thinking about how my life page just . gradually became so cryptic probably cause theres no life to write about ngl im super :D at lil 2019 me being like HELP HOW DO I ARTICULATE MY IDEAS cause i was scared id write something cringe on the life page vs 2021 me being like here is the genealogy of buster keaton all the way to karel iv times... i wonder if 2019 me would go :D at 2021 me having figured out what to write on the life page and if 2019 me would go :D at it being That

i think 2019 me would just be teary eyed emoji at 2021 me being completely comfortable with expressing how much into boring stuff i am .. I'm so happy rn i cant explain but at ths very moment im just so . Happy :) :)

so glad to have this website i dont know any of yall who read this or if anyone even does but thank you for being here i am so glad i have all this honestly. keeps me going!!! keeps me going