if you're more interested in me for whatever reason then this is the page for it

my socials r twitter, tumblr and lastfm. i also have livejournal (in . in 2020 yea) and letterboxd. i mean i also have instagram but lately i've been trying to distance myself from that cause it was just making me sad

i love 80s music, especially that whole post-punk turned new romantic turned new wave british scene, i feel like there's so much to discover! this will be very boring and probably disappointing but i'd say my fav band is new order - just. i love how nobody in the band knows what they're doing except stephen but together it sounds so good!!! and also both me and barney have adhd and i feel like i can just relate to him so much, how he can't stay on tempo to save his life, how everyone says he talks so incoherently, how his lyrics are all over the place, how he's so often zoned out during shows- i jus LOVE such blatant adhd representation hhhhhhhh baby!!!!

reinvent time