artists/poets/writers i'm familiar with more than one work by- or maybe i stan them cause i too am a zoomer (even tho i only stan some of them)

17/09/2020 curiously absent

16/09/2020 the conversing abilities of a baron's daughter

09/09/2020 jello cube

06/09/2020 so jealous but so kind

06/09/2020 OH???? I HIT 20K????? WHY ARE YALL HERE LMAO HI GUYS THANK U SM everyone who visits my website gets 20 years of luck its scientifically proven

05/09/2020 IT specialista, cestovatel (poutník), fotograf a básník.

02/09/2020 my mind is in the future my heart is in the present my soul is in the past november 7 2016

01/09/2020 oh brno just got colder and...

23/08/2020 a w co wierzysz? w nic nie wierzę

20/08/2020 schwiter @ 13 rue royale

(18 - 19/08) dreamt

15/08/2020 you shut the door, the wind closes two more

14/08/2020 "you are living in the free world, in the free world you must stay"

11/08/2020 LOUD

(09 - 10/08) dreamt

09/08/2020 i have nothing to offer anyone except my own confusion

09/08/2020 tu přišla krutá stará mezi nás dva si sednouti a já jsem nevěděl, že by tam židle stála

08/08/2020 just me and oppenheimer waltzing with crowded streets in chromakey

08/08/2020 solitude never sounded more enticing

(07 - 08/08) dreamt

06/08/2020 sixteen candles burn in her mind

05/08/2020 it feels like he's been living indoors for a century, and that he's always dying, dying to see the sunlight. but oh, his dying will be literal, his beer will be his tea of loneliness drawn into the sea

(01 - 02/08) dreamt

01/08/2020 i like to pretend that i'm a rich pennyloafers-wearing fool, serenading some senator's daughter at the country club while the flavor of pâté lingers on both of our tongues

01/08/2020 to collide in a glimpse before your eyes

31/07/2020 just kids

27/07/2020 you can't see california without marlon brando's eyes

26/07/2020 you're far away from me not just by length but by an eternity

25/07/2020 living in the moment is living in uncertainty

24/07/2020 technological advances really bloody get me in the mood

24/07/2020 lord byron, women and some men want me

23/07/2020 i'm glad you stood in my way

23/07/2020 nostalgia for an age yet to come

15/07/2020 a old man's advice, 17. 5. 2015

15/07/2020 i followed my dream up into a high-rise block

14/07/2020 i think i am in love with this 2008 video of a tim buckley looking guy playing an eerily accurate rendition of nick drake day is done

(12 - 13/07) dreamt

11/07/2020 Introvertphobia Might Not Be Real But It Definitely Killed My Boy

11/07/2020 suspiciously in love

10/07/2020 a million candles burning for the help that never came

10/07/2020 twitter for iphone

08/07/2020 and just when i was sure that his teachings were pure he drowned himself in a pool

08/07/2020 melody to a scene of former times

07/07/2020 spaceman2291

07/07/2020 your ancestors would find you incomprehensible and your descendants will despise your grave

06/07/2020 summer taylor. with the blood of the martyrs our flag is red

06/07/2020 whatever getcha through the night

(05 - 06/07) dreamt

05/07/2020 nothing leonard cohen did should have worked

05/07/2020 face like sin and heart like a james joyce novel

05/07/2020 sonic skronkery

(02 - 03/07) dreamt

02/07/2020 so it goes, too bad it's all over

29/06/2020 i want a reform, i want a riot, i want a reason to make it through the night

29/06/2020 a jack of all trades, master of none, oftentimes better than a master of one

28/06/2020 endeavour 73

28/06/2020 salvation in the secular age

28/06/2020 grilling is counterrevolutionary

27/06/2020 the backrooms

(26 - 27/06) dreamt

26/06/2020 nothing just me my sudoku and suzanne by leonard cohen

25/06/2020 short on money, long on time

(24 - 25/06) dreamt

(23 - 24/06) dreamt

22/06/2020 i struggled with some demons, they were middle class and tame

22/06/2020 rhyme dancing with transatlantic

21/06/2020 music to awkwardly dance to at 3:35 am in your room with a glass of orange juice

20/06/2020 poetic, cryptic, surreal, sarcastic, passionate, conscious, rebellious, philosophical, introspective, urban, melancholic

20/06/2020 we've got the sky to talk about and the earth to lie upon

20/06/2020 its me im sousedovic baby milena

19/06/2020 for some there's a future to find but i think they're leaving me behind

19/06/2020 six strings that drew blood

19/06/2020 put a jewel in your crown and i put out the lights

18/06/2020 please don't put your life in the hands of a rock and roll band (they'll throw it all away)

18/06/2020 you will find me at the spring of consciousness

18/06/2020 "tbh u might be the most poetic person i know ngl"

17/06/2020 i hope we live to tell the tale

(16 - 17/06) dreamt

16/06/2020 stuck between berlin and düsseldorf

(15 - 16/06) dreamt

15/06/2020 i've been living for tomorrows all my life

(14 - 15/06) dreamt

14/06/2020 when will we ever learn

14/06/2020 i can die now. thank u stinky music art fashion man

14/06/2020 you can stop the party but you can't stop the future

14/06/2020 to the stars the moon pleaded stay

11/06/2020 we'll be alright. we'll be alright

10/06/2020 i was keats, i was blake

10/06/2020 the mortifying ordeal of being known

09/06/2020 he has a brand new radio but never turns it on / his modern world revolves around a synthesizer song

09/06/2020 give me reasons we should be complete

09/06/2020 the jk in jk rowling stands for john keats . stan him instead

09/06/2020 i'm the enemy of the unlived meaningless life

(08 - 09/06) dreamt

08/06/2020 elvis freed your body, dylan freed your mind

08/06/2020 i always liked the music, maybe that's how they got to me

(07 - 08/06) dreamt

(05 - 06/06) dreamt

(31 - 01/06) dreamt

29/05/2020 and like all lovers and sad people i am a poet

26/05/2020 hiraeth

25/05/2020 no justice no peace

25/05/2020 unrest and gloom

25/05/2020 sometimes melancholy leaves me breathless

24/05/2020 give, sympathize, control

23/05/2020 whichever way you can be sure that the shadows are on your side as soon as the lights go down

22/05/2020 impress myself with stealth and bad health and my wealth and regressive causes

21/05/2020 amor fati

21/05/2020 the apocalyptic romanticism of mystery girl

21/05/2020 what we have loved others will love and we will teach them how

20/05/2020 it was as if he didnt want anything of himself to remain except his songs

20/05/2020 step outside cause summertime's in bloom???

18/05/2020 a chemistry of commotion and style


17/05/2020 such a moon and such a sea and you and me

15/05/2020 astrid kirchherr.

15/05/2020 we've got time to kill we've got nothing to lose

14/05/2020 we're too late for heaven

14/05/2020 please remember to mention me in tapes you leave behind

12/05/2020 the cars are fast but so is the fashion, nobody's ever heard of compassion

11/05/2020 rough and rowdy ways indeed

10/05/2020 ok. keats, yeats, emily dickinson.

10/05/2020 people mention murder the moment you arrive, i'd consider killing you if i thought you were alive

10/05/2020 we shall overcome

09/05/2020 little richard.

07/05/2020 choking on your alibis

07/05/2020 kid your country's been at war since birth now

06/05/2020 florian schneider.

06/05/2020 lonesome morning reverie

06/05/2020 X Æ A-12 is a thing that . exists . and also no mathurita


02/05/2020 isn't it nice? sugar and spice

01/05/2020 pantone 448 c

01/05/2020 alles in allem, alles auf einmal

25/04/2020 jmen, že nedoved si žádné udělat

25/04/2020 oh come and rove to the sea or the grove when the moon is rising bright and i'll whisper there in the cool night air what i dare not in broad day-light

22/04/2020 busy being bored

22/04/2020 nothing better than kafka, new order and four scoops of caramel icecream

21/04/2020 boulevard of crime

(19 - 20/04) dreamt

(16 - 17/04) dreamt

(14 - 15/04) dreamt

(13 - 14/04) dreamt

13/04/2020 the tower that never got rebuilt

11/04/2020 nikdy více edgar allan

11/04/2020 franz kafka hat gestern 3 kg pferdeäpfel produziert

(10 - 11/04) dreamt

10/04/2020 who idolized japan's david sylvian and followed the dandy dilettante's lead by dabbling in polaroid art

10/04/2020 i accept chaos, i'm not sure whether it accepts me

09/04/2020 emča revoluce

(08 - 09/04) dreamt

08/04/2020 don't mourn, organize

08/04/2020 coke mouse, tax attorney

07/04/2020 the alesmen

05/04/2020 der tod ist ein dandy

27/03/2020 new order is just wham! for art students

25/03/2020 jreg could 100% be bob dylans grandson sorry i just needed to share

25/03/2020 the sex pistols sang "no future", but there is a future and we're trying to build one

23/03/2020 tell me what it's like to have someone who's always there for you

22/03/2020 i know this world is killing you

(21 - 22/03) dreamt

21/03/2020 it was 56 years ago today pete seeger came to town to play

21/03/2020 ahoj jonah myers jsem ráda že se ti líbí čeština lmao

20/03/2020 a disrupter of norms, a bender of rules, a disquieter of calm

20/03/2020 you may experience the emptiness with me if you wish


(19 - 20/03) dreamt

18/03/2020 a broken heart is all that's up

17/03/2020 beautiful melodies telling me terrible things


15/03/2020 look at his face—as beautiful but as inhuman as a butterfly

15/03/2020 i still think about this

15/03/2020 aspoň ve snu zažít ten pocit, že nejsem osamělá / svůj osud znám, mě nelituj

14/03/2020 i will cherish this answer until the day i die

13/03/2020 bliss nouveau

12/03/2020 aristocratic hand

12/03/2020 NOUZOVÝ STAV

11/03/2020 piss-arro anarchist icon

11/03/2020 indeed

11/03/2020 love is real and so is propaganda

11/03/2020 Ok prestanu retweetovat penis jinak me tessa violet s takovou nebude sledovat


10/03/2020 fuck

07/03/2020 midnight chardonnay; number 16 bus shelter

07/03/2020 "ok, není to tak špatné," evakuovat a nikdy se nevrátit do tohoto města

07/03/2020 ubi sunt qui ante nos fuerunt?

06/03/2020 the distance from this sentence to your eye is my sculpture

02/03/2020 lord byron v aténách

02/03/2020 decay exists as an extant form of life

01/03/2020 hrome...tamhle je můj krepový papír

01/03/2020 wuthering heights -v

29/02/2020 ehrlich gesagt

26/02/2020 raymond geist

(25 - 26/02) dreamt

25/02/2020 fate up against your will through the thick and thin

(23 - 24/02) dreamt

23/02/2020 things you call dead haven't yet had the chance to be born

22/02/2020 light is therefore colour

21/02/2020 if it's not love then it's the bomb that will bring us together

21/02/2020 first verse, second class

21/02/2020 the lovers cried and the poets dreamed

20/02/2020 john constable 1806

18/02/2020 be the art nouveau to my art deco

18/02/2020 giorgio de chirico - the uncertainty of the poet

17/02/2020 who would win in a fistfight: the Romantics or the new romantics

17/02/2020 if i never read catcher in the rye if i never watched dead poets society

16/02/2020 wishing wells and magic spells and everything between

16/02/2020 the manufactured night

16/02/2020 take a year in provence and shove it up your ass

15/02/2020 Je rozdíl mezi životem žit život. fery

15/02/2020 corleone

14/02/2020 my heart is stronger than a four letter word

12/02/2020 ascher squares

12/02/2020 peristaltic filtration system in the river of time

07/02/2020 sine ira et studio

06/02/2020 people never notice anything

06/02/2020 parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme

05/02/2020 indifference is the young person's enemy

02/02/2020 someone shot nostalgia in the back

30/01/2020 phineas gage

19/01/2020 again and again, even though we know love's landscape and the little churchyard with its lamenting names

18/01/2020 taking the 8 values test listening to common people by pulp

07/01/2020 i dreamed i saw joe hill last night

06/01/2020 antonín širůček, strojírenství

06/01/2020 don't mourn, organize

04/01/2020 i love the romance of crime

27/12/2019 sweet bliss prevails. nobody wants to make a fool of themselves, everybody is very serious, sombre, dead. life has flown away somewhere...

24/12/2019 the moon is my mother

19/12/2019 crumb in peach

18/12/2019 making love on the edge of a knife

15/12/2019 kunst des 18. jahrhunderts

14/12/2019 disrupt, corrupt, interrupt

13/12/2019 larmes de verre

13/12/2019 get used to missing out

12/12/2019 new moon on monday in the new decade

11/12/2019 oh brothers sisters can't you see the future is owned by you and me

5/12/2019 u know ur lifes shit when the thing that keeps u going is miro žbirkas weekly radio show

4/12/2019 sometimes i wonder just for a while will you ever remember me

27/11/2019 you can spike your hair but there's still a jock in your heart

20/10/2019 never-ending days, never-ending nights

20/10/2019 i held my head high so my heart sank low

20/10/2019 we're the middle children of history

19/10/2019 the mystery of kaspian shore

17/10/2019 can talk my way out of anything

16/10/2019 fire pears/piers and stan susanna

(15 - 16/10) dreamt

14/10/2019 trying to make this life my own

(13 - 14/10) dreamt

13/10/2019 it's almost like they've found a friend who's in it for the bitter end

12/10/2019 look out kid, no matter what you did

11/10/2019 cause brno just got colder and i'll have you know i'm scared to death

(09 - 10/10) dreamt

07/10/2019 thought about this again. i love him (that was my question)

06/10/2019 i'm a critic of my own critical need to define myself

30/09/2019 let them do their worst, let them bury me with the romantics

25/09/2019 i'd see delight in the shade of the morning sun

25/09/2019 when i mount you, it's purely a sign of dominance, not attraction

22/09/2019 i feel like i miss everything

(21 - 22/09) dreamt


31/08/2019 what's the story? morning glory

26/08/2019 natural or artificial

21/08/2019 when jefferson airplane said "please, PLEASE listen to me" i felt that

19/08/2019 love my polish twitter mutuals

(16 - 17/08) dreamt

(15 - 16/08) dreamt

(14 - 15/08) dreamt

10/08/2019 want to have someone to be inseparable with

10/08/2019 nostalgic for february

(09 - 10/08) dreamt

09/08/2019 won't wait for me forever

(08 - 09/08) dreamt

(07 - 08/08) dreamt

(05 - 06/08) dreamt

05/08/2019 midway through my california girls cover i realized that yes, my neighbours do hate me

31/07/2019 why are all radio stations playing teenage dirtbag

29/07/2019 daddy's gonna buy you a dream to cling to

27/07/2019 healthy coping mechanism: listening to sunday morning and imagining its andy warhol singing

27/07/2019 i spend all my time reminiscing about the past and preparing for the future

(26 - 27/07) dreamt

26/07/2019 why is everyone thriving except me

26/07/2019 can this decade just fucking end already i want to start anew

25/07/2019 arthur rimbaud

(24 - 25/07) dreamt

22/07/2019 til that pete wentz and tim mcilrath were in a band together

(16 - 17/07) dreamt

15/07/2019 aaaaaaaaaa 1/4 of summer holidays is GONE and i wanna DIE

10/07/2019 daydreaming about being hester argyle

09/07/2019 for all that she's been through, she should've known b̶e̶t̶t̶e̶r̶ why

08/07/2019 damn, i actually feel like stuff is going well today


22/06/2019 nothing better than yeats, duran duran and four scoops of strawberry icecream

20/06/2019 inconveniences

19/06/2019 1111 views uwu

19/06/2019 hbd nick drake wish you were here

17/06/2019 barely surviving thanks to a series of coincidences


14/06/2019 daniel howell came out and i'm so fucking proud of him even tho i dont watch him that much anymore but oh god that video was so Powerful and so well done

11/06/2019 lost 5

09/06/2019 i hate high school so much and im not even there

04/06/2019 I SAW IDKHOW TODAY OH YM GODOOGDIOG full report on That Thing That Happened Oh My God is coming soon to my livejournal haha

02/06/2019 saw rocketman today!!!! its definitely a better movie than borhap, i cried like 4 times during borhap but today it was a full weepfest lmao idk i just felt more ? connected to him ? hm anyways i want a Refund bc there wasnt any mention of nick drake smh

(01 - 02/06) dreamt


(31 - 01/06) dreamt

31/05/2019 g8 vs str8

31/05/2019 today two years ago i downloaded my first panic! songs and it spiralled into my love of music; that being said fuck brendon urie

(30 - 31/05) dreamt

30/05/2019 help how do i articulate my ideas

(28 - 29/05) dreamt