my art, good or bad, everything's here; the quality sucks bc my scanner also sucks lmao i swear it looks better irl - titles are mostly working titles i came up with right after i finished drawing lmao

19/08/2019 wilbur soot aka the guy who listens to crywank but hates la dispute because theyre too pretentious

10/08/2019 random tired poetries /transcript/

07/08/2019 gary numan /im actually kinda proud of this one lmao,, looks better irl/

30/07/2019 which side are you on? (at 1:30am)

25/07/2019 some really tiny gal

23/07/2019 they just want attention, we all want attention; a beautiful kiss and a sin to confess

22/07/2019 the rly likable mentally ill murderer from a period drama/christie adaptation that u can't help but root for (also kinda aidan turners philip lombard)

10/07/2019 pravčická brána unfinished

29/06/2019 sylvo post-japan?

29/05/2019 scribblies

26/05/2019 some gal and some scribbles

PROJECT COASTER #2: 4th of june 2018 - 20th of may 2019

13/05/2019 djw?

05/2019 some gal

15/04/2019 notre-dame.

14/04/2019 copic scribblies

24/03/2019 a gentleman will walk but never run (stingy boi)

23/03/2019 some gal

25/02/2019 tiny ringo starr

25/02/2019 hates you and your annoying shit (expression methods and coping mechanisms)

02/02/2019 me in a few decades if things don't work out

01/2019 self-portrait unfinished


25/12/2018 ground control to major tom

07/12/2018 yeah of course i did surgery on a grape

05/12/2018 a brief inquiry into online relationships /sidenote: i made this when i didnt know how matty healy looked alksdjfh/

01/12/2018 i don't remember drawing this

28/11/2018 important insight

26/11/2018 who tf is milkk and why r they on my timeline

21/11/2018 if cara delevingne was a scene boy?

21/11/2018 ts aka that one super christian boy from ur elementary school

19/11/2018 comic book frank sinatra?

09/11/2018 lowkey looks like tal fishman

08/11/2018 mark hoppus

31/10/2018 some gal and some sceneries

30/10/2018 some emo ass shit

10/2018 wig snatched ?

24/09/2018 rusty cage

09/2018 copic fun uwu

28/08/2018 ya girl got copics babeyyyy

01/08/2018 5yr old me gothified

30/07/2018 dallon weekes

PROJECT COASTER #1: 26th of may 2017 - 4th of june 2018

06/2018 sebastian danzig (?)

02/04/2018 jack white (?)

04/2018 some gal

11/02/2018 amy c.


11/07/2017 young & menace

09/07/2017 gerard way

01/07/2017 future friends

07/2017 dan and phil, patrick stump and a hint of dallon weekes

29/06/2017 that loud irish guy

28/06/2017 everybody wants to be poppy

28/06/2017 happy birthday to markiplier /yikes/


30/12/2016 snowman

28/12/2016 uhhhh,,, boob hills?