders i keep a photo of a man born in 1878 on the opposite side of the world because he led me to the life path i'm now on, i think about him everywhere i go and everything reminds me of him. i've never been so deeply in love. it's a mugshot

19/05/2024 beauty makes me hopeless. i don't care why anymore i just want to get away

19/05/2024 malíčku maličký neboj budeš taky velký jako braškove, jen hodně papej ať máš sílu, krásné odpoledne a sluníčko se konečně ukázalo

18/05/2024 you know me, i never look when i pour because i am the absolute governor

18/05/2024 I live in western Mass would love to show you a very beautiful waterfall with a sad history

16/05/2024 tout commence par un blanc, une disparition

15/05/2024 twenty-four years old, a graduate student, planning to be a history professor. tall, thin, fair, and good-looking. there was something edgy, jumpy, disconcerting about him. his voice would break under stress. he came from british columbia. his family was rich.

14/05/2024 playing around on google maps and looked up the farm in ireland where a horse i know lives

11/05/2024 it was beautiful while it lasted 1956-2023

09/05/2024 zeptala ses mě co poslouchám odpověděl jsem že korán nebo techno / potkáváš se v biedronce bez signálu a prstů zdá se ti o vnitrobloku

09/05/2024 because they were squirrels, real squirrels (and there were thousands) this isn't some kind of metaphor goddamn this is real

09/05/2024 one day i’m going to be 35 and my problems will be so different . one day none of the things I’m worried about now will matter at all. One day being the person I am will feel like living with a friend instead of shouldering a punishment

08/05/2024 steve albini.

08/05/2024 víte, proč jsem řidič autobusu? protože se bojím zemřít sám

07/05/2024 did anyone notice there was no day today

07/05/2024 there are so many hearts in my eyes all the time

06/05/2024 trains are obviously cinema but what's less commonly appreciated is that buses are literature

06/05/2024 i have a membership card to the cartesian dualist society but i can't remember if it's counterfeit

06/05/2024 my soulmate probably overdosed at the chateau marmont before i was born

05/05/2024 reminder that you exist in the context of all in which you live and what came before you

04/05/2024 prosím o pomoc. hledám kluka, který jel dne 4. května 2014 autobusem ze zastávky na beránku. byl vysoký, asi 1,5 metru. jel malým červeným autobusem, na kterým bylo napsaný arriva. jel směrem na cholupický vrch. když bych jsem se na něj podívala tak měl postavu do červena, měl velkou černou tašku. já jsem se na něj v autobuse dívala téměř furt, protože jsem se do něj zamilovala

04/05/2024 half a decade of continuously updating this website...

03/05/2024 ochs here, i guess i've been kind of strange

27/04/2024 white reeboks classic, around 4 a.m., god, i'm not sure, the simpsons, god, god, a dream, babylon total collapse, yes, through the rainbow in the dark crystal castle on the hill, god, god, no, i have never tried it, fist of the north star, no, no, comfortable silence, concentrating into nothing, how to compose music, the absence of good, quite light, doom, yes, joy.

27/04/2024 because every soul is a rhythmic knot

26/04/2024 wisdom is when you realize it was actually "heroes" all along

26/04/2024 dedicate several sonnets to the user above you

25/04/2024 a mnozí jiní, o kterých nedošla zvěst

23/04/2024 there is an antique store next to the restaurant at the bottom floor of this north texas hospital, so crowded with stuff that you can barely walk in it and the proprietor and only employee is a man in his 80s who only wears three piece suits

22/04/2024 Omar Souleyman na Scenie Eksperymentalnej T-Mobile Music

22/04/2024 i need to leave i can't marry this place i won't bury the past i will hold these old streets sweetly in my head like her and i will praise their bravery always till the end

20/04/2024 i wanted electricity to go everywhere in the world. i wanted all the farmers in the world to be able to listen to president roosevelt on the radio. that's how you look to me

20/04/2024 my death is structurally necessary to the pronouncing of the I...the statement 'i am alive' is accompanied by my being dead, and its possibility requires the possibility that i be dead...this is not an extraordinary tale by poe but the ordinary story of language / mortality is performed each time one of us leaves the room

20/04/2024 kim jest łukasz bugajski?

18/04/2024 he knows when my words are about him and he lets it all go to his head and i don't care because i love to watch him love himself. a parody of himself. i don't care what he is

16/04/2024 desire is desire for desire

15/04/2024 "lost love thing" Me + an imagined idea of a man using an image of another that i greedily tore out of his world and put into mine because i found his face pleasant. Tragic, Cursed, Haunted by him. 1. get over yourself 2. you started it 3. do you blame him???

15/04/2024 kafélanka je i smutek, když tajemno zmizí: eduard krist / otto kubišta / erwin freiwillig, diese stadt hat dich im stich gelassen / jiří blum, jenž po roce 1948 zmizel někde za kopečky

15/04/2024 warum als kleine maus sitzt du in der UNIVERSITÄTSbibliothek?????!!!?!? ich check nicht

14/04/2024 why do you seek the living among the dead?

12/04/2024 the only proof he needed for the existence of god was music

12/04/2024 Nesmysl, musíš pomoc zorat pole, opravit střechu, projít se vinohradem, setkat se i s širší rodinou, s farářem a starostou. Sníst doma čerstvé plody ze zahrádky a v neděli přivézt na koleje čtvrt prasete a demižon.

11/04/2024 if i was a receptionist at the barcelo palace hotel i'd be my favourite guest

11/04/2024 if aliens did live near us they would travel here as space tourists to see our rare incredible eclipses

08/04/2024 may the shadow of the moon fall on a world at peace

07/04/2024 ale mári, co pak si myslíte, toho vašeho milého si nesmíte vzít; on jest socialista, a to jsou takoví lidé kteří sami nechtějí nic dělat a jen s druhými se dělit!

07/04/2024 i know the meaning of life it doesn't help me a bit

06/04/2024 all secrets sleep in winter clothes with the one you loved so long ago now he don't even know his name

06/04/2024 6G98+5PC: jimmy x3 / your love often (offer?) mi___ (update: ................)

06/04/2024 and this is the very, very, very beginning of your life

05/04/2024 20:06 just stepped out and felt summer air

04/04/2024 okay, but would brakhage want that?

03/04/2024 i cannot stand any type of music i feel absolutely nothing it's all so boring i wake up and i think to myself i have to listen to all of this all over again new jazz electronica with strings and the post and the punk and the vigor and the- oh it just means absolutely nothing to me there's not a genre i can stand i play a debut track i don't like it listen to seminal records in my headphones i can't stand it

03/04/2024 "if it doesn't need fixing, break it" but imagine being lectured by bands like ours that do nothing songwriters who can't sing (makes love to all but'll end up loving none)

01/04/2024 if you come at easter please bring me an egg (chocolate one not boiled) if you don't bring me an egg i shall probably be violent or cry for the extent of your visit. do you find me childish at all?

30/03/2024 když budete zatáčet pořád doprava, nemůžete se ztratit. ukázalo se, že v brně tohle neplatí

29/03/2024 i thought i was linked invisibly to another's life but i found myself more alone with him than without him (i thought i was wounded to the core but i was only bruised)

28/03/2024 was it worth it to maria callas?

27/03/2024 love for you is larger than the usual romantic love it's like a religion it's terrifying no one will ever want to sleep with you

27/03/2024 i want to be at least as alive as the vulgar. i don't wear brown and grey suits all the time, do i? no. i wear workshirts to the opera. you can't plan on the heart

25/03/2024 the first color photograph was taken closer to the 1600s than today

25/03/2024 the most tender place in my heart is for strangers

24/03/2024 etwas frißt an mir ich rauche zu viel ich trinke zu viel ich sterbe zu langsam

23/03/2024 v rodném domě matky franze kafky na stropě kapky naděje pohasly přinesu křupky trubky praskly vytekly zvratky světla zhasly vyhrály cetky

22/03/2024 i always aim to live my life like a man who killed himself

22/03/2024 the von dutch remix with addison rae and a.g. cook

22/03/2024 just when i thought i couldn't feel more i feel a little more (understanding, love without measure)

21/03/2024 the only way of knowing a person is to love that person without hope

21/03/2024 it was 60 years ago today pete seeger came to town to play!!!

20/03/2024 i hate departure... i love the spring and the path to the spring and i worship the middle hours of morning

20/03/2024 JUST A LITTLE green like the color when the spring is born. there'll be crocuses to bring to school tomorrow. JUST a little green like the nights when the northern lights perform.. there'll be icicles AND birthday clothes AND SOMEtimes there'll be sorrow

20/03/2024 No, you're not an icon. You're not a "slay queen" or an "e-boy". You're a sinner.

19/03/2024 píšu o věcech měkkých a nepodstatných

19/03/2024 právě sem viděl jak spolužák odevzdal test z designu kde měl všechny odpovědi "Joe Biden" a nakreslil tam dinosaura na koloběžce

11/03/2024 imagine being there a hundred years into painting or theater

10/03/2024 i'll tell you all my secrets but i lie about my past

10/03/2024 my kids waking up every sunday to sophie boiler room and vacuuming

08/03/2024 the sax says it better the cold march night says it better everything but his heart and his hand says it better

07/03/2024 aby na nic a na nikoho nebylo zapomenuto

07/03/2024 I Came to College Eager To Get Zooted On Loud And Get My Back Blown Out. I Found Out I'm a "Mid Bitch" With Terrible Vibes

06/03/2024 i have been many people but i have always been desire

06/03/2024 tady přestává legrace. panikařím, otevírám instagram. filip titlbach nahrál novou fotku. na té fotce jsem já. ne, vlastně je to kdokoliv z těch 16 mužů, které jsem dnes potkal, co vypadali jako filip titlbach. moje realita se hroutí. sesouvám se do vany a dřu holými zády o smaltovanou desku

03/03/2024 chci ti všechno říct a pak se někam schovat nemáš slov patrně všechna patří jiným … i have clung to nothing loved a nothing nothing seen or felt but a great dream

03/03/2024 yet through it all he carries his senses of dignity, elegance, and humor intact. so seductive that he takes you right in, sits you down with a glass of whatever you’re having, and takes you on a tour of the dark places that is ultimately redemptive

29/02/2024 aaron has permanently changed the fabric of your being. you know this because for the rest of your life you will wrestle with the thought of what you will sacrifice for the liberation of others

29/02/2024 the history of the victorian age will never be written: we know too much about it / nobody cares what you do as long as you don't do it in the street and scare the horses

(27 - 28/02) dreamt

25/02/2024 being unable to wear my long winter coat in february... its over

25/02/2024 maurice you will always be famous (in wordle)

24/02/2024 prosím o laskavé zasílání vámi přečtených vět se slovem "kámen". věty mohou být vybrány /vytrženy z kontextu/ z knih, novin, opsány ze zdí apod. tyto věty budou chronologicky zaznamenávány a vytvoří "knihu o slově kámen". za každou větou prosím o uvedení jména autora a místa opsání. je to nevědecká záležitost. děkuji za pochopení

24/02/2024 crazy to live in a time where u can have a to-go cup hazelnut latte inside a cave

23/02/2024 how odd i can have all this inside me and to you it's just words

23/02/2024 rewolucyjny przełomowy pozwalający mi odkrywać nowe światy albo absolut destrukcyjny łamiący serce i paraliżujący tak że nigdy się z niego nie otrząsnę a może będzie to jedno i drugie

19/02/2024 i place the disc on my ∞rpm turntable and teleport directly to god


16/02/2024 let's close the liking gap. i love you

15/02/2024 it's been centuries in the making, the fact that we are all o.k., that our bodies get to exist: we have to celebrate that. you can do more than just survive. you can contribute

14/02/2024 married 52 years. we always kiss when we're alone in elevators

14/02/2024 ich habe 24 stunden an der tankstelle verbracht, um mal wieder was zu erleben

13/02/2024 i can't turn a corner or walk down the street without seeing your face come along last born son…never thought it'd be me that you'd haunt

12/02/2024 the lost generation: how uk post-rock fell in love with the moon (and a bunch of bands nobody listened to defined the 1990s)

10/02/2024 opened the butch heroes book and every page was a picture of you

09/02/2024 i'd rather a kiss from dead matty's lips than you or your company

09/02/2024 i struggled with some demons they were middle class and tame (generalized anxiety disorder)

08/02/2024 frozen pizza with cheap wine from yesterday's glass for lunch watching anatomy of a fall reading house of leaves oh i'm living the life

06/02/2024 i got them so i could get them removed. i bought a house so i could move out. i bought a chocolate bar so i could throw it away. i got married so i could get divorced

05/02/2024 …i love montgomery’s jokes but even more than that i love the fact that he loves jokes

04/02/2024 a miniature minotaur gave me a minute tour

04/02/2024 chatter of welcome in slavic and much laughter and landing and embarking and soon the little liner slips away again and moves on

02/02/2024 there was a phil ochs song i used to play that he liked called changes

02/02/2024 třetí generace chaosu pokračující v tradici pana doktora radimského

01/02/2024 nearer, my god, to thee (maurice for mrs. norah lang, 1915)

31/01/2024 in his later years, he'd make me retell this very story. he'd say "tell me how i used to be"

30/01/2024 until your lips be red, until the winter-time, until the money be gone, until god see us: until god see us

29/01/2024 nothing more useless, more wasteful, than a poem – the consumption of energy in the labor of language; the exhaustion of breath without any meaning or sense; pure, absolute loss

29/01/2024 the real show is watching people who show up to see if anything is going to happen

28/01/2024 how could i lose when i exist in something i made?

27/01/2024 You & i are Earth 1661

26/01/2024 days will pass and you'll abandon things you were addicted to and leave someone and cancel a dream and finally, accept a reality

26/01/2024 you can't even dream a whole dream, can you?

26/01/2024 there is only vastness & its only job is to stay vast

25/01/2024 i've fallen in love or imagine that i have; went to a party and lost my head; bought a horse which i don't need at all

25/01/2024 wore black and affected a look that they felt jumped straight from the pages of kerouac and ginsberg / conservatively dressed and always smiling, ending many of his conversations with a cheery "see you around campus"

25/01/2024 these days i delight in everything

24/01/2024 the patron saint of envy and the grocer of despair

22/01/2024 norman jewison.

22/01/2024 if i am killed for simply living let death be kinder than man

21/01/2024 only one thing made him happy and now that it was gone everything made him happy

20/01/2024 man on the train holding a clarinet case rolling a cigarette just said "i’m aghast" to a stranger

20/01/2024 in the places of young men i never will be found but think you not that i don't love for my heart is ripe and full / how cold you are i guess you must not care for me but tell me where it is you'd go for i'd take you anywhere / then come to a forest green where i may love you free beyond the confines of your walls and beyond the sweetest words … but know that i love you tearful one much more than i can show

19/01/2024 How long does it take to get over it? Take the amount of time it lasted and divide by 2. Add three weeks. If they died, multiply by 1.35. If it was your first relationship, multiply by 1.20. If you ended it, divide by 2 again.

19/01/2024 dalajláma říká, že když má problém řešení, není třeba si dělat starosti. když je nemá, starosti nepomohou

18/01/2024 norbert lichý.

18/01/2024 blue is a color that invites departure

16/01/2024 kontakte knüpfen, projekte anführen, wohnen & döner essen

16/01/2024 have you acted in conformity with your desire?

14/01/2024 i would lose my virginity today if i was bladee

14/01/2024 if anyone had opened his arms to me i would have wept like a child

12/01/2024 go to your favorite wine bar have a few glasses of a very nice and dry georgian wine and read baudry on rimbaud while contemplating life love etc etc

12/01/2024 afternoon happiness by carolyn kizer

11/01/2024 putting the glass plate in the microwave back on the three little triangles and the ring with the little wheels

10/01/2024 she was a middle class girl, she was in over her head, he was hard to impress, he knew everyone's secrets, she made up someone to be, what's lost can never be broken

09/01/2024 i wish i could be a male thot type who stumbles out of bars each night with a new girl but i'm so tired all the time

09/01/2024 uherskou písní prababičky

08/01/2024 he is so kiki in form. and yet,, so bouba in nature. the juxtaposition of it all,, he’s challenging everything I thought I knew

08/01/2024 i do not post on insta for social recognition i do it so every day i can scroll down my own profile in a proustian, obsessive daze trying to dredge up the sentiments of my memory and make sense of this thing called my life

07/01/2024 1. I hate music theory 2. You ate that leading tone 3. It’s giving atonal 4. Dr. K is a loser 5. Gesamtkunstwerk

04/01/2024 donna tartt thinks you're reading too much into it

03/01/2024 Mal som desať rokov, bola poriadna zima (sneh a mrzlo, vonku svietilo slnko). Šli sme s ocom do bankomatu a vydalo nám to miesto SKK eurá

01/01/2024 if you're so smart tell me why are you still so afraid

01/01/2024 because we are going to spend the rest of our lives in the future

31/12/2023 ...center of the world of all that matters where a belvedere martini up with a twist contemplates you like a languid gold fish in a clear garden pool or a suspended tear that you can take back inside like that first full breath in case you need it as the world gets ready to start all over again again

31/12/2023 Herzensschatzi komm

30/12/2023 let's end the year on a bang and freak out this poor anxiety ridden website operator with whatever this is

29/12/2023 because our conversations were few (he phoned me maybe 5 times in 22 years) i study his sentences the ones i remember as if i'd been asked to translate them

28/12/2023 new york i love you but you're bringing me down

28/12/2023 you were my second lover. you had dark eyes and hair, like a painting of a man / i e-mailed my professor. i will be absent from french novel due to sickness. you put on some piano music / keep the window open day and night, the room was so hot, the air so dry / our shirts unbuttoned under our winter coats / you were the other, not another

28/12/2023 i love my shyness and when i see it in other people i find it so lovely but i hate how it was used against me

25/12/2023 jako všichni moravští synci jsem se jednoho krásného dne zkrátka vyskytl a někdo se mě ujal

24/12/2023 i said emily bronte, who's pure butch, and cursed myself afterwards because the greatest feminine writer who's ever lived is dostoevsky, followed closely by herman melville, who has just the kind of relish of beautiful boys that emancipated ladies such as yourself express. and d.h. lawrence is infinitely more feminine than jane austen, if one is talking about these qualities of sensitivity, vulnerability and perception traditionally ascribed by male critics to female novelists... d.h. lawrence's tragedy is that he thought he was a man

23/12/2023 conor oberst is a 19 year old girl stuck in the body of a 43 year old alcoholic, i'm a 43 year old alcoholic stuck in the body of a-

21/12/2023 klára holcová, jan dlask, ad feynmann, lucie fríbertová, lenka hlávková, magdalena křístková, aneta richterová, eliška šimůnková, lucie špindlerová + 5.

21/12/2023 all exams passed / clean my room / that couldve been me if i hadnt thrown a tantrum to my parents over videocall the day before

20/12/2023 Lacana sem vyskrt, jesterky zustavaj

19/12/2023 sometimes when i'm lonely i sit and think about him

19/12/2023 dneska jsem na svoboďáku potkala malého jezevčíka. jmenoval se milan

18/12/2023 chtěl jsem odejít ze školství a stát se rozvažečem mléka, pak jsem zjistil, že se mléko už nerozváží, tak jsem radši zůstal na té univerzitě

18/12/2023 nobody can find out how much i need love

17/12/2023 bladee releases 23 & me results, kamala reveals she does ket therapy, woody allen's death leads to more separating art from artist discourse, jack antonoff and margaret qualley have a kid and name it after one of taylor swift's cats, lena dunham comes out as bisexual, caroline polachek tweets about marianne williamson, andrew tate goes on red scare

16/12/2023 miluju noc aniž bych věděl proč nemiluju však pouze noc krásnou když bledá luna usmívá se z bezoblačné výše na ztichlý kraj nebo noc bouřlivou když vichr kvíle a sténaje ve zběsilé rozkoši orgie své světí – nikoli! mně jest každá noc ať jasná a tichá ať temná a bouřlivá ať střízlivá a šerá nebo zcela obyčejná stejně milá stejně vábivá...

16/12/2023 we cannot bring back to life those whom we find cast ashore in the archives but this is not a reason to make them suffer a second death

16/12/2023 a young man stayed at the whitevale inn and died in his sleep. no identifying papers were found on him and no one came looking for him

15/12/2023 beware of the dreams of others because if you are caught in their dream you are done for

15/12/2023 alex turner why does valentine call you babygirl

12/12/2023 phd at 26, never had a real job, my first love

11/12/2023 no woman could have been nietzsche or rimbaud without ending up in a whorehouse or lobotomized

09/12/2023 jestem w gdyni pije redbull w rivierze on jest kradziony

09/12/2023 religion is personal and no flesh and blood on earth can keep you from god whatever or whoever god is to you that's the beauty of spirituality it exists both inside you and all around you how is another human being going to police that how could they even try to (ec on queerness)

08/12/2023 zamilujte se do vašeho místního prodavače nového prostoru

05/12/2023 the right to be forgotten is not a universal right - there are exceptions

03/12/2023 tolik se bojím ticha do němoty té tíhy na stromech a věčnosti co v lidech přestala a nestydím se ani za nehet za svoji úzkost bože ty to víš

02/12/2023 although the headboard reads "f. aas" this is thought to be the grave of elling aase born in norway but most recently from iowa. he died on october 26 1899 of a concussion received in a fall.

01/12/2023 suddenly it's december and you're not 17 anymore and you haven't been 17 for a very long time but sometimes you need to remind yourself (margaux paul)

30/11/2023 zachraňte mě dávno mrtví lidé na kabinetkách zachraňte mě

30/11/2023 shane macgowan.

30/11/2023 i'll follow your casket by the pale afternoon i'll watch as you're lowered down to your deathbed and i'll stand over your grave til i'm sure that you're dead

29/11/2023 yehuda ben tema in the ethics of the fathers says at eighteen years you will think of marriage twenty years for running thirty for growing strong... if he could discuss it with yehuda ben tema he would ask at what age in life he might hope for a minimum of clarity

29/11/2023 has anyone ever told you that you're a great listener? say hello to phil ochs

28/11/2023 / 2021 / 1903 / 1878 my love mine all mine, maurie

28/11/2023 "dílo je vždycky chytřejší než autor" oh speak for yourself

28/11/2023 then why this tremor of the straw between my fingers? what should i fear?

27/11/2023 the time will pass anyway

27/11/2023 you don't understand that the gay boys are at the lesbian club and the lesbians are at the gay boy club and they're the ones giving tips to the strippers

26/11/2023 "how do you remember the memory of somebody else?" and i said because i love him. and he said is that enough? and i said yes

26/11/2023 věř mi brno vypadá líp v dešti / vidět svý parte, strašit neteře, pomníček v hoodu

25/11/2023 our love can destroy the whole fucking world

25/11/2023 as winter enters and we go into the dark time you are always there

24/11/2023 half empty glasshouse, barriers to entry in the invisibility technology market, 4:40 no one will ever know

24/11/2023 death rides the highways but you are safe in the trolley car

24/11/2023 Je suis un fou homme

24/11/2023 an australian guitarist gets barred from re-entering england after a tour and ends up living in a paris commune with a sorbonne professor who's also a performance poet they get involved in the may '68 student revolution (by among other things handing out teddy bears to the police) have warrants issued for their arrest & flee to majorca where they meet a virtuoso saxophonist living in a cave

23/11/2023 Are you alive or are u the body they found on trail by Slum Cerk an Sunbury Rd

23/11/2023 i conversed with the spirits of the dead for forty years, as with the living

22/11/2023 fotbaloví fanoušci, medici, skinheadi, vyznavači technoscény, důchodci, anarchisti, bezdomovci, konzumenti halucinogenních hub apod.

22/11/2023 jestem totalnie sam na sali kinowej i jem pierogi, których nie zdążyłem zjeść u babci

21/11/2023 hugo mensdorf-pouilly.

21/11/2023 every man for himself and god against all

19/11/2023 fire! go on and fire! (good luck to all of you)

18/11/2023 when your friends sing born to run baby resist cause we were born to drift

18/11/2023 maurice just turned 20 qld co je to za příběh bez lásky bez milenců nemáš slov patrně všechna patří jiným prosím proměň mě s nimi ve sny v gesta i v činy

17/11/2023 tato báseň se jmenuje příjmová chudoba se zvýšila téměř o polovinu

14/11/2023 It was a one time thing because he told me during said "date" in a target parking lot that the police were after him, and wouldn't tell me what for, so I was freaked out and left. But before that, we got into an argument about what folk punk was

13/11/2023 find things on the scrapheap of history that i know don't belong there and salvage them

12/11/2023 no day is really commonplace or wasted or lost the most trivial thought has a touch of exaltation about it since it is human and real it is part of the vast flux of history

12/11/2023 if you have peace in your hearts your stomach will look after itself, and remember if you do feel queer – sing. there’s nothing like it

12/11/2023 toto nadvori bohuzel jeste nebylo zpristupneno ale mame na nem expozici stavebniho materialu

11/11/2023 the 'bright young people' with whom it deals and of whom i was a member rather on the fringe than in the center / carefully assembled messy haircuts, eyes to divert sideways on the sly

11/11/2023 It's too late for competitive gymnastics or concert violin. For everything else, it's the perfect time to start.

10/11/2023 track by track declaration of love for when i have fears

10/11/2023 the worst part about growing up is having to be everything for myself i just wish i had someone older than me i could cry to everything is so institutionalized even healing like it’s either u go to therapy or u just suffer alone it’s so individual i just wish i could surround myself with people who see me but who am i going to go to like who has the time everybody is working everybody is caught up i am drowning by myself and i have to figure out how to drag myself out of it

09/11/2023 my website is a shifting house next to a river of knowledge. what could yours be?

09/11/2023 Day 53 lost at sea. A seagull landed on the bow this morn, but flew away when I tried to grab it.

08/11/2023 we loved each other and there is really nothing you can do about it except die

08/11/2023 po konfiskaci opravené vydání

07/11/2023 and right after the enema ad is an ad for the rosicrucians

07/11/2023 A kdo by měl tuto odpovědnost nést více, než ti, kteří se dějinami společnosti zabývají? (tešu šutr/stavím katedrálu, mánesova 18)

06/11/2023 představte si prase jak kočuje

06/11/2023 and when the wind would blow i had this phone booth that i used to stand in and i used to call my girl like for hours at a time just talking to her all night long and finally i'd get my nerve up to go home and i'd stand there in the driveway

03/11/2023 i feel like maurice would haunt me if i crossed the line in any way and i dont really feel haunted

03/11/2023 jozef pátrovič.

02/11/2023 všichni se spolu tak trochu bavíme i když se třeba úplně nemusíme jsme takový lidský vzorek evropské unie vzájemně je to nejen ekonomicky výhodné

01/11/2023 to autora ctí, ale to že čerpáte z odborných zdrojů neznamená, že jste sama odborným zdrojem (i'm so sorry laďka)

31/10/2023 ...and how i love those evening classes

31/10/2023 flirt s budoucností je ten nejhorší konformismus zbabělé lichocení silnějšímu neboť budoucnost je vždycky silnější než přítomnost je to ona kdo nás bude soudit (bez té nejmenší kompetence)

31/10/2023 bob dylan is a figure that arises every three or four hundred years who represents & embodies all the finest aspirations of the human heart he is unparalleled in the world of music & will remain a torch for all singers & all hearts for many generations to come

29/10/2023 jessie bryce i hope you had a good life after charles bernard roberts

29/10/2023 i've only begun this year to read emails. emails, they scare me. it says 'cc' and there are a thousand names. who are these people?

29/10/2023 matthew perry.

27/10/2023 the suburbs dream of violence asleep in their drowsy villas sheltered by benevolent shopping malls they wait patiently for the nightmares that will wake them into a more passionate world

26/10/2023 Zemřela 15. února 1281. Mohla však žít ještě v roce 1287.

26/10/2023 I'm not a teenager at all. I'm 32. I work so hard man. It never gets better. Turn back now. Stop the clock. Save yourselves. Skibidi toilet or whatever the fuck you kids say

24/10/2023 Léta 1599 O Velikonoci Jan Michala kováře Otci svému nemožně dělal, hřebíky i jiné věci bral, jiným kradmo prodával. Na otce když se na to doptával, broukal, od něho pryč šel, bez vůle a rady jeho se oženil. V Rouchovanech již sousedem jest. Ničemný člověk. Nic neříká. Tak zůstává.

23/10/2023 disclaimer i will not mind anyone searching for and dissecting every little piece of my life when this is all forgotten

22/10/2023 the village by new order was my first wedding song and formed from the ashes of that wedding was a broken man with a gambling addiction

22/10/2023 z pocitů a dojmů už jsem unavený...

21/10/2023 the piece that she spoke about was a great piece but i wanted to rip my ears out (and fuck me like you mean it this time, isaac)

20/10/2023 comedy is okay but clown is more difficult

19/10/2023 glenn branca knows nothing about us (black duster and slacks, the best hot dog he'd ever eaten or a dig at john zorn) i want you to be confused

18/10/2023 do you know what i was, how i lived? you know what despair is; then winter should have meaning for you

16/10/2023 svetlo tma do rytmu bliká mňa živí predstava že sa ťa týkam (skúšam si pózu dôstojníka a vidím svet menej šedý jako obvykle)

15/10/2023 i come from a long line of people who believe in the flowers that grow in the cracks in the street

14/10/2023 piper laurie.

13/10/2023 louise glück.

13/10/2023 if you gave yourself the chance to wrap your arm around a twink's waist at a rave and run your fingers through his greasy hair you too would understand why David wrote the Psalms

13/10/2023 lord must have been generous to you he never answers any of my prayers i don't know why what did i do what is wrong with me please just tell me so i can get better sometimes i wake in the middle of the night and a fear washes over me cause what if this is it what if this is right where i belong?

12/10/2023 eat chocolate wash your brain dada dada drink water

11/10/2023 entre mon berceau et ma tombe, il y a un grand zéro

10/10/2023 přišli jsme sem spolu ztratit se v temnotě společně dýchat vzduch navzdory samotě zhasli a není tu světlo synchronní pohyb jsme město kolektivní tělesný teplo buď se mnou

08/10/2023 clayton counts died for our sins

08/10/2023 pustili me do berghainu, vsichni tancili v krouzcich tak sem sel domu protoze sem nikoho neznal

07/10/2023 when people in real life ask you what kind of music you listen to, do you cry? and those ladies at the mall - what do they listen to?

06/10/2023 like when if u kill flies u will be reincarnated as a fly . and therefore u shouldnt kill flies cause flies are people who used to kill flies in a past life . Im like this with dominik bart

06/10/2023 and he takes and he takes and he takes...

06/10/2023 a saint looks up from his prayers to discover he's been dead for some time

05/10/2023 hráli jsme si na brno a byl jsem poražen

05/10/2023 laudo, laudare... co s tím ve šroubárně?

05/10/2023 ja študujem geografiu = mám ťa rád

03/10/2023 brno just got colder and i've never been so scared to death

01/10/2023 for me the autumn has never been a sad season the dead leaves and the increasingly shorter days have never suggested the end of anything but rather an expectation of the future i have the impression that everything is possible the year begins in the month of october

30/09/2023 mam o tebe strach, pico. dej si wilco. v brne prsi. koriguju. vsechno sedi / Stavíš se, až bude Jay Munly hrát u mě v koupelně a na kuchyňské lince?

30/09/2023 i kind of need to have bad and unfulfilling sex with someone who can't bring themself to love me soon

29/09/2023 tips for living: change, stay the same, and change between changing and staying the same

28/09/2023 listening to bladee .. i never want to love anyone else again

28/09/2023 ale palo habera neni buzersnt (oliver je taký vandrák a ficko je taký kecač)

27/09/2023 his face, so sharp and harsh when translated through media, was then infinitely soft and delicate. his hair was not bushy or electric or afro; it was fine-spun soft froth like the foam of a wave. he looked like an underfed angel

26/09/2023 jestliže po kaupení co na gruntu skrze povodeň přibylo by, užitek kupujícímu přísluší; nebo i užitek má toho býti, čí jest škoda a nebezpečenstvie

23/09/2023 the nineteenth autumn has come upon me since i first made my count

23/09/2023 Je podzim úplně první den kyšperský mi přijal žádost o přátelství měla jsem na snídani lesní plody müsli sofi mi psala o seminárce na přepis starých dopisů LIFE IS GOOD

21/09/2023 Help!! Trying To Find Jovial Leonard Cohen Song I Think I Heard Once On Drugs Somewhere

21/09/2023 petr berkovec zavražděn, jindřich berkovec zahynul v boji, katuše zmizela beze stopy, ješek skalický ponechán spravedlnosti boží

19/09/2023 taková glosa: jak jsem se od bonbónů lipo dostal ke studiu archivnictví (jaro 2028)

18/09/2023 gay goth geordie greep choker glasses necklace with gold leaf black untucked buttonup black jeans black dress pants castle guide i love you

17/09/2023 an awkward introvert who spends his days thumbing through telephone books from the forties / when i met him he looked like a disturbed person. we wandered the city all night

17/09/2023 aj patrick modiano sníva o kartotéke, v ktorej budú zachované svedectvá týkajúce sa ľudí, ktorí sa predsa nemôžu rodiť a zomierať bez toho, že by po sebe zanechali nejakú stopu

17/09/2023 there's a deal you can make on a midnight walk alone look around listen close hear it fall from above

15/09/2023 NA ČO ČAKÁŠ (to čo sa má stať vie iba On)

14/09/2023 i <3 yung lean and also bladee. probably shocking to you. How could somebody so elegant love so? well you see. theres always more than meets the eye... &thats the lesson

14/09/2023 Life is actually fun i cant say i love it or that i am happy but i made it so far (who's bob 3/4 kjhs)

13/09/2023 roger whittaker.

13/09/2023 srdce mi búši pre ľudí, ktorých tváre bolo vidieť na policajných výveskách

13/09/2023 oh my god am i here all alone (something is happening here and i don't know what it is)

12/09/2023 kobiety wkrótce wyginą. zastąpi je pterodaktyl

11/09/2023 yvonne přenosilová.

10/09/2023 a miluji vás, že jste samotář, někde na severu této smutné země zapadlý, obklopený krásnými věcmi a knihami, a že do prahy přicházíte jako cizinec a že nemáte, stejně jako já, jako tři jiní moji přátelé, ničeho společného s ostatním dneškem

10/09/2023 the boys back home all worship dylan and townes (i see god in everything from my window to the breeze in his bedroom by the candlelight when im down on my knees when i look in the mirror i kinda look like you when im saying my prayers i still bleed with the moon)

10/09/2023 adore being a lover yearner admirer and the things that come in arrays. feels good to be an embodiment of love, a bit tragic but that just adds to it

09/09/2023 ...but i fear that they already got all the best parts of me

05/09/2023 "'no one feels good at four in the morning. if ants feel good at four in the morning three cheers for the ants.' --wislawa szymborska" - richard siken, in response to me

04/09/2023 How Long Can We Falsify and Deny What Is Real: Bob Dylan Is the Funniest Person Alive, and Why We Need to Talk About It

04/09/2023 steve harwell.

03/09/2023 chlapci so secesnými vlasmi (muž co stráži na betónovej pláži mi včera povedal už prestaň utekať našli ťa našli)

02/09/2023 some people claim that there's a woman to blame but i know it's my own damn fault

31/08/2023 chybí mi světla velkoměsta, ještěže jako domorodý občan mohu volně vstoupit na území usa, jichž jsem automaticky také občanem díky složitým mezinárodním smlouvám / no do prdele, už zase začíná sezóna dešťů / to by mě nikdy nenapadlo, že ho či minovo město je odsud vzdálené pouhých necelých 8000 kilometrů

29/08/2023 microhistorians too like to discuss the rights and wrongs of burglary while jimmying locks but they are equally likely to pretend they were never in the house in the first place or if they were that they had a badge and a search warrant

29/08/2023 we can only speculate—only imagine—but that much, at least, we must try (maurice smith, moritz spitzer july, moritz spitzer october)

26/08/2023 na stejnou melodii zpívají písně svatební, pohřební, taneční i sousedské

26/08/2023 Nový teplý domov kde najdu? Sdělte podmínky. Pasovský, Černíky, pošta Rostoklaty.

22/08/2023 zastesknout si po dávných minulých životech po něčem co neznáš po lesích a horách ameriky whitmana na snídani a třísku v dlani / to zlato klasů na poli pozdního léta ještě neznamená že tady něco musíme jestli je něco nějak tak proto že to tak má být a jestli je něco co chci aby si tohle lidi přečetli po smrti

22/08/2023 toto cutugno.

21/08/2023 microdosing what life must’ve been like in the 1800s and lying in silence reflecting on familial trauma. then I ordered a pizza. I have to clean the kitchen

20/08/2023 the fiftysomething eternal punk told me never to be sorry for the nonsense i typed

20/08/2023 todays stacked for birthdays: the voros twins, geordie greep, fred durst, robert plant

19/08/2023 Lake Burlinskoye is a pink lake in Siberia and a train runs through it

18/08/2023 jiří černý.

16/08/2023 revenge tečka neocities zdraví adinku

16/08/2023 REAL MATHEMATIANS I have 5 live cows and then I multiply them by 0. How then do you come and tell me that I end up with 0? Where did the 5 go?

(15 - 16/08) dreamt

15/08/2023 fuck anton karas grandpa for cheating on his sick wife but at least his mistress was moravian

10/08/2023 carmy's stuck in the walk-in

09/08/2023 robbie robertson.

09/08/2023 sixto rodríguez.

08/08/2023 i love the past as well as you but i've got to do something to change your stupid bloodthirsty music which no one but g-d really likes GET BACK TO YOUR DIARIES

08/08/2023 why does the earth give us people to love?

08/08/2023 wenzel fingoust, 2/2/90 austria, engineer, 4357, apparently a murderer, certainly winning the idgaf war, probably hanged as a joke

07/08/2023 despite my intense efforts to do nothing, things happen anyway

07/08/2023 an der autobahnbrücke b56 in gummersbach im neutralen niemandsland zwischen pizza amore und gyrosking führen clanmitglieder von aldi nord und süd bis heute regelmäßig geiselaustausche durch

07/08/2023 i love seeing noah baumbach happy

06/08/2023 One of my favourite things is the moment you realise you like something - when music becomes organised rather than arbitrary sound, when the characters’ emotions and motivations make sense, when knotty prose finds its rhythm and reads easily - and when you love someone’s company!

06/08/2023 steven nobody broke our hearts we broke our own cause we can't finish what we start

05/08/2023 myslim ze jsem vcera smrtelne urazil nejakeho moravaka prisel za mnou a dal mi flasku se slovy "domácá" tak jsem se napil a rekl ze je to dobre, ze tam citim brambory a on rekl neco jako COŽE?? BRAMBORY?! TO NEMÁ BÉT omylem jsem nejakemu borcovi pohanel jeho slivovici :((

04/08/2023 august evenings are especially stricken with melancholy - as if the ghosts of all past summers came rushing to haunt my heart

03/08/2023 jen nechapu proc furt nosi bombery s tou plesatou hlavou muze byt jednoduse za nekoho zamenen a zjistila jsem ze v puberte cumel na baraky stejnym zpusobem jako ja, cumel na spotni casti s graffiti a pak se jednou podival hore a rekl wau architektura dobra

03/08/2023 dear diary i mean no disrespect but you are more sublime than any sacred text sometimes just a list of my events is holier than the bill of rights and more intense

01/08/2023 it is august my life is going to change i feel it

31/07/2023 angus cloud.

30/07/2023 reach out and touch faith

26/07/2023 There was nothing romantic about it

26/07/2023 hateful is the dark-blue sky vaulted o'er the dark-blue sea death is the end of life ah why should life all labour be

26/07/2023 sinéad o'connor.

25/07/2023 s týmto názorom nesúhlasím, ale rád by som si pozrel fight michaela stipe a mobyho v bahennom ringu.

23/07/2023 poslední dobou opravdu mohutně míchám vařečkou v guláši svého života

22/07/2023 vote alan measles for god

21/07/2023 An 11-year-old Arkansas boy has caught this pigu fish. The pigu is an invasive species from the Faerie World dumped in the pond. Pigus, when caught, will whisper a curse in the Fae tongue. No one cursed shall live past a year.

21/07/2023 tony bennett.

21/07/2023 let it be known by way of this html that my 100.000th lastfm scrobble was rain by nick drake

19/07/2023 10 Goals of Mine (after Erich Friedman): find love, earn a ph.d, have something named after me, get a knihobudka built, have srna follow me back (again), be credited in a movie, get barricade at the windmill, have a work of literature dedicated to me, find maurie's death date, retire

18/07/2023 sbk 2013: incidental incidents + instrumental instruments + a plan evolves too grand to entertain + monumental monuments + sentimental sentiments __________ you could've been the keeper of the flame ??????

16/07/2023 a pretty girl with a rather too-large cashmere jersey it's just to die for

16/07/2023 jane birkin.

15/07/2023 whoever is in your life those who harm you those who help you those whom you know and those whom you do not know let them off the hook help them off the hook recognize the hook you are listening to radio resistance

15/07/2023 jeden můj přítel věřil v boha kvůli stromům

14/07/2023 budu tě poznávat jako by hluchý kladl prsty na flétnu našemu souzvuku porozumí jen ten kousek ženy ve mně

14/07/2023 did you ever love a woman with a death wish

13/07/2023 já kradu zásadně poezii a šiju trenky, jako antagonista jirky šimčíka

12/07/2023 and it comes to you he never was a stranger

12/07/2023 milan kundera.

11/07/2023 send 552825 emails to ellis

09/07/2023 what a life when youre a hot tall formally trained dancer in a full black suit

09/07/2023 i love this band! it's like they grew up steel mill in siberia, never hearing any music. then someone gave them their instruments and they made up a completely new music from the sounds of machines!


06/07/2023 to be frank i think his world had vanished long before he ever entered it but i will say he certainly sustained the illusion with a marvelous grace

06/07/2023 i wrote the script and directed it my name is orson welles this is a mercury production

05/07/2023 ok i'm the evil little rat voiced by willem dafoe who ends up dead in a sewer

04/07/2023 this music seemed to carry the weight of history in a way that shoegaze bands back home didn't / the sense of lateness is always built into any period. situationists were saying ‘paris is gone’ already in the 60s, new york eternally feels it's too late, but...

03/07/2023 ich habe geträumt ich wäre pizza essen mit mark e. smith

03/07/2023 someone made this duck pot about a thousand years before the birth of christ

03/07/2023 walter gramatté i need you to know that you have the most serious case of 21st century face that i've ever seen

02/07/2023 how can i be folk? i'm from the suburbs you know

30/06/2023 gram parsons had his body set on fire at joshua tree and today people say the ashes still blow into their hair and their eyes and god what a miracle

30/06/2023 i asked the woodland creatures at my river about you and none of them knew you

28/06/2023 What if forks were made of salt? i would probably kill myself

27/06/2023 i look for myself in everything everything is relatable to me i am the nutrient rich soil that is found in iowa i do things like crumble easily retain water things of that nature

26/06/2023 bpd, i.e. love is black tar heroin. that's it, really. best not to muse about that online. write poems. keep them to yourself. maybe find a new favourite. keep that to yourself. million blogs about being some tortured seraphim. never felt that way about a man named tyler. maybe anastasia. regardless, i keep that to myself.

25/06/2023 řek jsem nech doma hegely a sartry

25/06/2023 film and tv do so much for the world because we get to see all the beautiful men who are too short for modeling

23/06/2023 aunt of the 19-year-old passenger on the titan submersible says he was 'terrified' before the trip to the titanic but went to please his dad because the trip fell over father's day weekend.

22/06/2023 chapter 1 i walked to school 18 miles each morning milked the goats plucked the chickens played hooky caught fireflies went skinny dipping in the watering holes said my prayers every night and got whipped with a maple switch twice a week that was life

22/06/2023 there’s nothing the navy can do more people have been to outer space

21/06/2023 love is for fools and all fools are lovers it's raining on my house and none of the others love is for fools and god knows i'm still one

20/06/2023 i could be the yuri gagarin of autotune chinese

18/06/2023 hopefully, the rain will make us forget

18/06/2023 boards of canada are not satanists, but they could be libertarians

18/06/2023 my beautiful child there is nothing in this heart of yours that ever needs to be healed

17/06/2023 jestem dziś w dobrym humorze / nigdzie nie osiągnąłem prawdziwego sukcesu

16/06/2023 another raccoon feasting on blueberry pies when the old lady averts her eyes oh how creative is that

15/06/2023 nikdy sme si neboli blízki (except when i got pushed onto u like 3 times and u choked me and held my cheek with ur hand that u spat on like 5 seconds earlier)

15/06/2023 there's bourbon on the breath of the singer you love so much he takes all of his words from the books that you don't read anyway

14/06/2023 through the darkness of future past the magician longs to see one chants out between two worlds fire walk with me

14/06/2023 i report that the deer all have names and that cats are aware of the soul

13/06/2023 the presence of the knife-wielding girl and her mother introduces a tense moment but it takes a surprising turn when you mention "bladee" (possibly referring to a musician or a reference in your waking life)

13/06/2023 cormac mccarthy.

13/06/2023 pod sebou vybuchující ruskej tank nějaká píčovina od omara info o změně ve vlakových jízdních řádech 2024 smutná jídelna thirst trap mapa postupu v záporoží už nemůžu

11/06/2023 přej si co chceš

10/06/2023 picture this: the industrial revolution and its consequences.

10/06/2023 a worthy bête noire like alan weberman, a guy who's equal parts pariah, arch enemy, early model internet troll, modern-day chiffonnier; a manic, moonstruck, single-minded goon who pours heart, soul, and sanity into his stupendous schemes

09/06/2023 policajti nepustili delfíny do vesmíru

09/06/2023 Oh yeah btw Miles is probably dead,

07/06/2023 i think every time i start loving someone i'll love them forever once the loving begins it just becomes a permanent part of me everyone i've ever really loved still lives in my heart no matter how it ended or if we still keep in touch there's always a little light on in their guest room even if i know they'll never visit even if i know that's for the best

07/06/2023 the earth is not dying it is being killed and those who are killing it have names and addresses

06/06/2023 astrud gilberto.

06/06/2023 i dont even have a revenge dot neocities post prepared for it

05/06/2023 jsme ve vztahu s esslerovou textilkou, kontinuálně se rozvíjejícím průmyslovým areálem, jehož stěžejní budova přádelny z roku 1912 je příkladem ranného použití monolitické železobetonové konstrukce a je dominantním prvkem zástavby obřan

05/06/2023 This is why Nick Cave disbanded The Birthday Party so early in his career, why no one cares about Cake anymore, but why 50 Cent and Led Zeppelin have such enduring legacies

05/06/2023 nejdůležitější věci v životě je láska dobré stromy a že dáš si chleb a řikas "toptop" každé ráno

05/06/2023 fízl, motivační kouč, finanční poradce, revizor aka fízl co neuběhl 1 km, profesionální správce majetku, galerista v komerční galerii = odpad. Všechno ostatní je cajk.

03/06/2023 i am eternally locked in a superposition of being so back and being so over. please do not observe lest you doom me to an eternity of being so over

02/06/2023 when we are born we cry that we are come to this great stage of fools

02/06/2023 we're all locked in a complex game of quadruple bluff / can you harmonize? no but i can certainly think of some dog species that rhyme

01/06/2023 she had a face that i knew would haunt me for the rest of my life

01/06/2023 promiňte zde nikdo nebydlí nájemník se odstěhoval nikdo neví kam na rybích oknech nám nenechal vzkaz děrovačkou vycvakl si zrak takže nevíme jestli se umlátil o bílé stěny jestli popel v popelníku mohl zůstat z něj kam vlastně zmizel a jestli je sám sám v bledé garsonce za lebeční stěnou anebo jinde či docela nikde mějte se nebo víc mějte nás rád

01/06/2023 three films a day three books a week and records of great music would be enough to make me happy to the day i die

01/06/2023 happy birthday to all people of lgbtq descent

31/05/2023 why would zava write a book about trent crimm

31/05/2023 rarbg.

30/05/2023 guys who are mine: maurice smith, rvw, joe hill, baron schwiter, phineas gage, nick drake, harold smith. many such cases

30/05/2023 he's stuck in a silent scream forever!!!

30/05/2023 just romanticized my melancholic solitude ... and where i do it, it's legal

29/05/2023 Někteří milenialove jsou jakoze tpc 74 pohlaví to za n as nebylo. Bratře v allahu, my jsme jako generace vymysleli 289 subžánrů elektronické hudby, zatímco naši předci tomu říkali proste techno

29/05/2023 and if the kieran culkin bus crashes into us to die by your side is such a heavenly way to die???

29/05/2023 how many elections have you lost today? clinton the first but not the worst

28/05/2023 fonteia eleusis and fonteia helena were freedwomen their funerary relief dates from the first century bc

28/05/2023 it does not look like much but when it snows and storms outside you can't find a castle more comfier than my den

27/05/2023 not a poet but a poem that is being written

27/05/2023 immer was zu saufen selten was zu feiern auf alle eure fragen hab ich selten was zu sagen

27/05/2023 the house from my essay, 5:41, corduroy shirt and blazer

26/05/2023 the future is real but the past is all made up

25/05/2023 je mi sice 11,ale jsem velmi dobrý mág.

25/05/2023 fuck!!!! they_never_did has a fucking bachelors degree!!! autumn 2018

24/05/2023 tina turner.

24/05/2023 ken was invented after barbie, to burnish barbie's position in our eyes and in the world. that kind of creation myth is the opposite of the creation myth in genesis

23/05/2023 en finir avec eddy bellegueule

22/05/2023 my second cousin three times removed was best friends with the cousin of milan kundera

21/05/2023 now munly went to east coast schools he thinks he is so deep but the deepest thing on munly are the divots in his cheeks

21/05/2023 do one thing every day that scares you

20/05/2023 can you imagine being only 12 hours old? can you imagine never having made a mistake? he doesn't even know he has hands

19/05/2023 andy rourke.

18/05/2023 podle plánu probíhá to hladce autista z města akustická atrakce lež nebo fikce zeptej se lynche

16/05/2023 čj: 20 (jiří wolker - těžká hodina), dě: 18 (první světová válka a versailleský systém; češi za 1. světové války, vznik čsr), zsv: 19 (socializace a integrace)

16/05/2023 hura hura, borovský vančura, marynara i fryzura, matura!!!

15/05/2023 V učebně 2. B se již skví ubrusy uklidňující tmavomodré barvy a intenzivně se tam větrá.

13/05/2023 no phones in sight, just some beers, a hedge, and some of my pals called arzhel and bleiz and some other names that are illegal in france

12/05/2023 kamo buh taky pracoval jenom 6 dni a postavil svet ja delam jenom maturitu tak 5 staci


11/05/2023 does anyone know how to make a decision? never mind i figured it out it's like when tracy chapman said leave tonight or live and die this way

06/05/2023 im extremely devout but nobody can figure out what im worshipping

05/05/2023 Mom throws party for toddler obsessed with personal injury lawyer

04/05/2023 fakt vcera topovejch skoro 150 zprav jak se sikanujete navzajem tak zkuste do gormitu priste pls

04/05/2023 may the fourth year of this website be with you <3

03/05/2023 whosoever shall read this hand-inscribed stone, let him give a blessing on the soul of eliseg

03/05/2023 jsem za to vděčný, básníku

30/04/2023 Es gibt keine Nachbarn und Niemand akzeptiert sie

30/04/2023 from teens who want to die to young adults who have realized they're happy they didn't

30/04/2023 Drází Přátele přijmite odemě srdečný pozdráv a stálou spomínku stále na vás spomínám co dělate stelý fšeci zdrávi ja sem zdráv jen bých býl ráč doma možná že přijetu natý svátky z Bohem

28/04/2023 people seem to be forgetting that sydney sweeney is engaged to a man from a pizza dynasty

28/04/2023 běda jak přijdu k vám domů a zjistím že máte 76 mloků

26/04/2023 u nás není kde věřit (tam máme jenom kapličku)

25/04/2023 5pm-11pm: mourn all the different versions of my life i'll never get to live

25/04/2023 jdu se vychcat a pro žehličku

25/04/2023 harry belafonte.

24/04/2023 historians who love too much

23/04/2023 db kurwa 20:54 umiem mnożenie i dzielenie ale n umiem dodawania i odejmowania

23/04/2023 with the amount of mumbling, chuckling and general head shaking i do i guess one could say i'm "de trollenkoning"

22/04/2023 the thirdwheeling bob dylan (proč nechceš jíst ten bůček? realitu vypnout......

22/04/2023 trying to be a part of a world that just dont exist

21/04/2023 as to raymond, mentioned by this christian name alone by his comrade minguet, we truly know nothing about him. preserving the mystery of this young man who carried the maid's standard his sign of a warrior, and who died at her side, killed in action whilst in the fullness of youth, his heart without doubt still full of the purity breathed into him by jeanne

20/04/2023 my entire existence is just building up to the moment where i meet a man who looks exactly like shadow of leaves jandek and just hang out with him in a forest and then go to a weird spot and listen to him play fucked up guitar and sing his fucked up lyrics in his fucked up voice and he will enjoy old editions of random nonfamous kinda bad books and movies that are really grainy and possibly have no words and are experimental but not really groundbreaking in any way and we will walk through random paths between populated areas and look at the little crosses along the way and tell eachother abt the things that happened in this area a long time ago that we just happen to know and i will be the happiest person on earth like you dont understand

20/04/2023 Second week of this poor deluded bluebird pecking at his own reflection. He will never mate, or nest, or propel his DNA into the next generation nor even have time for an auto fiction about his atrophied life.

18/04/2023 there is no news

17/04/2023 Ty auta mají stejný rozměr akorát mají vyšší podvozek od běžných aut, věděl bys to kdyby jsi nebyl gay!

16/04/2023 jaromír čejka.

16/04/2023 does there exist a marriage that can survive castration a future where a man can go a year without hydration is the grass ever greener is the will really free is it only black you see when you join the deceased will i forever be a mediocrity a hideous glut with trembling knees in death will i see the girls of daydreams intangibly dressed invisibly seamed will the sun burn out will my corpse grow a beard will my house be kept and my sperm be reared my last shot at the big time posthumous paste will i find a home or go to waste in heaven do the morals of earth still stand or can i bridge the gap twixt beast and man is there such a thing as a universal truth any lost secret to eternal youth do nuns fornicate and do scientists pray is a sin committed every moment of every day

15/04/2023 a šta ti dam, dali pitam dam dali nisi sam dali ja to znam? lajkaj me :( sheri me :( online ljubav sad vodi me

14/04/2023 františek my 3rd great granduncle from gayring who died in vienna 2 weeks before his 18th birthday

09/04/2023 come back to us barbara lewis hare krishna beauregard

05/04/2023 neboj se nostalgie, bude to větší legrace (silným brněnsko-babišovským přízvukem)

04/04/2023 id-embracing ethos, per a modern coinage

03/04/2023 you are not special you're not a beautiful and unique snowflake you're the same decaying organic matter as everything else we're all part of the same compost heap

02/04/2023 ryuichi sakamoto.

01/04/2023 Liebe Schüler, všechny DSD certifikáty, bohužel, vybuchly.

01/04/2023 všechno zlo, co se stalo a udělalo milanovi, přichází z prahy. žádné zlo nikdy nepřišlo z brna, nikdy.

31/03/2023 the future is a dead mall

30/03/2023 a gore by definition is an unincorporated area of land that is not part of any town and has limited to no self-government. many are uninhabited. they're often the result of mapping errors from when the land was first surveyed and towns were first laid out

29/03/2023 year by year, month by month, day by day, thought by thought

28/03/2023 if i knew where the good songs came from, i'd go there more often. it's a mysterious condition. it's much like the life of a catholic nun

26/03/2023 ráno probirame vařila myšička kašičku a odpoledne je kýbl sesh s obrem a CHUBBY BUNNY challenge aula 9:40

23/03/2023 i never wish to be easily defined. i'd rather float over other people's minds as something strictly fluid and non-perceivable; more like a transparent, paradoxically iridescent creature rather than an actual person

23/03/2023 may 16 2023 11:30am it's over

(22 - 23/03) dreamt

21/03/2023 ...and she lets the river answer that you've always been her lover

21/03/2023 it was 59 years ago today pete seeger came to town to play

18/03/2023 zdravá voda: Přijďte na hřiště (until 2021)

17/03/2023 Jsem jako rain man poslouchám drain gang chtěl bys bejt stejnej na sobě chainmail

13/03/2023 chce se mi spát nemůžu si to dovolit

13/03/2023 fuck you michael stipe for making me quote the 1954 army-mccarthy hearings to a cute latvian eurovision boy

12/03/2023 give me a leonard cohen afterworld

12/03/2023 dieses lied ist so ein vibe wenn man feiert in einer alman wohnung so altbau alles schön artsy eingerichtet alle menschen ende 20 sehnen sich nach dem jung bleiben

12/03/2023 one man's techno-nightmare hell is another man's techno-nightmare heaven

10/03/2023 hodna a ochotna kdyz mam Konstantine chut si to hodit

09/03/2023 2. gustav hnusak no kamo tak tenhle typek je realne magor v roce 1938 kratce pred anšlusem rakouska chodil s uklizeckou obcas vypravi: "hodil jsem si neco do piti moje oci nevidi"

08/03/2023 several of his early portraits were later overpainted to replace a brummell neckcloth with a byronic open shirt

08/03/2023 to be truly elegant one should not be noticed

07/03/2023 strikingly handsome, charming, a natural storyteller and purveyor of tall tales, and a brilliant singer-songwriter with a weathered, world-weary voice that radiated loneliness and despair

06/03/2023 miloval periferii, stále rozkopané ulice, z jejichž útrob bylo vyrváno potrubí, elektrické vedení a telefony... dichtung und wahrheit

02/03/2023 proř ten krab drží snickers

02/03/2023 when bert jansch got married, he built a great big display cabinet which was full of family photos, and in the middle of it was a photo of jackson frank

02/03/2023 steve mackey.

01/03/2023 too many lies too many empty words were said too many times for too many angry men oh let it never be again

28/02/2023 french section long leather coat light hair acne cheeks shoegaze vibes Hand in marriage...

27/02/2023 my voice grew hoarse reciting words that you know so well

26/02/2023 Peter Falk is your fourth cousin's wife's 6th cousin once removed's wife's first cousin once removed's husband's second cousin twice removed's husband's great nephew.

26/02/2023 a figure both glorious and tragic who haunts the history of the 1960s folk revival and its aftermath

25/02/2023 ve snu jsem mluvil s adornem a lana je prý ok

23/02/2023 a little all over me yes me the first the last the everything no trace of anything no sin no life no fun no time no anyfuckinthing no one no yes no house no shack no a no b no c no etcetera

23/02/2023 ochs has been gesturing with his hands and has tipped the wine glass. it spills over the tablecloth and the menu. the waiter comes by and ochs orders another. the waiter looks at the tablecloth and the menu and rolls his eyes as he goes back to the bar.

21/02/2023 jeff mangum there's art that makes me feel i wander around and cry and cry and cry i love you forever

19/02/2023 i can put two dicks in my mouth and sing Solidarity forever

19/02/2023 spánok v lese letargie / i want to be alone (dialogue)

19/02/2023 i am a lover. but underneath that i'm a hater. and underneath that i'm a lover again

15/02/2023 nemuzu jist nemuzu spat myslim na kebab myslim na kebab vyjdu z klubu a pak si dam kebab skonci mi smena a pak si dam kebab hitnu svy pr a pak si dam kebab dam ctyry piva a pak si dam kebab znicim sedmou pecet a pak si dam kebab jedu pres zizkov, dam si shawarmu nemluv na me kdyz mam shawarmu pujdu spat a pak si dam kebab

13/02/2023 from my father i inherited my looks and a tendency to fidget. from my mother i inherited a pessimism which did not leave me until recently

12/02/2023 zbloudilko, to je pro tebe

11/02/2023 the most audacious thing i could possibly state in this day and age is that life is worth living. it's worth being bashed against. it's worth getting scarred by. it's worth pouring yourself over every one of its coals. this is the place where you need to use your talent. or else you won't learn anything by the next life

11/02/2023 i like to pretend i already died and asked god to send me back to earth so i can swim in lakes again and see mountains and get my heart broken and love my friends and cry so hard in the bathroom and go grocery shopping 1,000 more times. and that i promised i would never forget the miracle of being here

10/02/2023 eine ex-freundin von harry styles ist jetzt mit einem bauern aus brandenburg verheiratet

07/02/2023 mein kleidungsstil war schonmal in den 40s groß

06/02/2023 has any film ever been made that's better than the worst episode of columbo?

05/02/2023 bejt real je vzácný

01/02/2023 how bright is the sky (forgive me) how bright

31/01/2023 every so often you get a little too close to self-recognition through the blorbo and you gotta put that thought in a locked box for inspection at a later date

28/01/2023 tom verlaine.

28/01/2023 i wanted to do so many things today like write 1-2 maturita questions learn math finish on the road but all i did was go to billa listen to the smiths think about rudi dutschke and LIE

28/01/2023 all you voters everywhere will remember what you've done

28/01/2023 skutečnej důvod proč netiskneme víc peněz je ten, že došel žlutej toner a nikdo nemůže přijít na to, která tiskárna je ta v druhým patře a nic nedělá když člověk dá tisk, ale pořád to hlásil “Ready To Print!” a Windows říká že máme aktualizovat ovladače, ale zároveň žádný aktuali

27/01/2023 rudi, der kampf geht weiter

25/01/2023 it was all the same to him and he belonged to the world and there was nothing he could do about it

25/01/2023 to sem si na gymplu myslel taky ale neoliberalismus je léčitelnej

25/01/2023 let everything happen to you: beauty and terror. just keep going. no feeling is final

24/01/2023 live by the harmless untruths that make you brave and kind and healthy and happy

23/01/2023 girls are obsessed with hearing that my boyfriend is a pure math major english lit minor and butcher by night. they can’t get enough of it

22/01/2023 curtis seemed born to die. mackenzie should have outgrown his gloom and become an eccentric old man

20/01/2023 this little website has been viewed by everyone in ústí nad labem (90 thousand people) it's real the mayor told me

20/01/2023 pánbůh žehnej ježkům a když jim požehná aj pan babiš tak to bude úplně nejlepší

19/01/2023 holy fucking bingle. what?! :3

19/01/2023 david crosby.

18/01/2023 lola ist mit dem rennen fertig. sie braucht nicht mehr zu rennen. ruh dich aus, lola

17/01/2023 he says he needs you, looking like a lost lamb in the grime of a basement

17/01/2023 deutschland... meine liebe kann ich dir nicht geben

16/01/2023 somebody's darling lies buried here

15/01/2023 Go dancing. Meet the love of your life. Turn to your friend and say, “friend, you mean a lot to me”. Write the book you want to read. Sing the song you want to hear. Cook the meal you want to eat. And all the rest of it.

12/01/2023 dzien dobry ich habe polskie oomfs na twitterze und slucham zachwyt das ist ein shoegazowy zespol aus oswiecim to jest w polsce

11/01/2023 i could have been a better son

10/01/2023 despite everything …. I’m grateful I got a chance to be alive… to experience love and good food and sunsets. isn’t that the point of it all really

10/01/2023 i've always preferred cain. his angry loneliness, his lack of mother's love, his christian sarcasm: "am i my brother's keeper?" asks his brother's murderer. aren't we indeed the keepers of our dead?

07/01/2023 sometimes i wish i was one of those people who moves thousands of miles away and never looks back and has a ton of adventures unmoored from their past and where they're from but i can't help looking back and i'm deeply, fervently defined by every person, thing, or place i've ever loved

07/01/2023 morrissey apologists amateur psychologists serial monogamists (we'll go to different colleges)

06/01/2023 you are your oldest childhood friend

06/01/2023 girl help i can't stop seeing patterns in life and the interconnectedness of everything

04/01/2023 faint sense of longing and regret, my favourite

02/01/2023 raimund verner vrátil se do vlasti 11th january 1920 i love you

01/01/2023 1. commit to the bit 2. partake in the divine act of creation 3. let the soft animal that is your body love what it loves

01/01/2023 happiness really ain't all about luck let your demeanor be your deep down self bring your own two cents never borrow them from someone else never let a clock tell you what you got time for and don't give up too quick.

31/12/2022 don't get stuck in the past. say your favourite things at mass. sit beneath a light that suits you and look forward to a brighter future

30/12/2022 Mack the knife, smoke gets in your eyes, never too much, all the way around Marvin G, Tom cat goodbye Laura N, downtown lights blue Nile, embraceable you, mademoiselle mabry miles, avec le temps, Tom traubert’s blues, be careful van dyke parks, elected Alice cooper, tu con el

29/12/2022 vivienne westwood.

29/12/2022 do you like paul verlaine? is it gonna rain today? should we have our photo taken? (you shouldn't talk to me find better company there's better people to know)

29/12/2022 this is what i'll miss about being alive

26/12/2022 movies are real and they're my friend

25/12/2022 because i'm small, i suppose, and because i don't talk a great deal to people i don't know. most of my sentences drift off, don't end. it's a habit i've fallen into

22/12/2022 něco mezi berghainem a skautskou klubovnou

20/12/2022 martin duffy.

20/12/2022 terry hall.

19/12/2022 ktera ženska rada je v deští,a a obdivuje historíí umění lidské tvorby?jseš to ty? nekecej

18/12/2022 full of life and talent - and scared of both

17/12/2022 budova existující v letech 1784-2022

16/12/2022 he is a great scholar who goes reeling down the new york waterfront with original seventeenth century musical manuscripts under his arm shouting (he’s never hung up, he goes every direction, he lets it all out, he knows time, he has nothing to do but rock back and forth) you’ll finally get it

14/12/2022 i have no advice for anybody except to be awake enough to see where you are at any given time and how that is beautiful and has poetry inside, even in places you hate

13/12/2022 abends höre ich free jazz und wichse meine stiefel

12/12/2022 angelo badalamenti.

12/12/2022 if you just did something like going to the supermarket and experienced it fully without the goggles of habit and categories you would go crazy with pure sense and joy

12/12/2022 drunkenly mumbling along to rex's blues counts as a prayer

10/12/2022 Couldn't be me. I am a woman scorned. I am a man who had his heart broken. I am a guy who hates his hometown. I'm a country boy, I'm a city girl. I'm a slut. I'm addicted to cocaine. It's a song, man.

08/12/2022 harry nilsson has a song his voice breaks at 2:05 something about the way he says dont forget me makes me feel like i just wish i had a friend like him someone to get me by…

08/12/2022 has the rot inside your soul spread so far you cannot find value in anything not spoken in numbers (the purpose is the act the message is the medium the symbol is the story it brings people joy for its mere existence and that IS the point. existence is its purpose alone)

08/12/2022 until you learn to realize the importance of the banana king you will know absolutely nothing about the human-interest things of the world

06/12/2022 no place to rest no place to meet no place to cross paths loneliness will kill us

05/12/2022 i'm almost where i'll never be

04/12/2022 the entire point of life is to be silly, kind, and really weird btw. (sorry I kept my sense of childlike wonder! sorry it leads me everywhere I go!)

04/12/2022 al strobel.

04/12/2022 jesus if you're there why do i feel alone in this room

03/12/2022 software pretends to be human - don't give personal info even if it 'asks'. the bot does not understand you, and cannot mean anything it 'says'. if not sure, don't stay

03/12/2022 HEARTWRENCHING: Morning has come again, poor girl suspects she might be stuck in a Sisyphean curse

01/12/2022 dějou se věci děje se moc věcí děje se jich moc málo (druhej den bude se mi zdát že se mi to zdálo)

01/12/2022 Why? Pour hedgehog (I don't think you can. Hedgehogs are solid, not liquid.)

30/11/2022 the top 5s are wrong they completely removed desire is a trap from my top songs and nick drake from my top artists im never trusting sp*tify with anything again i love you lastfm

29/11/2022 two piercing eyes glanced into two piercing eyes / his nutty surrealist low-voiced serious staring talk

28/11/2022 When you're mean to me online, this is what you're being mean to. A researcher. A storyteller. A scientist. Full stop. When i was 12 I developed 11 ways to purify water in 10 seconds, using only 9 easy to find raw materials. Universities noticed. I was granted admission always

28/11/2022 i prefer you (in my head)

28/11/2022 ryba je hastrmaní lžička a slza Slza je voda co je sama

27/11/2022 na rohu ulice na ostří štěstí a běd poznal jsem nejhlubší znamení tvá ó jaro roku 2022 !!!

27/11/2022 it's just not my year (but i'm all good out here, i do it for dale)

26/11/2022 Everyone loves jazz! Loners, introverts, the unemployable, weird alcoholics, guys who live in converted garages,

26/11/2022 irene cara.

25/11/2022 na jednom sjezdu evangelicky mladeze si nejaky borci z niceho nic donesli do telocvicny ve ktery se kalilo a spalo stul zidle a basu piv a zahrali tam uplne celou audienci od havla

25/11/2022 nothing he ever did was less than striking

22/11/2022 danke marco! jetzt warten wir bis märz

21/11/2022 Zdálo se mi o kandidátovi v Adidas teplakovce. Aura lawful good, žádný stíny po vocima. Můj vnitřní hlas v tom snu mi řekl: Tak dlouho jsme se mohli shodnout jestli je fajn, až tam skončil Jakub Horák. Načež typek v teplakovce pro sebe "ale já stejně nechcu bejt prezident".

21/11/2022 hi meyyebs :)

20/11/2022 this chapter of my life is called almost (they'll say this was a stream of consciousness i was simply being honest)

19/11/2022 nejsmutnější kluk z celejch vinohrad / seš duše postmodernou pokažená

18/11/2022 who invented right and left and what's it for

17/11/2022 as long as theres a hot dark haired 6'6 french dark academia man from the 60s / tired old man with an insane amount of books a rotary phone and a huge map who feels the way that i feel then im fine with my creative writing teacher hating on me !! (it's ok it's alright nothing's wrong)

16/11/2022 ich will nie meh weg

16/11/2022 it doesnt mean anything but i just wanted to share how dope and funny that name is...idk why but something about being son of 1910s smalltown mayor...

14/11/2022 is a dream a lie if it dont come true or is it something worse? one year ago, in two years i will be there

14/11/2022 Me and ***** Are excited for a domestic vibe Him with his dame me with mine Hitting the opera Ice skating Sex in the city vibe Like we are living a metrosexual nice petit bourgeoisie existence like Manhattan murder mystery etc. The two couples who lunch and compare anecdotes and gossip galore

14/11/2022 and though england is mine i must leave it all behind

13/11/2022 alex turner is older than phil ochs ever was

12/11/2022 why people on the internetdo a shouting? small letter, small voice, small baby bird. thank u

11/11/2022 listen to the arctic monkeys 'i bet you look good on the dance floor' for a bombardment of the most unsubtle, one-dimensional noise

10/11/2022 I know this turtle very well and I'm relieved not to have done acid with him because he's a bad vibe.

09/11/2022 walking around the grocery store with the woman you love is basically the goatest activity of this confusing modern time

08/11/2022 great songs are where you find them

07/11/2022 Blindness what blindness sweet blindness a little laughter a little silence a little magic a little kindness

07/11/2022 if someone told me to come and listen to the wind blow with them i would do it. if someone told me to come and sit on their bed while they get dressed i would do it. if someone called me late at night to come and walk with them i would not hesitate and i would do it... i would do it to be there

07/11/2022 they blew up the chicken man in philly last night

05/11/2022 Don't judge people by their face - judge them by their hair! #truth

05/11/2022 a laugh with a mate is worth two on the telly

03/11/2022 at least once a day you should read a poem that slices you clean in half. and then you go to the post office or something

03/11/2022 he feels like he does life the same way as me (3:39 baby we were born to run)

02/11/2022 the sky isn't more beautiful if you have perfect skin

02/11/2022 já jsem tak trochu furiant nekonečna a věčnosti a Nekonečno a Věčnost mají asi zálibu v takových lidech, jako jsem já

01/11/2022 imaginary fields i'd like to be in sometime

01/11/2022 This article is about a leader of the Franks. For the experimental drone metal band, see Sunn O))).

31/10/2022 sharing cigarettes with joe and hadley tryna memorize some new scott walker song

31/10/2022 Hahaha this is a bad website. - hank green

30/10/2022 when we come to see your show in london at the palladium i'm gonna be completely poggers

30/10/2022 and how long is a year, really?

29/10/2022 i wanted very much not to be where i was in fact part of the trouble seemed to be that where i was wasn't anywhere at all my life felt empty and unreal and i was embarrassed by its thinness i dont want to be alone i want someone to want me im lonely im scared i need to be loved to be touched to be held

29/10/2022 mein argument ist zirkulär ich debattier im kreisverkehr

28/10/2022 what exactly do you do for an encore?

26/10/2022 poslední metro se odpojuje na nuseláku a jede do mučírny

24/10/2022 every quote just eats itself with a new perspective

24/10/2022 the key to popularity in prague is being outgoing stylish and funny. the key to popularity in brno is being a bizarre recluse who leaves the house once every four days and has an encyclopedic knowledge of either literary theory experimental music or something even more niche

23/10/2022 A pilgrim would be fine eating sour skittles or watching euphoria actually. You on the other hand seem to be having a hard time with something

22/10/2022 everybody round here's got a cousin or a mate who's best friends with alex turner

21/10/2022 the only true paradise is a paradise lost

20/10/2022 máte červenýho johnnieho? tak mně dejte prosimvás dvojitýho

20/10/2022 yung lean zpívá bliss pojď ke mně blíž dej mi kiss

18/10/2022 men who hate women & the women who love them

16/10/2022 wishing i had a warmer jacket and something more to say

16/10/2022 sometimes plushies make me cry because it's like. they're little guys made to be loved. their only purpose is to be held and hugged and loved

16/10/2022 do you like shakespeare? jeff buckley?

15/10/2022 2 nebinární osoby žijící v jednom domě z mechu a kapradí uprostřed lesa. Hodně sus

14/10/2022 kaliopi has lived a peaceful life in the vatican as the adopted daughter of pope benedict but when she returns to her native macedonia to participate in the eurovision prince william and kate middleton take advantage of the situation and help lithuania to bomb the vatican

14/10/2022 if you buy 12 oz of cheese, about how much do you have?

11/10/2022 angela lansbury.

11/10/2022 i have so much love in my heart right now that i'm just climbing through my attic

09/10/2022 hyperpop and folk punk are the same genre

09/10/2022 now if you see sandy denny please tell her "thanks a lot"

08/10/2022 i hate jean cocteau and his stupid skinny face and his czech bf so much

08/10/2022 the king of all stationery items, a laminator

07/10/2022 you could almost hear him whistling on a tune :)

06/10/2022 life is so brief and the world is so big and we have to learn from each other

05/10/2022 loretta lynn.

03/10/2022 slipper, some goalkeepers gloves, some cheese, an anteater, a picture of an anteater, im gonna fuck this case up

03/10/2022 how can you call this a home when you know its a grave

03/10/2022 sacheen littlefeather.

02/10/2022 i have the feeling that anything is possible. the year begins in the month of october

01/10/2022 i can't fucking write, music is dumb, poetry is hard, and i'm still scared of being judged for even trying. but sometimes i'll put on a song on a whim and i just gasp and lean back in my chair and throw my head back and scoff and my eyes turn red and my world swirls around and everything feels like an oil painting. / in the end it's not the future but the past that'll get us

01/10/2022 if love is no longer being served you've got to leave the table mr aznavour told me though i miss him i've got to let go

01/10/2022 hello friends and bratia we have reached 80 THOUSAND views that is the population of žilina wth ??? ďakujem <3

01/10/2022 "i'm an archivist" - ian mackaye

30/09/2022 dostal pětku a zároveň vytvořil rekord v počtu pravopisných chyb na jednu normostranu textu

29/09/2022 sometimes life just feels like elektron kukéso

28/09/2022 most of your friends probably won't go around hyping up your amateurish selfreleased bandcamp project but you know who will? the most insufferable hipster jackass you'll ever meet

28/09/2022 seš na večírku seš prostě opilej a seš happy a první věc co tě napadne je pustit sólovou desku tomáše tkáče

28/09/2022 this comedy wasn't funny at all. it was a thousand pages of name-dropping people i've never heard of. reading this was its own circle of hell

27/09/2022 slavoj zizek, 11:04 am, to me: Sorry for the delay of my reply. I am simply too old and tired for such things, I lack concentration. It's sad.

26/09/2022 i love the feeling of being slightly lost to find new spaces new routes new areas i believe that music in the long run can straighten out most things i believe in donovan over dylan in love over cynicism i slow down dream about the notion of the perfect city imagine the 19th century never happened just a straight run from beau brummel to bauhaus dreams never end

26/09/2022 fest napyču my je,vcera my tiez bolo a aj v buducnosti bude (first official sickness of the 2022/23 school year!)

25/09/2022 a plan: on some summer day when we are far away and there is impulse and time we will talk about all this

25/09/2022 at the trial of god we will ask: why did you allow all this? and the answer will be an echo: why did you allow all this?

(24 - 25/09) dreamt

23/09/2022 i hope when i die, i have a spot right next to brel in whatever level of hell he is on

23/09/2022 73 slutty, slutty years

23/09/2022 thank you billy and stipey i only got lost once on my way to the polling station i hope i made you proud . february 22, 2021

22/09/2022 podle mě střed není nikdy zlatej podle mě střed je vždycky na hovno

21/09/2022 dylan had this quality where he would from the hip you know spit and polish spit and vinegar and then this old man of mine was much more like chiseling marble

21/09/2022 i'm neurotic, confused, paranoid, blixa bargeld is a tower of strength

20/09/2022 věříce v modernost, vývoj, nový řád, lidskou vynalézavost a kdy cítíce svou senzibilitu, nenávidíce literátství, těžkopádnost a kariérní snahy, vidouce rozkvétat jaro, pohybovati se hvězdy a cítíce žhavé přátelství, vynalezli jsme s teigem poetism

19/09/2022 we are all children of the 808

19/09/2022 cause brno just got colder and i'll have you know im having a lloyd cole phase for the third year in a row

18/09/2022 i'm in awe every time i find a new thing that i enjoy. food/drink/place/activity or whatever because it just reminds me of how much more there is still in life to experience and fall in love with. the opportunities are endless. what a wonderful world

17/09/2022 i don't think i'm doing anything wrong in writing down daily, with absolute frankness, the simplest and most insignificant secrets of a life actually lacking any trace of mystery

17/09/2022 cernej klobouk sedej kabat cerny kalhoty joe hill barva vlasy cigareta cerna kosile untucked most beautiful man ive ever seen sel do billy

16/09/2022 will you come to my vows? no, but i'll drink to your health

16/09/2022 mám tady pro vás pletený svetr za pouhých 500 korun. jediný problém je, že to je řízek

16/09/2022 przewracamy cię, żeby był dowód, że ty kurwa jesteś jeżem

15/09/2022 if it's a character, it's a character he seemingly lives 24 hours a day

15/09/2022 leje ze mě pot, ale dneska žádný pozdní adam, dneska časný, časný úspěšný šťastný adam!

13/09/2022 this film could be called the children of marx and coca-cola make of it what you will

13/09/2022 jean-luc godard.

12/09/2022 k čemu je mi list, když neumím číst

12/09/2022 with the passing of the years each neighbourhood each street in a city evokes a memory a meeting a regret a moment of happiness for those who were born there and have lived there. often the same street is tied up with successive memories to the extent that the topography of a city becomes your whole life called to mind in successive layers

12/09/2022 here's the thing. you have to ask yourself "would this be better if it made sense" and if the answer is "no" then dont worry about it

10/09/2022 for me autumn has never been a sad season. the dying leaves and the days that grow shorter and shorter have never evoked the end of something for me but instead brought with them anticipation for the future

10/09/2022 modiano listoval v seznamu deportovaných židů z francie a byl tímto dílem tak fascinován, že dokonce přemýšlel o zbytečnosti literatury. podle něj byla tato kniha tou jedinou důležitou

09/09/2022 hey ottavio strada im free on sunday (to talk about czech archival science)


02/09/2022 shitty music has helped moron through hardest times in his pointless life

02/09/2022 pardon me i was overcome by the conical shape

01/09/2022 it's decorative gourd season, motherfuckers

31/08/2022 he loved to love, and loved to be loved. he loved only the beautiful and he wanted the love of the best. mária! - an old, vain, swindling, naughty, clownish, thick skinned, envious, literary adventurer became of him: károly, poor, károly!

30/08/2022 frank writes horrendous setlists gerard is evil mikey is a waterparks stan and ray won't stop posting about crypto

30/08/2022 cfrm era, weems presents, jeez eugene. homemade chocolate

30/08/2022 is there not beauty in the evidence you have lived?

28/08/2022 otázky rychle kladené v běhu

26/08/2022 hana zagorová.

25/08/2022 kevin's video with raw audio (includes swearing)

24/08/2022 raïmberdi, botanik

24/08/2022 five hundred years of democracy and peace, and what did that produce? the cuckoo clock

23/08/2022 when bob mortimer starts a sentence he probably has no idea where that sentence is going to end (affectionate)

23/08/2022 "you think you might be immortal?" "i've never died"

23/08/2022 vraćam se onim godinama, slušam ponovo brela

22/08/2022 you wouldn't let it lie!!!!

22/08/2022 it's a lively place. get born. get married. get kids. die

21/08/2022 i am not a beginning i am not an end i am a link in a chain

18/08/2022 if god hates the john cooper clarke fans why do we keep winning ??

18/08/2022 the horizon tries but it's just not as kind on the eyes

17/08/2022 willy fox had broken my heart

17/08/2022 pleasure meeting you too babe and uhm, you definitely have a weird vibe to you so, swag

16/08/2022 with an evening coat and a white tie, anybody, even a draper, can gain a reputation for being civilized, james smith

14/08/2022 pomalým písmem zachytit co prchá rychle nestačí ti tak snad najdeš hloubku vteřin

14/08/2022 spends 6 hours researching town's most famous person to figure out if hes related to me, finds out hes related to my stepcousin instead

14/08/2022 never use a long word where a short one will do

13/08/2022 kluk a holka oba kolem dvaceti našli o velikonoční neděli v polsku otevřenou večerku / chci lístek někam kde mě nikdo nezná řekl jsem paní v okýnku (třináct sedmdesát)

13/08/2022 it's scott walker's fault and i thank him for us all

12/08/2022 wenn du mich siehst, dann weine

11/08/2022 jean-jacques sempé.

10/08/2022 panenko máří ze síně já chovám laptop na klíně a neumím to vrátit

09/08/2022 wanna change my clothes my hair my face... but i AM getting somewhere, bruce

08/08/2022 olivia newton-john.

08/08/2022 ne, všechno nebyla moje vina, ale oni za to taky úplně nemohli

07/08/2022 Was Phil ochs gay · Geometry · Who is God · How do you know you had a past life · What is another word for being mean · The first frankish leader to convert to christianity

07/08/2022 smaller columbo 2

05/08/2022 fionn, there is no dream in the high-rise block

03/08/2022 half evil botanical garden shirt

01/08/2022 Skanstull served as an execution site in the 17th century. It is the birthplace of Swedish artist Bladee.

31/07/2022 you won't find another country, won't find another shore. this city will always pursue you. you'll walk the same streets, grow old in the same neighborhoods, turn gray in these same houses.. you'll always end up in this city. don't hope for things elsewhere: there's no ship for you, there's no road. now that you've wasted your life here, in this small corner, you've destroyed it everywhere in the world

31/07/2022 why do these people whose existence you are unaware of whom you meet once and will never see again come to play behind the scenes an important role in your life

31/07/2022 it's a "remember, loneliness is still time spent with the world" kind of morning

30/07/2022 the future is unknowable and will be determined by how hard we fight now for a loving world

30/07/2022 you're capable of anything because you're so bad at everything

29/07/2022 ...for to stay in this place will destroy a man such as i

27/07/2022 all bark and hawaiian shirts

27/07/2022 rory wood.

25/07/2022 turn your mental prison into a maze turn the maze into a place where you’re safe (call a taxi in the rain)

25/07/2022 graydon hivemind you will always be famous

(21 - 22/07) dreamt

21/07/2022 i wish i could be at my funeral (when they play emmenez moi)

18/07/2022 this whole thing is a deathboat

17/07/2022 why do you as a 14 year old know everything about the life and death of nick drake

15/07/2022 people are the most interesting thing in the world im obsessed w everyones weird habits and funny stories. the average person is so fucked up that its funny. like no one on earth is normal n u should make it ur job to see why

15/07/2022 už len 22 dní

14/07/2022 i need to read the classics i need to learn ai i need to understand geopolitics i need to read on animal psychology i need to know trains i need to know i need to learn mandarin i need to know cryptography i need to understand hegel i need to

14/07/2022 bob dylan actually vapes now. his friends are mad that he stopped smoking newports at the folk festival - he went electric

14/07/2022 im so modern that everything is pointless

(11 - 12/07) dreamt

11/07/2022 and she was missing enough to feel alright

10/07/2022 there's always been something very romantic about a train. there is that kind of that loneliness, and there's something about hopping on and traveling on it

08/07/2022 lenny von dohlen.

07/07/2022 there are places you haven't been where you already belong

04/07/2022 take me along a long way from here take me along to a faraway shore…

04/07/2022 your existence as a Type of Girl has almost nothing to do with whether you actually read joan didion or wear miu miu, and everything to do with whether you want to be seen as the type of person who would

03/07/2022 when he said something it immediately and finally lost its importance, when he wrote it down it lost it too, but sometimes gained a new one

01/07/2022 he resembled an unmade bed strewn with books, record jackets, pipes, empty whiskey bottles, lines from obscure poets, finger picks, and broken guitar strings

01/07/2022 technoblade.

30/06/2022 student má také srdce

26/06/2022 i had this friend. he said he liked leonard cohen, but it turned out that he'd not heard those famous early records. what he really liked was i'm your man. i liked him.

25/06/2022 zbývalo tak šest hodin, abych je protloukl jídlem, tělesnou potřebou, vzpomínáním a příběhem o čechoslovákovi

24/06/2022 on [leonard cohen v boskovické synagoze] se tam ptá na různé věci jako kde jsou klíče od škatule a proč je tam tolik světel a proč jsou tam ty zdi a proč jsou tam ty dveře a tak dále

23/06/2022 hey modiano our birth charts are more alike than they are different . isnt that fucked up

21/06/2022 that town in which we were born, in which we were a child, an adolescent, is the only one we must forebear to judge. it is part of us, it is ourselves, we carry it within us. the history of brno is the history of my body and my soul

20/06/2022 though most of those faces were no longer recognizable, the names had remained intact

20/06/2022 "i think he must be dead" didn't correspond to the vagueness and uncertainty that surrounded raimund werner in my mind

20/06/2022 only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible - graydon hivemind

20/06/2022 these are the days i don't miss the feeling of being alone

19/06/2022 nick was in some strange way out of time. when you were with him, you always had a sad feeling of him being born in the wrong century. if he would have lived in the 17th century, at the elizabethan court, together with composers like dowland or william byrd, he would have been alright. nick was elegant, honest, a lost romantic - and at the same time so cool

17/06/2022 dominik sets his clocks early cause he knows hes always late

16/06/2022 going where the weather suits my clothes

15/06/2022 ihr habt meinen segen doch erwartet nicht zu viel von eurem leben... oh julian

12/06/2022 Jeden kluk u nás loví bažant ve spánku

10/06/2022 julee cruise.

09/06/2022 i too would have liked to go away instead of going around in circles on the periphery of this town like someone who can no longer find the emergency exits

07/06/2022 hey wally stanton i think we'd be happy together

07/06/2022 ein leben mit mir ist ein leben allein

06/06/2022 třeba do ameriky, kde na mě nikdo nečeká

03/06/2022 Your essay reminded me of all the summers I used to spend on camps singing the "forbidden" songs :)

01/06/2022 from time to time spend a night in another district, to dream of the one you've left

01/06/2022 Napodobuješ bíle sklo. Máš vlasy na mikádo, koukáš se na mě a já se koukám na tebe. Dlouhá chodba. Kamenná zeď. Zbytek nejde rozluštit

01/06/2022 the silence of the woodland in his eyes

26/05/2022 andy fletcher.

26/05/2022 ray liotta.

24/05/2022 do you want new wave or do you want the truth?

24/05/2022 may your song always be sung... the man is 81 years old and i'm still convinced my fate is to make eye contact with him at least once like it will happen in my life i swear .

24/05/2022 my little baby website has been viewed 70000 times which is more than the population of havířov

23/05/2022 paths, edges, districts, nodes and landmarks

23/05/2022 ceci n'est pas une website

20/05/2022 see now ya called me your what? your blorbo? now i'm new to all this… fandom stuff, but i been thinkin' that just can't be true. i looked at your blog, the one where you post your drawings? lovely stuff by the way, terrific, i got this aunt who does this charcoal stuff… well it doesn't matter. i looked at your blog and There's No Fanart

17/05/2022 josef abrhám.

15/05/2022 ich war noch nie im berghain

13/05/2022 vy dělíte lidi na brňáky a mimobrňáky?

12/05/2022 who wanna be the linda to my hanka

11/05/2022 nezapomente, ze nektere z nejnavstevovanejsich pamatek jsou take zriceniny

10/05/2022 my love is dead gone to his deathbed all under the willow tree 6486

08/05/2022 so much has been lost and forgotten of what never was particularly clear

07/05/2022 extraterrestrial life is rare or non-existent, no other intelligent species have arisen, intelligent alien species lack advanced technology, it is the nature of intelligent life to destroy itself, it is the nature of intelligent life to destroy others, periodic extinction by natural events, inflation hypothesis and the youngness argument, inteligent civilizations are too far apart in space or time, it is too expensive to spread physically throughout the galaxy, human beings have not existed long enough, humans are not listening properly, civilizations broadcast detectable radio signals only for a brief period of time, they tend to isolate themselves, they are too alien, everyone is listening, no one is transmitting, earth is deliberately not contacted, earth is purposely isolated, it is dangerous to communicate, they are here undetected, they are here unacknowledged

07/05/2022 god i want to talk to everybody i can as deeply as i can i want to be able to sleep in an open field to travel west to walk freely at night

05/05/2022 tpc by mi vůbec nevadilo mít ve třiceti panelák sídliště předměstí oktavie dvě děti labrador chinaski slušná práce v kanclu dovolená s cestovkou zahradka s bazenem na záhonky světlo svítí víšjak

05/05/2022 the death of art is graphs okay!!!

04/05/2022 nothing if not heartbreakingly stubborn

04/05/2022 ive been updating this website for 3 years now which is probably the longest ive ever carried on doing something

03/05/2022 meda mládková.

27/04/2022 those to whom they were addressed having ignored them, it is we, who were not even born at the time, who are their recipients and their guardians

27/04/2022 i feel as though i am alone in making the link between brno then and brno now, alone in remembering all these details. there are moments when the link is strained and in danger of snapping, and other evenings when the city of yesterday appears to me in fleeting gleams behind that of today

21/04/2022 they say you can find an answer to everything in the works of shakespeare but i think that's also true for bob dylan and bill wurtz's questions page

20/04/2022 opium lidstva není náboženství ale hudba kámo celý koncept toho že na nějakou část tvého těla dopadá konkrétní soubor vibrací při kterých si představuješ jak jsi mysteriózní při každé cestě tramvají do práce kde stejně jenom piješ kafe s mařenou z finančního je naprosto absurdní

20/04/2022 peace at last

20/04/2022 although the masters make the rules for the wise men and the fools i got nothing ma to live up to

18/04/2022 jedním z tradičních symbolů velikonoc jsou vejce. jmenuj alespoň jednu skladbu od toma waitse

17/04/2022 leonard cohen: "why?" glenn gould: "because you're the only 10 i see"

16/04/2022 nadine smith's letterboxd review of we're all going to the world's fair

15/04/2022 kolik židlí bylo u kulatého stolu? pět a jedno rozkrojený

15/04/2022 rip to patrick modiano you would've loved raimund werner and maurice smith

13/04/2022 býti šrámkem je krásné a dostatečné poslání... dobře je člověku být s ním, dobře je člověku u jeho knížek, dobře je naslouchati jeho mužům a ženám

11/04/2022 these directories and year-books constituted the most valuable and moving library you could imagine, as their pages listed people, things, vanished worlds, to which they alone bore witness

11/04/2022 god damn chci být andrew callaghan

10/04/2022 bowling green sewing machine

09/04/2022 emília nedvítková >>> bladee

09/04/2022 america is huge and scary, czech republic is weird because theres a lot of contrast between the old and new nature and civilisation modernity and decay and everything is super close to each other but still feels like whole different worlds

07/04/2022 i love tragedy i love circular narratives i love ppl who cannot escape their fate & characters that have been dead since the beginning

06/04/2022 du warst mein licht in der dunkelheit* *german lessons

05/04/2022 prague 2023 ? moldova WILL qualify i believe in europeans , this is a san marino hate account

03/04/2022 seifertovi rodiče nemohli vědět co dělají a mendělejev to všechno nemohl vyzkoušet

01/04/2022 volal milan kundera: "kde seš?" zeptal se s typickým brněnským akcentem


25/03/2022 Chápeme, Ellis, koncovky jsou tak trochu "verrücktes Thema". Ale jde to zvládnout bez slz - nechte naši Idu, ať Vám to vysvětlí

(24 - 25/03) dreamt

24/03/2022 this place is not a place of honor no highly esteemed deed is commemorated here nothing valued is here

21/03/2022 it was 58 years ago today pete seeger came to town to play

19/03/2022 too cringe for new york too based for la just perfect for brno, czech republic

18/03/2022 rozkvitaye pole a vona siviye

16/03/2022 a máš to, ty lojová svíčko

15/03/2022 sk8er boi by avril lavigne, so springsteenesque

14/03/2022 buy yourself a flower every hundredth hour

13/03/2022 nobody broke your heart you broke your own because you cant finish what you start

13/03/2022 what's the word for when you're very smart but can't remember anything and know literally nothing

11/03/2022 you've got to believe in the poetry because everything else in your life will fail you including yourself

10/03/2022 march 10, 11:36 cet. it is officially too hot for my coat and the year will only get worse from now on

09/03/2022 robert pattinson, cillian murphy and james acaster are rateyourmusic users

07/03/2022 7563 letters, all written by me (demanding gender)

07/03/2022 not only have i not got a mobile phone i havent got a computer i dont employ any artificial intelligence of any kind . people say mate oi(?) you should have a computer they can do this they can- i said look i know how fucking great they are thats why, thats the very reason i cant have one . you know: ah ill just watch a bit of dion & the belmonts then ill go out- oh no oh what was that elvis film- oh that reminds me that grace kelly movie - ill just download this marx brothers clip.. you know what i mean ? id- id never get out of the fucking house id fucking die theyd find me dead with a pizza box with me arse in the air and me pants round me ankles in front of a flickering fucking computer screen "uknow he never went out we bought him that computer and he never went out never went through the fucking door the milk stop being delivered and he fucking died"

05/03/2022 what if the author of the voynich manuscript was nonbinary

05/03/2022 no vestige of a beginning no prospect of an end

04/03/2022 vy jste fakt divná třída neroste vám tu žádná rostlina a nejde tu udělat tma... tvé mrtvé krve vychladlé jsem bladeem květem

03/03/2022 we still read homer and sappho and we enjoy it. and same thing with bob dylan, he can be read and should be read

03/03/2022 smažák, svařák a fučík

02/03/2022 echo lima lima india sierra

(27 - 28/02) dreamt

27/02/2022 so what you're saying, kurt gödel, is that math doesn't matter

27/02/2022 steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination. select only things to steal from that speak directly to your soul - if you do this, your work (and theft) will be authentic. authenticity is invaluable, originality is non-existent. and don't bother concealing your thievery - celebrate it if you feel like it

27/02/2022 "Stanislaus Pascal Franchot Tone"

26/02/2022 слава Україні героям слава

24/02/2022 entering the town

22/02/2022 owe you 500, destroy a talented man's potential, commit insurance fraud, move to new york & become lou reed's reluctant muse, go through a beret wearing phase in college

22/02/2022 who wanna be the 1 to my 1 on this UNPARALLELED 2sday

21/02/2022 i'll talk to your eyes that i love so much "cant spell birrell w/o brel"

20/02/2022 i love you a.p. carter

20/02/2022 jezko kazdi den kes stava hovori uj

19/02/2022 that coal is gonna bury you

17/02/2022 Live Life Be poor Get Rich Spend it On dumb Fuck Shit Ignore Everyone’s opinions On anything Do What you Want 1 Life to Live Die Rot your teeth Out Spit on the Ground You despise Breathe the Fumes Feel alive

14/02/2022 a tak jsem se vrátil a hráli jsme něco od lou reeda...chybíš mi a neumím říct proč, všechno jsme si řekli

13/02/2022 bath + first 4 cohen albums = vibes UNMATCHED

13/02/2022 stories about when you passed through town

13/02/2022 Jerma je podle raně novověkých kronik, jejichž autenticita je nejistá, polský nejvyšší bůh.

12/02/2022 rdj meme he is mesmerized by the beauty of this photo of leonard cohen

12/02/2022 underdogs, sean lock

10/02/2022 ein fisch dokumentiert die musik... blixa might as well be a revenge dot neocitier

10/02/2022 fuck jacques brel all my homies hate jacques brel

10/02/2022 your eyes are soft with sorrow...we weren't lovers like that and besides it would still be all right, v

09/02/2022 potichu jsme na to zapomněli a nahlas o tom mlčíme

07/02/2022 je příběh starší nežli já, než moje smrt, než smutek ze mne, odpusť

05/02/2022 GOATED du krmit dobytek/-)

05/02/2022 hello my name is and i like it when a people sing and does play the instruments but is ok if they do not know to play

04/02/2022 we cannot measure the value of these disciplines in dollars so we have decided that they have no value at all

03/02/2022 za krásný smrt za krásnou svět

02/02/2022 2222 60000 views thats wild... thats 2 times trutnov uknow

02/02/2022 he appeared at my office the next morning in a black wool overcoat stained with cigarette ash. he was tall and handsome with an apologetic stoop; either he had no idea how good looking he was or was embarrassed by it

01/02/2022 it's so easy to love it's so easy to hate it takes strength to be gentle and kind

29/01/2022 i just go on doing, as they say, my thing. i believe this takes a certain courage

29/01/2022 the old namibia-lewisham paradox

28/01/2022 i think im gonna drink myself to death in a bathtub at 22 and this song will be playing in the biopic

27/01/2022 i send the fullest version of my love to johanna, wherever she may be, and florian too, all of it

27/01/2022 do we strike you? have you ever stolen? what is your favourite meat? would you like to be able to fly?

26/01/2022 i love dylan's words but even more than that i love the fact that he loves words

25/01/2022 dont quote me on this but *** ** ****

25/01/2022 i feel weird saying this but at this point ... you feel like home

24/01/2022 bis zum morgengrauen...

24/01/2022 oddána byla v brně s magdalenou

24/01/2022 "za týden je válka, to je jasný" "ale prosimtě"

23/01/2022 eduard marek.

22/01/2022 lonely people in neo(n) cities

22/01/2022 13:47 i miss when jimmy carr was just weird fish man to me

21/01/2022 meat loaf.

20/01/2022 no bc me finding out abt nick drake is closer to barnstaple than to covid . What the HELL

20/01/2022 i was hacked !!! this is NOT a pro- walt whitman site No thanks ! happy birthday to david lynch

20/01/2022 walt whitman beloved hehehehe edit: okay i take it back help my friend (as in the person who runs thit very cool and awesome website) told me he r⋆ped boys??????????????????

(18 - 19/01) dreamt

18/01/2022 as in . we need completely different temperatures to be able to function not that im sexy and hes emotionally unavailable

17/01/2022 ice cube in the shape of a fish covered in oil

17/01/2022 hallo emmchen

15/01/2022 diskrétní recepční neexistuje, bohoušku

14/01/2022 worte sind wie regentropfen

13/01/2022 there comes a time when silence becomes dishonesty

13/01/2022 no bc u dont get it rimbaud was so revenge dot neocities vibes

13/01/2022 ronnie spector.

12/01/2022 words, title, juror, manor, favor

11/01/2022 za prvé je knihovna plná nepřečtených knih mnohem hodnotnější, než knihovna plná knih přečtených, a za druhé nám to umožňuje žít s knihami

08/01/2022 štve mě že se naše společnost mění nevim co se svým životem chci zpátky ty starý dobrý povolání jako jsou sedlák, těžič azbestu, sňatkový podvodník, potulný písničkář, vodník a tak. strážce majáku tahle doba doslova dusí mladý lidi a nedává jim příležitosti

08/01/2022 that simple inscription may well be the only mark those three young individuals left on this planet

07/01/2022 Portrait of louis auguste schwiter, Hot push up bra pics, How to make tomato puree recipe, Specials exeter great hall, How much does alexa cost a month, ...

07/01/2022 you are what you consume, what is past is prologue, etc

07/01/2022 sidney poitier.

06/01/2022 dim lights, velvet eyelashes, kaleidoscopes, semicolons, silk draping, cemeteries, and the blank page, and being pretentious

06/01/2022 idk but if u werent in love with arthur rimbaud between the ages of 14 and 17 then i dont trust u

05/01/2022 noci, po nichž nepřichází ráno

05/01/2022 the record smells like medicine...what does this have to do w being an anarchist??

04/01/2022 lloyd cole: billy bragg asked me on dates and i like him so i said yes

02/01/2022 jak se daří corneliovi agrippovi

02/01/2022 im neurodivergent and a minor and just found out my fav forgotten 1950s teen idols music that i found on shortwave radio got taken off spotify

02/01/2022 Morrissey once said of Mr Cole that he was the sort of person who becomes "erotic about blotting paper". To which Cole replied: "I do. I am a real stationery fetishist."

01/01/2022 are you ready to be heartbroken ? ?


31/12/2021 betty white.

31/12/2021 jako dyž umřete a ste pořád živej

28/12/2021 i have a hobby and it's drawing tall men with 0 shaped faces in three piece suits and then feeling bad the entire day because i don't look exactly like them

27/12/2021 the opposite of love is not hate its indifference

27/12/2021 don't you see what a mistake it would be to just throw it away?

27/12/2021 in 20 years james acaster WILL be bob mortimer . tommy petrol improv

26/12/2021 desmond tutu.

25/12/2021 maybe art and technology (and paul robeson and christmas) arent that bad ... watched some like it hot after 4 years

25/12/2021 0:01 i hate art i hate technology i hate paul robeson and i hate christmas !!!!!!! (accidentally deleted the layer that contained most of my drawing)

24/12/2021 may this great plague pass by me and my friends, and restore us once more to joy and gladness

23/12/2021 joan didion.

23/12/2021 australia's first maltese mayor, many interesting encounters ...

23/12/2021 under ordinary circumstances, no. but if she is so intensely in love that her heart compels her to make the proposal, then it is justified.

(22 - 23/12) dreamt

22/12/2021 počítat, čůrat, kondomy, kafka proměna. there are many cures to a broken heart but nothing quite like a trout's leap in the moonlight

21/12/2021 today shall be the final 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century

21/12/2021 alien lifeforms 'unlike anything we've seen' (i bet they r hot)

21/12/2021 the entire world is a dream im having and only im real so it doesnt matter

20/12/2021 the dreamer with the back porch plan for the writer and the music man

20/12/2021 i think the purpose of making the horse is to have a horse and love it (:

19/12/2021 our land is still troubled by men who have to hate they twist away our freedom and they twist away our fate fear is their weapon and treason is their cry we can stop them if we try

19/12/2021 "i don't even like springsteen but why's he got massive honkers"

18/12/2021 area loner to dwell on past

18/12/2021 love is the only thing that really matters at all... love for others, love for self, love for earth, love for life... everything else is just a distraction or farce . youre right lean

18/12/2021 what does havel think about digihavel and what does he think about me

17/12/2021 slightly vary your commute, even just by one street

15/12/2021 this is my chihuaua Pee Pee he sleeps on a bed of Amoeba he has no morals and he eats cytoplasm

(14 - 15/12) dreamt

14/12/2021 nature is not a place

13/12/2021 ex libris a. pražský

13/12/2021 měla jsem kamarádku která vždycky voněla po akrylových barvách

(09 - 10/12) dreamt

09/12/2021 you either die a future historical guy or live long enough to see yourself become the historical guy. there is no escape, mr. gould

09/12/2021 der fuchs geht um und plant nichts gutes

08/12/2021 have you ever been in love? i think being in love is dumb *eats grass and walks away* básník touží státi se trpaslíkem

08/12/2021 i have a long black coat but way too few layers of clothing for the weather and feel scared both externally (creepy people after dark) and internally (mom calling) and also am plagued by misfortune (forgot headphones)

08/12/2021 just because my dreams are different than yours it doesn't mean they're unimportant

07/12/2021 recycled intent in a lazy design (i am a website operator who is really cool and sexy)

06/12/2021 nejde zapomenout jak při každém slově přivíráš víčka maurice 1903 jsi mé úzko jsi krev z řezných ran jsi ten kdo vchází nepozván

05/12/2021 explaining yassification to cyprian vaníček

(04 - 05/12) dreamt

02/12/2021 miroslav zikmund.

01/12/2021 petr uhl.

01/12/2021 spotify ceo daniel ek invested €100,000,000 in defense companies this year! that's more than 100000% of your total income on spotify :)

30/11/2021 i then went to the netherlands at 18 except i wrote down everything - who i met, where i stayed, but most importantly how people and things made me feel

29/11/2021 printed all the maurice smith content i had and put it in my diary so that im not the last person who thinks about him

28/11/2021 i said something once and it didn't really go very well

28/11/2021 26 years of age, 5 feet 8 inches high, thin build, black curly hair, blinks when talking; dressed in a dark blue-serge suit, red tie, straw hat, and tan boots; carried a green overcoat

27/11/2021 its been exactly 10 years and 1 month since i did my first sudoku

26/11/2021 be curious not judgmental

26/11/2021 good morning mr. leitch have you had a busy day?

26/11/2021 a lost weekend in a hotel* in amsterdam* double pneumonia* in a single room (*commie block *brno *tonsillitis)

25/11/2021 (I am absent because I am the teller. Only the tale is real.)

25/11/2021 i dont feel real enough unless people are watching

23/11/2021 you spend your life waiting for a moment that just don't come well don't waste your time waiting

23/11/2021 ďakujem shy (im deutschunterricht)

21/11/2021 Nur die wirklichkeit ist stimmig and Alles was wahr ist ist schön

20/11/2021 malta, 1927: enrico mizzi, 26, musician, travelling to italy with his brother lorenzo

19/11/2021 15:42 fire! let her go!

19/11/2021 mick rock.

18/11/2021 jenže kdo chodí pozadu, nikdy nic nenajde

17/11/2021 hey lloyd, i'm ready to be heartbroken

17/11/2021 in the 1800s i wouldve just been able to leave my town change my appearance and my name and wander until no one knew who i was

15/11/2021 joe meek shall inherit the earth

14/11/2021 when will you realize vienna waits for you

13/11/2021 she says she's no good with words but i'm worse...my love she's like some raven at my window with a broken wing 12.9.2017 - 13.11.2021

13/11/2021 me, basically. this one is for you little 2017 me !!!!!!

11/11/2021 tkáně, kosterní soustava

11/11/2021 i have loved digging and being underground

10/11/2021 tak leť aj keď nevyhráš nad zemskou příťažou

10/11/2021 miro žbirka.

10/11/2021 dean stockwell.

09/11/2021 be less like brando

08/11/2021 "jsi zvuk když padnou minarety, slzy múz"

07/11/2021 the capsules are right, they've just been opened too early

07/11/2021 mrs airplane jane

06/11/2021 everett shinn john sloan

(05 - 06/11) dreamt

05/11/2021 pale mysterious like a lily drowned under water

04/11/2021 hvis det finnes en gud, har han mye å svare for

04/11/2021 poetry is boring - write a song - loser

(03 - 04/11) dreamt

03/11/2021 eskalátory šumí po lučinách

03/11/2021 robinsonův ostrov - taktika a pletichaření

02/11/2021 movie where the protagonist is a huge music nerd that likes all the deep profound obscure bands but listens to love hurts by gram parsons on loop after a breakup

02/11/2021 vague hope, vague confidence

31/10/2021 lost in time and lost in space and meaning

31/10/2021 a little prayer to saint jude before bed each day

30/10/2021 lonely people in neon cities

30/10/2021 thomas creegan williams, lewis 24

30/10/2021 im not a saint and i dont pretend to be but i hope you all found a friend in me

30/10/2021 i haven't done shit this year

29/10/2021 where there is sorrow there is holy ground

29/10/2021 jsme osamělí. můžeme si nalhávat, že tomu tak není, a chovat se tak. toť vše

28/10/2021 question everything, and never take "that's just the way it is" as an answer. sometimes when things don't make sense to you it's because they just don't make any goddamn sense

25/10/2021 there's a 100% chance of rain in la today and i'll still get a sunburn book me and let me cover a chumbawumba b side

24/10/2021 tyto zvláštní bobulovití tvorové přebývají vjeskyňovitých terasách zvaných gondoly a sají zde mateřské puky

24/10/2021 pale young man have i got a record for you

22/10/2021 j.k. erna, i dont TRUST HIM youknow??? it is by will alone i set my mind in motion? doesnt Get It and didnt make me Care . 3.5

20/10/2021 cheer up sleepy jean... my name is kristýna i do not have facebook pavel liška god dont take hazey jane ii away from me

16/10/2021 fear is the mindkiller fear is the little death that brings total obliteration i will face my fear i will permit it to pass over me and through me

16/10/2021 nahoře v poschodí bydlela stará paní, která často plakala nad fotografií svého syna

14/10/2021 the frank saunders to my lilla hallowell (charles francis, elisabeth)

13/10/2021 phil ochs, joan baez wondering about things

13/10/2021 the last heard of him he was in montreal where he died of a broken heart

13/10/2021 ur some kind of dys ?

11/10/2021 i have no idea where im going so i can never be lost

10/10/2021 50 THOUSAND VIEWS ON THIS WEBSITE THAT IS HALF A HUNDRED THOUSAND VIEWS . thank you besties for clicking on my little web site and being cool and sexy ! !

09/10/2021 netruchlete, organizujte se

09/10/2021 česká jepublika - protože ona je

08/10/2021 is this a commonplace book? (richard brooke, 15)

08/10/2021 was anyone going to tell her ***** n **** are dating or was she supposed to find out when analysing their handwritings

07/10/2021 joe hill was always on the line

07/10/2021 landlords fear the enterpreneurial apartment carp farmer

06/10/2021 gf posting

06/10/2021 will you worship moons in winter's night

06/10/2021 gathertown

05/10/2021 i cry at the start of every movie (but nobody cared about the stories i had)

03/10/2021 One of 5 boys & 2 girls, all gay I think. Mum was gay too. Father was Archbishop of Canterbury of course

01/10/2021 jiří suchý :)

01/10/2021 i always dream of a solemn face

30/09/2021 mark hoppus!!!

30/09/2021 a bit of singing on the floor below, an occasional door slamming in the corridor, and all is lost.

28/09/2021 dilf milf christian vance břímě temnota I didnt know y*ngblud was british?

26/09/2021 trying to continue the brooke hound by jack bentley

26/09/2021 tomorrow is nearly yesterday and everyday is stupid!!!

25/09/2021 digital archeology becoming a big thing in 75 years or so

25/09/2021 since i left you & the ignác schiffner story

24/09/2021 twenty seconds to give a man a soul

23/09/2021 when i fall in love it will be forever

21/09/2021 vy si kreslíte do deníčku těstoviny?

21/09/2021 "went missing on the russian front, no info on him, maybe had a long life with a local woman, nobody knows" died 1 month after world war i started . god bless you 2g grandpa

21/09/2021 richard h. kirk.

19/09/2021 more dearly than the spoken word can tell

17/09/2021 nevěřím na zázraky ale spoléhám na ně

15/09/2021 i miss you gene deitch

14/09/2021 norm macdonald.

13/09/2021 ...and away

12/09/2021 this is exactly what ur supposed to do with life when ur name is abbott fuller graves

11/09/2021 m̶r̶ ̶c̶h̶a̶r̶r̶i̶n̶g̶t̶o̶n̶'̶s̶ ̶p̶a̶w̶n̶ ̶s̶h̶o̶p̶ oh nvm

10/09/2021 she owed us so many poems

10/09/2021 Jsem divná a krajně podezřelá osoba. Proč tě zajímaj nějací lidé

09/09/2021 bilanční album

08/09/2021 with you, we will overcome. to 80 more

07/09/2021 co kdyby po 2. světové nebo po covidu skončil novověk

06/09/2021 this website is kind of a diane if you think about it

06/09/2021 jean-paul belmondo.

06/09/2021 mt keeping me from flexing about the fitzgerald !!! at least not for 14 days

05/09/2021 every triangle is a love triangle when you love triangles

05/09/2021 alternate angle

05/09/2021 thinking about you, rateyourmusic user from woodstock illinois! (yes you right there! i appreciate you i hope you like it here and i hope i am at least a tiny improvement in your day)

05/09/2021 cant take my eyes off you frankie valli, before my eyes him with a wine glass slowdancing with himself to this song playing from a radio (that he doesnt own)

04/09/2021 "i love you so much dont you ever fucking forget that. thank you. thank you so much"

04/09/2021 nothing is as it seems and everyone has something to hide

04/09/2021 good vibes all around in name change town, two monsters today and the blend, more hsmith but at what cost. love is blindness

03/09/2021 ...i'll stay, one more day

02/09/2021 majo seman.

01/09/2021 shledávám písničky jež jenom zima čte si a ptám a ptám se jich

01/09/2021 it's like you're always stuck in second year (?)

31/08/2021 uncle smoky & the gulf war wikipedia article

30/08/2021 how's annie?

29/08/2021 the chemistry teacher to comedian pipeline

28/08/2021 various Different hands in these Memores but infact are the Same

28/08/2021 a stranger. let him rest in peace

27/08/2021 raimund verner. prisoner of war, tomsk, russia, november 1915. i'm so sorry for everything

25/08/2021 why die before your time?

25/08/2021 trapped, i have just realized, thank you so much

24/08/2021 either the future will resemble the present, in which case it will not listen to me, or it will be different and my predicament be meaningless

24/08/2021 charlie watts.

24/08/2021 i've never met someone who wasn't important

23/08/2021 MJC three steps to heaven at leverndale 11, god why did you let a man live such a life

22/08/2021 Edmund the Moth inventor of Society

22/08/2021 there are things you can't get anywhere but we dream they can be found in other people

22/08/2021 lets meet up in uncanny valley

22/08/2021 don everly.

(21 - 22/08) dreamt

20/08/2021 so close to death yourself that you're now able to see dead people

19/08/2021 milovat. nebo vyzkoušet lsd, popřípadě básněmi posprejovat pár mostů

18/08/2021 you can't write tears

18/08/2021 SEAN LOCK.

18/08/2021 MP in my dream in a record store on a date, ian mcculloch camp activity, sponsored by demonia (i am now bob dylan-sized) . now what was he doing april-may 1965??

17/08/2021 pc update: WOO YEA WOO YEA I HAVE IT BACK! NOT BROKEN ANYMORE HOWEVER I LOST ALL MY FILES . it is alright tho A new beginning!!

13/08/2021 anxious and sad five-foot-and-a-bit frame, crying into the depths of an auditorium, voice wrapped in cobwebs, one tiny fist clenched by his side

12/08/2021 there is no sadness in saturday night and all dogs go to heaven

11/08/2021 pc update: there is no update its still broken !

(10 - 11/08) dreamt

09/08/2021 its paradise lost all over again

08/08/2021 i is someone else

06/08/2021 with tears like flashbulbs (up into a high-rise block) - here's bowie with the birthdays

05/08/2021 16 clumsy and shy for the last time

04/08/2021 good lives make bad stories

04/08/2021 he's the cleverest man on tv but he sure does hide it well

03/08/2021 some soundscapes - in d: duffy

02/08/2021 dread most the god unknown

01/08/2021 velleity

31/07/2021 look preppy, act normal, produce strange music

30/07/2021 will you be my friend historically

30/07/2021 pc broken screen broken battery broken everything broken website on a break i suppose :/

29/07/2021 dusty hill.

28/07/2021 bestie's first monster!

25/07/2021 what is jmalacovas stance on kyle maclachlan

22/07/2021 dont worry you and me wont be alone anymore

22/07/2021 harold smith,

22/07/2021 i send the fullest version of my love to her, wherever she may be, and nick drake too, all of it

20/07/2021 CONTRIBUTORY: made a mistep

19/07/2021 here lies a horse thief. hanged here. cut down. buried where he fell. name unknown

19/07/2021 dear god: why me, at a gas station in a bistro in a hotel farm

18/07/2021 františek nedvěd.

17/07/2021 forrest!!!!!!!

14/07/2021 digital rose, a stranger known but to god

(13 - 14/07) dreamt

09/07/2021 kotek gender před pramenem labe

05/07/2021 yes sir what time 3 o'clock sir and what time is now 3 o'clock sir

05/07/2021 12:30 dancing with tears in my eyes right now and 2 years ago

04/07/2021 i don't know where i'm going but i think it's somewhere good. and dont you dare give up

01/07/2021 lytton, lytton

30/06/2021 forget all the tears that you've cried it's OVER

30/06/2021 safari dress, "if you want we could meet sometime in the summer", pancho and lefty, pipeline punch. who knows where the time goes?

29/06/2021 baby siehst du nicht der mond?

27/06/2021 mike gravel. rest in power

26/06/2021 siegfried herz he is me i am him in the cool timeline

26/06/2021 pivovarov literally just be saying words but i think he means well

25/06/2021 and lost among the subway crowds i try to catch your eye

25/06/2021 moravo, moravo

24/06/2021 we are so small between the stars, so large against the sky

24/06/2021 mark hoppus

22/06/2021 9:30 pfizer 55

21/06/2021 nina divíšková.

19/06/2021 bring someone to life someone for real someone who feels the way that i feel

18/06/2021 miroslav tichý, vivian maier

17/06/2021 a socialist utopia with drainer characteristics

16/06/2021 ah hastings, my dear friend, they were good days

15/06/2021 everything about class trip if ur not in the main big social circle is extremely springsteenesque

14/06/2021 a humorous jpeg or two for my bestie!

12/06/2021 ať je válka, červen, mlha, bouře nebo klid

12/06/2021 i'm the easter bunny

10/06/2021 obligatory apathy's a tragedy and boredom is a crime post cause i am a gay mentally ill ex-theatre kid in 2021 .sorry about that . apathy's a tragedy and boredom is a crime

09/06/2021 libuše šafránková.

09/06/2021 To YOU its a ufo. I know what it is

07/06/2021 frederick fleet

06/06/2021 for all those born beneath an angry star lest we forget how fragile we are

04/06/2021 i'll see you in my dreams, bruce springsteen

04/06/2021 karel haphilček borochský

03/06/2021 another sleepy dusty brno day

02/06/2021 i wish i was a banker professor civil servant radioamateur in the 1930s. today i am thinking about 721bennyboy. david lynch shaved his beard i will cry


02/06/2021 you will have to find another account to follow as i am no longer suffering from mental illness - me someday in the future probably hopefully maybe

31/05/2021 a little bit of everything all of the time

31/05/2021 40 THOUSAND VIEWS ON THIS VERY WEBSITE??? ITS MORE LIKELY THAN YOU THINK!!! thank yall sm for being here <3 i just be saying stuff

30/05/2021 he's bladee i call him bladey

30/05/2021 how DO i articulate my ideas tho????? via revenge dot neocities

28/05/2021 has no one told you he's not breathing? i'm your mind giving you someone to talk to

28/05/2021 i have seen A Thing. no rest for me in this world

26/05/2021 if i never do anything worthwhile with my life at least i know i made u laugh a couple times back in 2021

25/05/2021 turn my head into sound IN MY ROOM NOW

24/05/2021 i was born very far from where i'm supposed to be and so i'm on my way home

24/05/2021 if love is a sin then beauty is a crime (when the times comes i'll cry)

23/05/2021 01:00 never get attached to people

22/05/2021 21:00 please don't break my heart i promise

21/05/2021 5 camels who have just robbed a bank

(20 - 21/05) dreamt

20/05/2021 europe has failed us, shouldve sacrificed serbia, finland god bless u (tactically), denmark deserved, GJON MUHARREMAJ gjon muharremaj............

20/05/2021 maybe gjon does have a point maybe gender isnt a spectrum but a sphere

19/05/2021 With enough style and polish, cringe just becomes aesthetic

18/05/2021 for every shout that went unheard

18/05/2021 i wanna know if love is real!!!!!

17/05/2021 no amount of guilt can change the past no amount of anxiety can change the future

17/05/2021 five miles south of the canadian border, twelve miles west of the state line

14/05/2021 strange but not a stranger

14/05/2021 hello besties i have made my own radio station come listen to my radio station we play cool bops 24/7!! :D :D

13/05/2021 slowly learning that life is okay

13/05/2021 Ritchie Valens at 80 —

12/05/2021 a 12th century druid and political activist

08/05/2021 minigolf-tetris-Kickboxing

06/05/2021 shame about cliff richard

06/05/2021 anson best

(04 - 05/05) dreamt


(03 - 04/05) dreamt

30/04/2021 i was born at the end of the night

28/04/2021 anita lane.

(26 - 27/04) dreamt

25/04/2021 Sophie

24/04/2021 josh swain

24/04/2021 if you could meet your ancestors would they be proud of you?

23/04/2021 unjumble your chess moves from your beckett plays

23/04/2021 this pizza is gonna be sooo lynchian 6 12 2

19/04/2021 rufus britton anderson \

19/04/2021 its been 197 YEARS thats SO MANY YEARS

19/04/2021 do you, mr. jones?

(18 - 19/04) dreamt

18/04/2021 you think you cant be surprised and boom james acasters house is an estranky website

17/04/2021 if you listen to this album starting at 2:15 AM CST on the appalachian mountains during a failed cartography expedition, carrying only a broken compass and some australian poetry, i think you'll very easily find out that this album is for the gays. otherwise, it's hard to tell.

16/04/2021 helen mcrory.

16/04/2021 obscure local gentleman john monke

15/04/2021 písně z lesů a opuštěných kostelů

15/04/2021 the mystery of october 19th 2019

15/04/2021 &this world feels so distant !! !

12/04/2021 tell me about the streams you watch

11/04/2021 "he" in the way you call an animal you don't know "she" in the way sailors refer to their boats "they" in the way 'they say that ___' a faceless and all knowing collective

11/04/2021 i can hear it gooping . -

(10 - 11/04) dreamt

09/04/2021 philip ochs, 45 years ago

07/04/2021 shit!! i'm at a 24 hour barnes & noble

(06 - 07/04) dreamt

06/04/2021 the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls

05/04/2021 piccolo nemáme, ale rádi vám uvaříme espresso

04/04/2021 one easter sunday i went to a party at mary pickford's house

03/04/2021 a blood-covered loaf of bread in the wrong room

02/04/2021 "you're living for nothing now, i hope you're keeping some kind of record"

31/03/2021 all rim and bounced out

31/03/2021 time is a bit more precious

31/03/2021 král šumavy

30/03/2021 thank you for all the beauty and goodness you put out into the world

30/03/2021 you're soft as glass and i'm a gentle man

29/03/2021 there was something deeply comforting about the boat being stuck and i would appreciate it if they could put it back

29/03/2021 beránka a ochočenou myš

27/03/2021 i seem to be a verb an evolutionary process an integral function of the universe

26/03/2021 bugs are just math

25/03/2021 this is only a foretaste of what is to come and only the shadow of what is going to be

24/03/2021 it sounds like a song it hits you like scripture

24/03/2021 60 packs of quavers but he would've gone quisps

23/03/2021 i'm gonna give all that i've got to give cross my heart and hope to live

23/03/2021 hana hegerová.

23/03/2021 baby eel monte

21/03/2021 4th wall

21/03/2021 the miracle sudoku

21/03/2021 robert cutler 1475-1548 ipswich (robert cutler 1455-1474 jane robert wolsley 1462-1486) ( - john cutler carwithan mayor of exeter --- mabel and stephen carwithan, married 1408)

20/03/2021 sells clocks under the bridge, dormant malevolence, baby pirate, endless meadow

20/03/2021 l34340

18/03/2021 měl býti po škole, utekl

16/03/2021 you are interviewed in a shopping centre by a team from the local tv news

16/03/2021 did you go to the rhod gilbert school of explanation

15/03/2021 i am in severe distress. i am vibing. i am king of the world. i am bored. i am lost at sea. i am making coffee. i am foraging in the forest. i am making tea. i am chasing pigeons. i am napping in a chair

12/03/2021 got us on a highway got us in a car got us going faster than we've ever gone before and i know it ain't gonna last

(11 - 12/03) dreamt

11/03/2021 softest grave of a thousand fears where their mother, care, like a drowsy child is laid asleep in flowers

10/03/2021 woody guthrie did it earliest and most convincingly pete seeger did it longest joan baez did it most artfully phil ochs tried the hardest and the young bob dylan did it best

06/03/2021 a half full glass spills so easily

(04 - 05/03) dreamt

03/03/2021 how sweet it is to sit and read the tales of mighty poets and to hear the while sweet music which when the attention fails fills the dim pause

02/03/2021 don't let the stars get in your eyes don't let the moon break your heart

01/03/2021 hrabalovi patří hospoda, kunderovi patří kavárna

01/03/2021 scarborough fair

01/03/2021 there's nothing to fear but fear itself

28/02/2021 got a collection of vintage calculators

28/02/2021 you just had to be there

27/02/2021 just cut them up like regular chickens

(26 - 27/02) dreamt

26/02/2021 he's a sportsman and a shepherd he's a lazy bastard living in a suit

26/02/2021 bleib dir nicht treu, phil ochs

25/02/2021 made to love magic

24/02/2021 irene bromley, c.m. hall, pam wilson liverpool 1963

24/02/2021 this pic is my gender

(23 - 24/02) dreamt

23/02/2021 i have clung to nothing loved a nothing nothing seen or felt but a great dream

23/02/2021 whose name was writ in water?

(19 - 20/02) dreamt

19/02/2021 no rest for me in this world perhaps in the next

19/02/2021 innocent of all things innocent of all things feel a second beating of my heart

19/02/2021 píšeme vám, jiří ortene, a víme, že jste pro nás stále živ

(14 - 15/02) dreamt

13/02/2021 it's important not to get lost in his world

11/02/2021 i guess that i miss you, i guess i forgive you, i'm glad you stood in my way

10/02/2021 for your consideration: laura dern

08/02/2021 z jednej strony jarmark z drugiej europa

08/02/2021 a pirate station or the late night show

07/02/2021 I miss you and me and kenneth going fishing by the bayou in our spot

07/02/2021 catsdown 100%

07/02/2021 i grieve in stereo

05/02/2021 in two separate worlds

05/02/2021 there's no wind on this bitter earth, time and distance claimed my blues for what they're worth

04/02/2021 unlimed

03/02/2021 can't survive on what you send anytime you need a friend (i wish i wish i wish you'd care)

03/02/2021 if he didn't exist it's highly unlikely that anyone would have thought to invent him

02/02/2021 child of passion, fool of fame

02/02/2021 polyhymnians v. severns, nolte knight frost

02/02/2021 if songs were lines in a conversation the situation would be fine

31/01/2021 oldřich slezák 9.10.1926 - 26.11.1945

31/01/2021 "Then, what is life? I cried."—

30/01/2021 abigail

30/01/2021 SOPHIE

29/01/2021 david lynch number of the day: 7

28/01/2021 gluee drops , the world will stop.

27/01/2021 8oo10cdc 0201 38:30-41:04

26/01/2021 from your armchair you ruled the world

26/01/2021 where's anderson

25/01/2021 a catalog of cultivated hatred and a bit in my style so i kinda feel validated

25/01/2021 the "in his letters he was always doing fine" from joe hill by phil ochs but to the tune of love to hate you by erasure

24/01/2021 here's a song to those who are gone with never a reason why

(23 - 24/01) dreamt

23/01/2021 if somebody at least listens, it's not too bad

23/01/2021 josef bednář 6.8.1865 - 17.2.1888, počátky

23/01/2021 is novelty-seeking (read: lives with adhd)

22/01/2021 dont pull a bladee may have a grenade

(19 - 20/01) dreamt

19/01/2021 anne mott's byronmania july 1998 - 18th january 2021

19/01/2021 Oh did he go to heaven or hell? You do not know because you were not there

18/01/2021 giles edmund newsom

17/01/2021 lana clarkson

14/01/2021 tea and sympathy


12/01/2021 sometimes i feel that the world isn't mine "it's a lonely life you have known"

11/01/2021 not a thought not a fault not a wrong nothing's off nothing's broken

11/01/2021 my father was an exhaust manifold and my mother was a tree

10/01/2021 i am so sick of google classroom i am so sick of gmail i am so sick of internet i wish it was unspecified pre-globalization era and i was the guy that puts up public event notices on the big board in the middle of a village i love being online i love shiny surreal technology stuff i love websites but sometimes i just wish my biggest concern was finding coins in my coat pocket to buy the morning papers with

09/01/2021 i'm not a saint i am a fraud i'm looking for a better life

(08 - 09/01) dreamt

(07 - 08/01) dreamt

02/01/2021 it's just myself talking to myself about myself

01/01/2021 if it was heaven what would i be doing here

01/01/2021 don't dwell on what has passed away or what is yet to be (a crack in everything- that's how the light gets in)

31/12/2020 i was so much older then, i'm younger than that now

30/12/2020 ashes and diamonds foe and friend we were all equal in the end

30/12/2020 feeling cool and normal feeling cool and normal feeling cool and normal

28/12/2020 i'm seeing evil men- am i imagining them?

25/12/2020 can you feel my heartbeat? can't remember anything at all

24/12/2020 mental health i thought we were long over this

23/12/2020 a man unknown dropt down dead kingsland road

22/12/2020 i love indexing i love wikipedia i love bladee i love life

22/12/2020 put the world on hold for a moment

22/12/2020 when i grow up i wanna be richey edwards

19/12/2020 the best thing about music is that it’s invisible

18/12/2020 i think holden is watching a movie right now exactly 71 years ago

16/12/2020 i should tell you or wouldnt you care come tomorrow i wont be there

(15 - 16/12) dreamt

14/12/2020 love is the longing for the half of ourselves we have lost

14/12/2020 "that comment made me smile for a few minutes :) you also seem very cool and open-minded regarding taste and i respect that. i hope youre well!"

13/12/2020 i am a widow, could be charleville could be anywhere

13/12/2020 sitting all alone listening to nick cave, love (this is a dark song, real dark)

11/12/2020 d̶o̶n̶'̶t̶ ̶e̶v̶e̶r̶ ̶t̶e̶l̶l̶ ̶a̶n̶y̶b̶o̶d̶y̶ ̶a̶n̶y̶t̶h̶i̶n̶g̶.̶ ̶i̶f̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶d̶o̶, you start missing everybody

08/12/2020 but i'm not the only one

06/12/2020 spadl kámen do voda / napsal básník Svoboda

06/12/2020 no matter how hungry the hand that wrote in his letters he was always doing fine

05/12/2020 riding inter-city trains dressed in european grey

04/12/2020 what to ignite and what to extinguish

04/12/2020 everytime i post a dream i get a spike in page views is anyone actually reading them lmao hmu if you do

03/12/2020 cohen collects his letters and makes certain that he is heavily photographed

03/12/2020 you don't have one damn thing the way you're supposed to

(01 - 02/12) dreamt

30/11/2020 how patti smith's midnight encounter with bobby fischer sparked an abstract friendship

30/11/2020 my website manifesto

29/11/2020 i wanna find tomorrow

(28 - 29/11) dreamt

28/11/2020 please accept this gift on the occasion of your second birthday. fare thee well comrade.

28/11/2020 tell me what your worst fears are i bet they look a lot like mine

28/11/2020 can you still get into heaven if you downrate this?

26/11/2020 i'm quite illiterate but i read a lot

(25 - 26/11) dreamt

25/11/2020 time has told me not to ask for more

25/11/2020 f. nadelfest

22/11/2020 how strange it is to be anything at all

22/11/2020 11...Nh5!?

(21 - 22/11) dreamt

20/11/2020 "youre the most boring interesting person ive ever met tbh"

19/11/2020 i hope i don't die. well, if i did, i wouldn't know it anyway

19/11/2020 should've worn another layer between my shirt and my coat

19/11/2020 i recently realized i probably won't die young

17/11/2020 a union card and a wedding coat

16/11/2020 raimund verner

15/11/2020 pulled from the chaotic ether, originated nowhere and belongs to nobody

14/11/2020 i'm free and that's why i'm lost

14/11/2020 "oh btw thanks for being based"

14/11/2020 100

14/11/2020 a blind man with his knife in hand has convinced himself that he understands

13/11/2020 in 10 years thats me and miro zbirka bet

12/11/2020 poets and pornographers, spies and solicitors, feminists and farmers, witches and whalers, judges and journalists

11/11/2020 i think arthur breisky murdered someone, crushed their head, put his id into the corpses pockets and then lived a long fulfilling life as a mysterious art collector and socialite in new york, dying of old age in 1976 with a glass of wine in his hand

11/11/2020 liberia 2008

11/11/2020 and you read your emily dickinson and i my robert frost

09/11/2020 "can this decade just fucking end already i want to start anew"

09/11/2020 as plain and dry as a brown paper bag bound volume of de balzac

09/11/2020 based bill (throwback to my question aug 2019)

08/11/2020 Romantic belief in madness and chaos

08/11/2020 sapphics wobblies boobs

07/11/2020 17:29 its done its finished we won holy shit its done its finished

07/11/2020 suit trousers are casual

07/11/2020 just reached 50 average lastfm scrobbles a day i think i need help

07/11/2020 officially(?)

06/11/2020 forgive me faron young

06/11/2020 nenechejte ze mě udělat blázna. pozdravujte kluky, řeku a les

06/11/2020 just thorns without the rose

05/11/2020 asleep in a phone booth

04/11/2020 powerfully antisocial nightmare folk with not a shade of pretense. i wouldn't want it any other way

04/11/2020 trump says he'll go to supreme court; unclear why

03/11/2020 be ruthless with systems be kind to individuals

02/11/2020 unlikely that human beings will ever go out-of-date (the way special effects do)

02/11/2020 it's thirty-six hours past judgement day

02/11/2020 do you actually like the taste of haggis

01/11/2020 the greatest of all the clowns / one of the most beautiful people who was ever photographed

31/10/2020 tragedy is a close-up comedy is a long shot

30/10/2020 if you're reading this, my life was lonely

29/10/2020 girl who loses dollar outside cinema (uncredited)

28/10/2020 these people don’t know what advil is...they’ve never heard a josh groban song....they will never get to try the panera double bread bowl

28/10/2020 andy warhol won't you please come home

28/10/2020 50°4′42.3″ 14°23′54.3″

28/10/2020 cold, calculated, mechanisch and automatisch

28/10/2020 can't add my name to the fight when i'm gone

27/10/2020 that utter failure to identify sentiment

26/10/2020 the only limit to the realization of tomorrow is the doubts of today

25/10/2020 you weren't much of a muse but then i weren't much of a poet

24/10/2020 1 extended synth note whenever i walk into a room

24/10/2020 majored in shopping cart navigation minored in grocery store spatial awareness

24/10/2020 for someone you adore it's a pleasure to be sad

22/10/2020 will the circle be unbroken?

22/10/2020 daniel thomas fourteenth january 1959

21/10/2020 come from forever and you will go everywhere

20/10/2020 what does the taxman know about poetry?

20/10/2020 sidetrack me to the altar

18/10/2020 so easy to look at, so hard to define

18/10/2020 somewhere between new york, manchester and the lines of my memoir

(17 - 18/10) dreamt

17/10/2020 i like black metal and mcdonalds and drain gang and clear skin and girls and furry girls and boys sometimes and anime and cold weather and vampires and friends internet online

16/10/2020 the politics of inconsequence

16/10/2020 as obsolete as warships in the baltic

16/10/2020 rsd

14/10/2020 the grave of the female stranger

13/10/2020 život, smrt a to, co děláme z nudy

10/10/2020 to be a part of a scene, anonymous, listening, recording

09/10/2020 dříve než mě přijme svatý petr u komise, básníkům české země chtěl bych uklonit se

09/10/2020 someone's kid just lives for today

08/10/2020 to feel that his silent presence was accepted was good enough for him

07/10/2020 if the illusion of meaning is the most that we can get then i guess that has to be enough

07/10/2020 some will rob you with a six-gun, some with a fountain pen

06/10/2020 the old world is dying and the new one struggles to be born

04/10/2020 moral of the song is there never has been one

01/10/2020 ...i'll have you know i'm scared to death

(27 - 28/09) dreamt

27/09/2020 praotcem všech hackerů byl rumburak

27/09/2020 dadaist theatre, black-and-white figures in an absurd space of xyz

25/09/2020 i literally listen to sufjan

25/09/2020 16, clumsy and shy (makes two of us)

22/09/2020 are you willing to fight for someone you don't know as much as you're willing to fight for yourself?

20/09/2020 i heard you're making problems rhyme

(17 - 18/09) dreamt

17/09/2020 curiously absent

16/09/2020 the conversing abilities of a baron's daughter

(09 - 10/09) dreamt

09/09/2020 jello cube

06/09/2020 so jealous but so kind

06/09/2020 OH???? I HIT 20K????? WHY ARE YALL HERE LMAO HI GUYS THANK U SM everyone who visits my website gets 20 years of luck its scientifically proven

05/09/2020 IT specialista, cestovatel (poutník), fotograf a básník.

(02 - 03/09) dreamt

02/09/2020 my mind is in the future my heart is in the present my soul is in the past november 7 2016

01/09/2020 oh brno just got colder and...

23/08/2020 a w co wierzysz? w nic nie wierzę

20/08/2020 schwiter @ 13 rue royale

(18 - 19/08) dreamt

15/08/2020 you shut the door, the wind closes two more

14/08/2020 "you are living in the free world, in the free world you must stay"

12/08/2020 they looked for me in cafes, cemeteries and churches .... but they did not find me. they never found me? no. they never found me

11/08/2020 LOUD

(09 - 10/08) dreamt

09/08/2020 i have nothing to offer anyone except my own confusion

09/08/2020 tu přišla krutá stará mezi nás dva si sednouti a já jsem nevěděl, že by tam židle stála

08/08/2020 just me and oppenheimer waltzing with crowded streets in chromakey

08/08/2020 solitude never sounded more enticing

(07 - 08/08) dreamt

06/08/2020 sixteen candles burn in her mind

05/08/2020 it feels like he's been living indoors for a century, and that he's always dying, dying to see the sunlight. but oh, his dying will be literal, his beer will be his tea of loneliness drawn into the sea

(01 - 02/08) dreamt

01/08/2020 i like to pretend that i'm a rich pennyloafers-wearing fool, serenading some senator's daughter at the country club while the flavor of pâté lingers on both of our tongues

01/08/2020 to collide in a glimpse before your eyes

31/07/2020 just kids

31/07/2020 nothing is more terrifying than the tall buildings under *** but at night and some of the offices are lit up meaning someone is working in them right now but we dont know that theyre working they could be cheating on their wives for all i know and that makes me think so many people whose lives will never intersect with mine except us being so close

27/07/2020 you can't see california without marlon brando's eyes

26/07/2020 you're far away from me not just by length but by an eternity

25/07/2020 living in the moment is living in uncertainty

24/07/2020 technological advances really bloody get me in the mood

24/07/2020 lord byron, women and some men want me

23/07/2020 i'm glad you stood in my way

23/07/2020 nostalgia for an age yet to come

15/07/2020 a old man's advice, 17. 5. 2015

15/07/2020 i followed my dream up into a high-rise block

14/07/2020 i think i am in love with this 2008 video of a tim buckley looking guy playing an eerily accurate rendition of nick drake day is done

(12 - 13/07) dreamt

11/07/2020 Introvertphobia Might Not Be Real But It Definitely Killed My Boy

11/07/2020 suspiciously in love

10/07/2020 a million candles burning for the help that never came

10/07/2020 twitter for iphone

08/07/2020 and just when i was sure that his teachings were pure he drowned himself in a pool

08/07/2020 melody to a scene of former times

07/07/2020 spaceman2291

07/07/2020 your ancestors would find you incomprehensible and your descendants will despise your grave

06/07/2020 summer taylor. with the blood of the martyrs our flag is red

06/07/2020 whatever getcha through the night

(05 - 06/07) dreamt

05/07/2020 nothing leonard cohen did should have worked

05/07/2020 face like sin and heart like a james joyce novel

05/07/2020 sonic skronkery

(02 - 03/07) dreamt

02/07/2020 so it goes, too bad it's all over

29/06/2020 i want a reform, i want a riot, i want a reason to make it through the night

29/06/2020 a jack of all trades, master of none, oftentimes better than a master of one

28/06/2020 endeavour 73

28/06/2020 salvation in the secular age

28/06/2020 grilling is counterrevolutionary

27/06/2020 the backrooms

(26 - 27/06) dreamt

26/06/2020 nothing just me my sudoku and suzanne by leonard cohen

25/06/2020 short on money, long on time

(24 - 25/06) dreamt

(23 - 24/06) dreamt

22/06/2020 i struggled with some demons, they were middle class and tame

22/06/2020 rhyme dancing with transatlantic

21/06/2020 music to awkwardly dance to at 3:35 am in your room with a glass of orange juice

20/06/2020 poetic, cryptic, surreal, sarcastic, passionate, conscious, rebellious, philosophical, introspective, urban, melancholic

20/06/2020 we've got the sky to talk about and the earth to lie upon

20/06/2020 its me im sousedovic baby milena

19/06/2020 for some there's a future to find but i think they're leaving me behind

19/06/2020 six strings that drew blood

19/06/2020 put a jewel in your crown and i put out the lights

18/06/2020 please don't put your life in the hands of a rock and roll band (they'll throw it all away)

18/06/2020 you will find me at the spring of consciousness

18/06/2020 "tbh u might be the most poetic person i know ngl"

17/06/2020 i hope we live to tell the tale

(16 - 17/06) dreamt

16/06/2020 stuck between berlin and düsseldorf

(15 - 16/06) dreamt

15/06/2020 i've been living for tomorrows all my life

(14 - 15/06) dreamt

14/06/2020 when will we ever learn

14/06/2020 i can die now. thank u stinky music art fashion man

14/06/2020 you can stop the party but you can't stop the future

14/06/2020 to the stars the moon pleaded stay

11/06/2020 we'll be alright. we'll be alright

10/06/2020 i was keats, i was blake

10/06/2020 the mortifying ordeal of being known

09/06/2020 he has a brand new radio but never turns it on / his modern world revolves around a synthesizer song

09/06/2020 give me reasons we should be complete

09/06/2020 the jk in jk rowling stands for john keats . stan him instead

09/06/2020 i'm the enemy of the unlived meaningless life

(08 - 09/06) dreamt

08/06/2020 elvis freed your body, dylan freed your mind

08/06/2020 i always liked the music, maybe that's how they got to me

(07 - 08/06) dreamt

(05 - 06/06) dreamt

(31 - 01/06) dreamt

29/05/2020 and like all lovers and sad people i am a poet

26/05/2020 hiraeth

25/05/2020 no justice no peace

25/05/2020 unrest and gloom

25/05/2020 sometimes melancholy leaves me breathless

24/05/2020 give, sympathize, control

23/05/2020 whichever way you can be sure that the shadows are on your side as soon as the lights go down

22/05/2020 impress myself with stealth and bad health and my wealth and regressive causes

21/05/2020 amor fati

21/05/2020 the apocalyptic romanticism of mystery girl

21/05/2020 what we have loved others will love and we will teach them how

20/05/2020 it was as if he didnt want anything of himself to remain except his songs

20/05/2020 step outside cause summertime's in bloom???

18/05/2020 a chemistry of commotion and style


17/05/2020 such a moon and such a sea and you and me

15/05/2020 astrid kirchherr.

15/05/2020 we've got time to kill we've got nothing to lose

14/05/2020 we're too late for heaven

14/05/2020 please remember to mention me in tapes you leave behind

12/05/2020 the cars are fast but so is the fashion, nobody's ever heard of compassion

11/05/2020 rough and rowdy ways indeed

10/05/2020 ok. keats, yeats, emily dickinson.

10/05/2020 people mention murder the moment you arrive, i'd consider killing you if i thought you were alive

10/05/2020 we shall overcome

09/05/2020 little richard.

07/05/2020 choking on your alibis

07/05/2020 kid your country's been at war since birth now

06/05/2020 florian schneider.

06/05/2020 lonesome morning reverie

06/05/2020 X Æ A-12 is a thing that . exists . and also no mathurita


02/05/2020 isn't it nice? sugar and spice

01/05/2020 pantone 448 c

01/05/2020 alles in allem, alles auf einmal

25/04/2020 jmen, že nedoved si žádné udělat

25/04/2020 oh come and rove to the sea or the grove when the moon is rising bright and i'll whisper there in the cool night air what i dare not in broad day-light

22/04/2020 busy being bored

22/04/2020 nothing better than kafka, new order and four scoops of caramel icecream

21/04/2020 boulevard of crime

(19 - 20/04) dreamt

(16 - 17/04) dreamt

(14 - 15/04) dreamt

(13 - 14/04) dreamt

13/04/2020 the tower that never got rebuilt

11/04/2020 nikdy více edgar allan

11/04/2020 franz kafka hat gestern 3 kg pferdeäpfel produziert

(10 - 11/04) dreamt

10/04/2020 who idolized japan's david sylvian and followed the dandy dilettante's lead by dabbling in polaroid art

10/04/2020 i accept chaos, i'm not sure whether it accepts me

09/04/2020 emča revoluce

(08 - 09/04) dreamt

08/04/2020 don't mourn, organize

08/04/2020 coke mouse, tax attorney

07/04/2020 the alesmen

05/04/2020 der tod ist ein dandy

27/03/2020 new order is just wham! for art students

25/03/2020 jreg could 100% be bob dylans grandson sorry i just needed to share

25/03/2020 the sex pistols sang "no future", but there is a future and we're trying to build one

23/03/2020 tell me what it's like to have someone who's always there for you

22/03/2020 i know this world is killing you

(21 - 22/03) dreamt

21/03/2020 it was 56 years ago today pete seeger came to town to play

21/03/2020 ahoj jonah myers jsem ráda že se ti líbí čeština lmao

20/03/2020 a disrupter of norms, a bender of rules, a disquieter of calm

20/03/2020 you may experience the emptiness with me if you wish


(19 - 20/03) dreamt

18/03/2020 a broken heart is all that's left...open up

17/03/2020 beautiful melodies telling me terrible things


15/03/2020 look at his face—as beautiful but as inhuman as a butterfly

15/03/2020 i still think about this

15/03/2020 aspoň ve snu zažít ten pocit, že nejsem osamělá / svůj osud znám, mě nelituj

14/03/2020 i will cherish this answer until the day i die

13/03/2020 bliss nouveau

12/03/2020 aristocratic hand

12/03/2020 NOUZOVÝ STAV

11/03/2020 piss-arro anarchist icon

11/03/2020 indeed

11/03/2020 love is real and so is propaganda

11/03/2020 Ok prestanu retweetovat penis jinak me tessa violet s takovou nebude sledovat


10/03/2020 fuck

07/03/2020 midnight chardonnay; number 16 bus shelter

07/03/2020 "ok, není to tak špatné," evakuovat a nikdy se nevrátit do tohoto města

07/03/2020 ubi sunt qui ante nos fuerunt?

06/03/2020 the distance from this sentence to your eye is my sculpture

02/03/2020 lord byron v aténách

02/03/2020 decay exists as an extant form of life

01/03/2020 hrome...tamhle je můj krepový papír

01/03/2020 wuthering heights -v

29/02/2020 ehrlich gesagt

26/02/2020 raymond geist

(25 - 26/02) dreamt

25/02/2020 fate up against your will through the thick and thin

(23 - 24/02) dreamt

23/02/2020 things you call dead haven't yet had the chance to be born

22/02/2020 light is therefore colour

21/02/2020 if it's not love then it's the bomb that will bring us together

21/02/2020 first verse, second class

21/02/2020 the lovers cried and the poets dreamed

20/02/2020 john constable 1806

18/02/2020 be the art nouveau to my art deco

18/02/2020 giorgio de chirico - the uncertainty of the poet

17/02/2020 who would win in a fistfight: the Romantics or the new romantics

17/02/2020 if i never read catcher in the rye if i never watched dead poets society

16/02/2020 wishing wells and magic spells and everything between

16/02/2020 the manufactured night

16/02/2020 take a year in provence and shove it up your ass

15/02/2020 Je rozdíl mezi životem žit život. fery

15/02/2020 corleone

14/02/2020 my heart is stronger than a four letter word

12/02/2020 ascher squares

12/02/2020 peristaltic filtration system in the river of time

07/02/2020 sine ira et studio

06/02/2020 people never notice anything

06/02/2020 parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme

05/02/2020 indifference is the young person's enemy

02/02/2020 someone shot nostalgia in the back

30/01/2020 phineas gage

19/01/2020 again and again, even though we know love's landscape and the little churchyard with its lamenting names

18/01/2020 taking the 8 values test listening to common people by pulp

07/01/2020 i dreamed i saw joe hill last night

06/01/2020 antonín širůček, strojírenství

06/01/2020 don't mourn, organize

04/01/2020 i love the romance of crime

27/12/2019 sweet bliss prevails. nobody wants to make a fool of themselves, everybody is very serious, sombre, dead. life has flown away somewhere...

24/12/2019 the moon is my mother

19/12/2019 crumb in peach

18/12/2019 making love on the edge of a knife

15/12/2019 kunst des 18. jahrhunderts

14/12/2019 disrupt, corrupt, interrupt

13/12/2019 larmes de verre

13/12/2019 get used to missing out

12/12/2019 new moon on monday in the new decade

11/12/2019 oh brothers sisters can't you see the future is owned by you and me

09/12/2019 módu, muziku, mafii a starostu čermáka

05/12/2019 u know ur lifes shit when the thing that keeps u going is miro žbirkas weekly radio show

04/12/2019 sometimes i wonder just for a while will you ever remember me

27/11/2019 you can spike your hair but there's still a jock in your heart

20/10/2019 never-ending days, never-ending nights

20/10/2019 i held my head high so my heart sank low

20/10/2019 we're the middle children of history

19/10/2019 the mystery of kaspian shore

17/10/2019 can talk my way out of anything

16/10/2019 fire pears/piers and stan susanna

(15 - 16/10) dreamt

14/10/2019 trying to make this life my own

(13 - 14/10) dreamt

13/10/2019 it's almost like they've found a friend who's in it for the bitter end

12/10/2019 look out kid, no matter what you did

11/10/2019 cause brno just got colder and i'll have you know i'm scared to death

(09 - 10/10) dreamt

07/10/2019 thought about this again. i love him (that was my question)

06/10/2019 i'm a critic of my own critical need to define myself

30/09/2019 let them do their worst, let them bury me with the romantics

25/09/2019 i'd see delight in the shade of the morning sun

25/09/2019 when i mount you, it's purely a sign of dominance, not attraction

22/09/2019 i feel like i miss everything

(21 - 22/09) dreamt


31/08/2019 what's the story? morning glory

26/08/2019 natural or artificial

21/08/2019 when jefferson airplane said "please, PLEASE listen to me" i felt that

19/08/2019 love my polish twitter mutuals

(16 - 17/08) dreamt

(15 - 16/08) dreamt

(14 - 15/08) dreamt

10/08/2019 want to have someone to be inseparable with

10/08/2019 nostalgic for february

(09 - 10/08) dreamt

09/08/2019 won't wait for me forever

(08 - 09/08) dreamt

(07 - 08/08) dreamt

(05 - 06/08) dreamt

05/08/2019 midway through my california girls cover i realized that yes, my neighbours do hate me

31/07/2019 why are all radio stations playing teenage dirtbag

29/07/2019 daddy's gonna buy you a dream to cling to

27/07/2019 healthy coping mechanism: listening to sunday morning and imagining its andy warhol singing

27/07/2019 i spend all my time reminiscing about the past and preparing for the future

(26 - 27/07) dreamt

26/07/2019 why is everyone thriving except me

26/07/2019 can this decade just fucking end already i want to start anew

25/07/2019 arthur rimbaud

(24 - 25/07) dreamt

22/07/2019 til that pete wentz and tim mcilrath were in a band together

(16 - 17/07) dreamt

15/07/2019 aaaaaaaaaa 1/4 of summer holidays is GONE and i wanna DIE

10/07/2019 daydreaming about being hester argyle

09/07/2019 for all that she's been through, she should've known b̶e̶t̶t̶e̶r̶ why

08/07/2019 damn, i actually feel like stuff is going well today


22/06/2019 nothing better than yeats, duran duran and four scoops of strawberry icecream

20/06/2019 inconveniences

19/06/2019 1111 views uwu

19/06/2019 hbd nick drake wish you were here

17/06/2019 barely surviving thanks to a series of coincidences


14/06/2019 daniel howell came out and i'm so fucking proud of him even tho i dont watch him that much anymore but oh god that video was so Powerful and so well done

11/06/2019 lost 5

09/06/2019 i hate high school so much and im not even there

04/06/2019 I SAW IDKHOW TODAY OH YM GODOOGDIOG full report on That Thing That Happened Oh My God is coming soon to my livejournal haha

02/06/2019 saw rocketman today!!!! its definitely a better movie than borhap, i cried like 4 times during borhap but today it was a full weepfest lmao idk i just felt more ? connected to him ? hm anyways i want a Refund bc there wasnt any mention of nick drake smh

(01 - 02/06) dreamt


(31 - 01/06) dreamt

31/05/2019 g8 vs str8

31/05/2019 today two years ago i downloaded my first panic! songs and it spiralled into my love of music; that being said fuck brendon urie

(30 - 31/05) dreamt

30/05/2019 help how do i articulate my ideas

(28 - 29/05) dreamt