before we went on the boat i went to this wine shop cause i needed to piss and my parents stayed outside (cause they hate me) and there was this old lady and i was like Hiiii do u have bathrooms here ❤️ and she was like Nah sorry 🤷 and i was like Hehe ok sorry bye❤️❤️❤️ and basically ran out and i told my parents and they were like Omfg that was bettina the first wife of count lobkowicz the one that was sitting in the cafe!!! (context: count jiří lobkowicz lives at mělník chateau and he was sitting outside the chateau cafe and we also were there. in this cafe u have to order inside and bring your stuff outside if youre sitting outside so i ordered coke and indianek (the usual) and went outside with it and didnt see where i was going bc of my hair and count lobkowicz was sitting right outside the door crosslegged so his legs were kinda sticking out to the side so Obviously i fuckibg go and trip on count lobkowiczs fucking legs ????? i didnt fall god bless but it was so awkward plus i didnt recognize him and my parents had to tell me who i just tripped over .Help ) anyways i was like HOLY SHIT I HATE MYSELF WHY ME WHY ME WHY ME NO REST IN THIS WORLD and after the boat we went back to the wine shop cause my parents wanted wine and we literally talked with the fucking . COUNTESS LOBKOWICZ OR WHATEVER SHE IS??? for 30 minutes ???? and we went there and she was like Oooo ive already seen you!! at me and i was like Anyways... and we talked abt how melnik kinda sucks (???) and how shes besties with our towns local nobility family and how babis sucks and we told her were going to prague tmrw and she was like I was there yesterday there was soooo many people everywhere on the street!! and then we spent like 5 minutes talking abt why we think there were so many people and like . its bc of PRIDE but obv i cant tell her that ??? so that was funny . and they were shittalking the melnik mayor so much and she was like Yea he gets money to take care of the river bank but he just dumps it into keeping his young wife*.... and it was so funny like why the hell is countess bettina lobkowicz telling me this . and my parents were saying they thought after the velvet revolution everything would change and she was like Nah my father in law said in 1990 that it would take 2 generations... and then she looked at me like 😳 and started asking me questions like Am i in high school Where will i go to uni What do i want to be and i was like HELP but i said the usual like Yea im at this high school im doing maturita in 2 years i want to go study art history in prague i suppose and then i want to go to the uk for photography history or something similar and she was like Oooooo thats inchresting the uk is cool but brexit uknow but its awesome that Young People Today want to study abroad Hmmmm and i was like 👍 and also she randomly guessed that my moms occupation ??? which was so weird but lowkey . we were kinda vibing

*i only realized when i got home that when she talked abt the mayor and the young wife ............ her first husband (the guy i tripped over in the cafe) LEFT HER FOR A MUCH YOUNGER WOMAN and thats why she was like Yea the fuckibg dumb ass mayor doesnt care about the town and just spends his money on his dumb ass young wife!!! and my parents were like Haha yea . and she was like Theyre all like this!!!!!! and i remember thinking Damn girl ok its not that deep ! but turns out it is