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10/03/2025 - joost


18/10/2024 - einstürzende neubauten

10/08/2024 - taylor swift (paramore)

25-27/07/2024 - pop messe

04-07/07/2024 - boskovice festival pro židovskou čtvrť

28/05/2024 - bruce springsteen & the e street band

22/05/2024 - food house (bols/slob, 300percs)

01/05/2024 - snarky puppy

23/02/2024 - ohnivá turbo tepláda -, desire, california bitch

03/02/2024 - emo night - lillian black, mishino, trawis, kajisko


14/12/2023 - john wolfhooker (karol komenda)

28/10/2023 - philipp spiegl, zabiť františka

21/10/2023 - black country, new road (aga ujma)

15/10/2023 - pietní setkání pro tepláreň - zabiť františka

14/10/2023 - moravský podzim - poslední pohanské obřady - kantiléna

10/10/2023 - toyota vangelis, tokyo drift ft. sxilence & klara wodehn (mezi patry klid)

04/10/2023 - slovenská noc - senzus

15/09/2023 - fvck_kvlt (acid row, oi boys) ft. redzed

31/08/2023 - štetl fest - daniel kahn & jake shulman-ment

10/08/2023 - stayj, madhouse express

30/07/2023 - depeche mode (lakeside x, hope)

08/07/2023 - boskovice festival pro židovskou čtvrť - (vosto5), fvck_kvlt, jaromír 99 & letní kapela

07/07/2023 - boskovice festival pro židovskou čtvrť - post-hudba, slim cessna's auto club

06/07/2023 - boskovice festival pro židovskou čtvrť - lobbyboy&saab900turbo

15/06/2023 - berlin manson (shallov, fotbal)

11/06/2023 - rock for people - václav neckář & bacily, nothing but thieves, the chats, muse, girli

10/06/2023 - rock for people - x ambassadors, picture this, papa roach, the 1975

09/06/2023 - rock for people - hollywood undead, billy talent, ashnikko

08/06/2023 - rock for people - destroy boys, anti-flag, architects, simple plan, (slipknot)

03/06/2023 - šamanovo zboží

22/04/2023 - plácek session - chmurka, hello marcel, toyota vangelis ft. sxilence

12/04/2023 - post-hudba (mat213)

10/04/2023 - toyota vangelis, tokyo drift ft. klara wodehn (krabs)

14/03/2023 - toyota vangelis, tokyo drift → 10/04/2023


20/12/2022 - monkey business

16/12/2022 - dukla (ft. petr marek encounters)

18/08/2022 - arctic monkeys (inhaler)

18/06/2022 - rock for people - the faim, grandson [secret show], beabadoobee, two feet, grandson [actual show], weezer, green day

17/06/2022 - rock for people - dope d.o.d., fall out boy

28/05/2022 - declan mckenna (will joseph cook)

30/04/2022 - dodie (sody)

28/03/2022 - fontaines d.c. (just mustard)

there was a very chaotic bus and tram situation going on but if i tried to describe it i would def doxx myself so . neways i was waiting in front of the place w my friend and there was one (1) other person there which was some guy in a smiths shirt who was always walking inside and outside again?? and then some girl met w him and they talked in polish (and i realized like 2 days later that it was a guy i saw on lastfm and instagram earlier lol) and then we went inside and they had a midi lidi poster in the bathroom (and my friend didnt think petr marek was a dilf at all) and then we sat at a table and peoplewatched and there was one guy w a camera who was there alone and we Kinned him (and then he sat down on the ground and started writing in a notebook like Ok oh and also he had a shirt with ?nirvana bleach cover but it was some other band? and im rly curious what it was) and then we also sat down on the ground and finally at like 19:50 they let us in and for just mustard we were in 1st row basically just us, the smiths guy w the girl, some guy that the smiths guy was talking to in english and one other girl that RLLLLY vibed to it . and everyone else was like 4 steps behind us ??? but i was vibing a lot oh and right in front of us on the stage among all the wires etc was just a beanie???? neways then some like 50-60yo guy came up to us and was like Im just gonna put this here will u take care of it? theres comic books in it xD and he put a tote bag under the stage?? like behind the fabric uknow . and left??? (and at the end he came back for it) anyways before fontaines started they were playing BANGERS like the fall etc and the last MainTM song was your funeral my trial even tho at every other show it was dirt in the ground by tom waits?? wtf but ANYWAYS I LOVED ITTT OBV . and i moshed like 4 times hehe and the guy w the notebook was standing behind me and someone was always yelling at them PLAY BIG!!! and ZAHREJTE TU NAŠU which is very brnocore . anyways i dont think anything interesting happened i dont have any pics w them or signatures or anything (i have half a setlist tho) but i went home by foot and it rly Chilled Me OutTM uknow?? i have to do this more often .


25/09/2021 - einstürzende neubauten31/05/2022

02/07/2021 - my chemical romance11/06/2022

18-20/06/2021 - rock for people15-18/06/2022

17/05/2021 - nick cave & the bad seeds

23/02/2021 - harry styles (king princess)


11/08/2020 - cavetown, orla gartland (spookyghostboy)

18-20/06/2020 - rock for people18-20/06/2021

30/05/2020 - nick cave & the bad seeds17/05/2021

19/04/2020 - cavetown, orla gartland (spookyghostboy)11/08/2020

11/03/2020 - palaye royale


24/11/2019 - the regrettes (lauran hibberd)

19/11/2019 - ólafur arnalds

26/10/2019 - thurston moore group

03/10/2019 - new order

oh god okay so i was in second row but i saw like,, right into their eyes anD I HAD A . MOMENT WITH. BERNARD SUMNER AND IT WAS AGAIN, ME MAKING FUN OF HIM FUCKING UP- THE SAME AS WITH ROBERT SMITH LIKE WHAT. IS. THIS.................. so basically. U KNOW HOW SIMGERS ALWAYS HAVE THE LIL BLACK BOX THING CLIPPED TO THEIR BACKS??? SO BERNARDS KEPT MALFUNCTIONING AND HE WAS ALWAYS PLAYING AROUND WITH IT ALL ANGRY AND LIKE,TRYING TO PUT IT BACK AND HE WAS RIGHT IN FRINT OF ME AND IT LITERALLY FELL ON THE GROUND AND HE HAD TO PICK IT UP AND WHILE HE WAS PICKIMG IT UP I LAUGHED SUPER LOUD LIKE BAHAHAHA BC IT WAS SUPER FUNNY AND HE JUST LOOKED AT ME WHILE HE WAS SQUATTIMG AND LAUGHED AND .. HE DID THE "IM GONNA KILL U" HAND NECK MOTION @ ME AND I JUST ABOUT LOST IT LIKE MRRR SUMNER WHAT DOOES THAT EMEEEAN ????????????????????????????????? HE WANTS TO MURDER ME O R WHATTT ,? and i cried during love will tear us apart am i goth now? AND during the first song (singularity) they played some footage from the west berlin 80s underground scene and BLIXA BARGELD was there for like 2 seconds and i thought i was hallucinating like- blixa is the last person i expected to see lmao ,, they also played fine time for the first time since 1998 so i feel special uwu and i , love tom chapman so much like,,, look how , not short he is ,,,, and he kept going right in front of me and i. died

20/07/2019 - colours of ostrava - pierce brothers, zaz, the cure

SO. i REALLY wanted barricade @ the cure (and i GOT IT) so i waited there since like 3pm (they started 9:30pm) and meanwhile i saw the pierce brothers and zaz. pierce brothers were really sweet, they had SO MANY technical difficulties tho, i felt rly bad for them and they said theyre making a live album and this show is being included and like,,, poor guys lwksejnf also "we wrote this song for our brother's wedding. it's about his dog" I LOVE THEM??? anyways. zaz was, good. didnt say a word in english??? that felt rly weird bc like 20 people there actually understood what she was saying alskdjfh THE. CURE. i got barricade and it was 2.5 hours and simon kept looking at me when i didnt know the lyrics PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONWEJFGI also?? like, robert is SO FUNNY?? like i knew he was smart n stuff but . . anyways he was like "sorry im not talking much, i dont even know anything in czechoslovak.. well maybe i did like 25 years ago" and EXCUSE ME???? DOES HE STILL THINK ITS CZECHOSLOVAKIA- and he literally made the crowd go "ksksksk" . . . i love one (1) man , i have that moment on audio recording so i might put it here when i figure out how (i finally did in november 2020 hehehe) but basically he said sth like "ksksksksksk... its trippy, try it! honestly, i'm never gonna do this again, this is the only time im gonna do it- try it - as a crowd, go ksksksksks! please go on, try it *crowd goes ksksksksk* see!i should (?) never say that to a crowd but that was the most wonderful thing i've ever heard in my LIFE!!!!!!!" and then he just casually went on with the song--- i LOVE HIM oh and he also said "this is the end of your festival right? (crowd cheers) well i was gonna go Sad Moment but.. FUCK OFF! here's half an hour of HAPPY MUSIC!!!" and then played basically their biggest (happy) hits eye- OH AND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAD A MOMENT WITH HIM I LITERALLY HAD LIKE A 1:1 INTERACTION WITH ROBERT FUCKING SMITH QWPSDFJ so. during why can't i be you he went on our side of the stage and me being barricade, he was like 5m away from me in a straight line like, we were LOOKING AT EACH OTHER. so HE FUCKING TRIPS OVER A FUCKING CABLE AND, ,I LAUGH SO HARD AND I GO THE BIGGEST XD EVER BC ??? IDK??? AND HE FUCKING LOOKS ME IN THE EYE. LAUGHS AT ME BACK. AND THROWS ARMS LIKE "YEAH I TRIPPED AND ? WHATS FUNNY TO U!!" AND LAUGHS AGAIN. ALL WHILE LOOKING AT ME. . ."!!!!! AND I FUCKING LOST IT

19/07/2019 - colours of ostrava - rosborough, sons of kemet xl, tuyo, lewis capaldi

okay so. rosborough is my top discovery of the summer, i loved that so much???? like ???? pls listen??? Great indie-rock type of stuff also he's super sweet and i had to give him my school pen so he could sign other peoples (and my) stuff lmao and we took a pic kasjdnbf sons of kemet were at first rly weird but u know, jazz , i got used to it and it was also rly good. we left early to go watch tuyo and !!!!! GOOD !!!!! very gen z !!!! lewis capaldi i- he talked for like half of the show but i can¨t even be mad at him bc he's so funny ?? also he ran like 4 laps around the stage and then had to rest for like 3 minutes and thats a mood so , , him and mac demarco have the same energy onstage and idk if that's a good or bad thing, , ,

18/07/2019 - colours of ostrava - tom walker, rag'n'bone man

this was a chill day, i didn't go into the crowd today bc i was rly tired lmao BUT! they were both great, i think i liked tom walker more but thats bc i was more familiar with his stuff (and he's dodies friend so) - i mean, of course i know human and skin by ragnbone man but i like a bunch of toms songs so i enjoyed that more lmao

17/07/2019 - colours of ostrava - degradace, opal ocean, mø, moonlight benjamin, florence + the machine

SO. my second colours!! degradace are a czech punk band, they were good. opal ocean!!!!! i didnt know them beforehand but i SWEAR TO GOD IVE SEEN THEM SOMEWHERE??? like they remind me so MUCH of someone (both of them but alex more) and--- i had the same striped pants as alex so when i went to meet them after the show he immediately noticed and we laughed about it so hard for like a minute??? and then we took pics and their band photographer also took pics of us EYE- anyways that was SUPER SWEET and their music is Awesome !! mø was nice, i watched from far away, i never thought id hear lean on live but here we are,,, moonlight benjamin was also great. FLORENCE!!!!!!????????????????????????????????????? I STAN HER SO MUCH !!! i was a casual fan before the show but now,?? i ST AN

12/07/2019 - pohoda - dream wife, mac demarco, the roots, death grips, michael kiwanuka

dream wife were really good, really shouty. the singer went into the crowd and some dude touched her ass and the bassist went FERAL lmao anyways mac demarco ?????????? im slightly scared but very intrigued lmao this is like the marina meme but really- is he okay??? the roots were nice, we watched from far away but they sang old town road ?? we stan,, DEATH GRIPS YALL--- thats a once in a lifetime experience like. theres NOTHING as seeing death grips live.. im not really into this kind of stuff but i knew who they were and DAMN like ? every music fan should see them bc that was SOMETHING.,, i had barricade at michael kiwanuka, he was awesome i love him lmao THAT FINGERPICKING THO THIS IS HOW U SPOT A NICK DRAKE STAN!! he didnt play the jack white collab which is sad bc i Love that song but

11/07/2019 - pohoda - lola marsh, the 1975

lola marsh was nice, i didnt know them beforehand, sounds a LOT!! like lana del rey, she sang a slovak song lmao. THE 1975 AA A A A A protip: point at matty healy. he points back (source: experience) -well anyways, show was REALLY GOOD, LIKE,, AWESOME and it was really pretty too, matty was like "is it july or august?" and ppl shouted "JULY!!" and he was like "oookay okay ugh i just asked no need to yell at me ugh yall like july so much? JULYY JULYY ooookay well new music from the 1975 in august" THAT WAS THE FUNNIEST THING EVER I CANNOT-

06/07/2019 - rock for people - frank iero & the future violents, manic street preachers, pale waves, franz ferdinand

ive waited for frank iero for like an hour and a half and an hour before the show began he just? walked on stage? and started setting up the pedals and the instruments? just ??? it felt so nice, like hes Helping his crew, i loved that - he also waved at me and we made eye contact lmao. loved the show. msp are legendary yes, but im really not into them (and they had some major technical difficulties) so like 5 songs into their set i left to get a hot dog. oops. pale waves were nice, v aesthetically pleasing, reminded me a LOT of the 1975. FRANZ FERDINAND a a a a somehow i got fucking BARRICADE!!!??? aND i shouted "ALEX" and me being the barricade bitch, alex kapranos heard me and went "yeah thats my name" I FUCKIGN CANT AOSDKJNCDWKSKENFBJD anyways i danced my ass off,, i always forget how much i love that band ahhh

05/07/2019 - rock for people - acute dose, tom grennan, olympic, in flames

acute dose are a really tiny czech band, kinda psychedelic indie rock type of thing, RECOMMEND!! i got their drumstick!! tom grennan was cool, in flames were also cool. olympic!! are a LEGENDARY czech band, something like our beatles? anyways theyve been playing for 56 years and i saw them in 2013 for their 50th anniversary. to be honest? i LOVE them, theyre such great musicians (like,, their technique is so good??? and theyre all like 75-80??), their songs are cult classics, super catchy, super nice, some of them are deep, some are funny, some are both, i LOVE olympic...ah (stream želva)

04/07/2019 - rock for people - boston manor, the silver spoons, halflives, leoniden, nothing,nowhere., you me at six, bring me the horizon

so!!!!!!!!! i got barricade at boston manor, talked to a girl called lucie and never saw her again, loved the gig. the silver spoons are a czech band, i didn't know them beforehand but turns out i love one of their songs from the radio so YEAH, also their bassist was yeehaw donovan ??? halflives AAA i love THEM AAAA i met linda after the show, we took a pic and she signed my notebook, shes SUPER NICE and also shorter than me which is weird. i loved leoniden, it was my first time hearing about them and i highfived the singer lmao. nothingnowhere was kinda underwhelming tbh but i still loved his set, huge respect for the guy. you me at six were nice, i didnt pay much attention oof aND BMTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE!!!! that staging??? SUPERB!!! i STAN

04/06/2019 - i don't know how but they found me (white room)

pre-show banter was AWESOME i met two lovely polish people (hi wiktor and nemo), we sang and played ukulele, we talked to czech people also (one of the czech guys went to the bathroom when ryan showed up so he MISSED him and he was super salty wosdkjfh). im gonna keep this short bc i could go on and on and on for like two hours so: barricade, accidentally met an online friend, embarrassed self in front of ryan, didnt get drumstick, VERY hot, sinatra+sylvian=white room frontman (pic signed by white room, not idkhow)

01/06/2019 - kantiléna

19/02/2019 - palaye royale (the haunt)

we had vip, emerson said my outfit was BOMB (thats literally what he said ???) lmao and remington then said i had a nice shirt (i was wearing mcr merch,,) i gave them a letter and a drawing (them as sgt peppers lonely hearts club band). they probably didnt even read the letter bc it was A LOT but sebastian put the drawing on palayeroyale igstories so !!!! the haunt were super nice, they signed my phone, i chatted w maxamillion after the show (thats where i met the 21p guy again, we had a convo with max about how twenty one pilots are such a great band to see live) and it felt really good, like im talking to friends even tho he probably doesnt remember me. palaye were VERY loud, we had barricade so loud AND touchy lmao ALSO i got two setlists and gave one away, the other one got signed yee (it says frankfurt on it for some reason? smh my head)

16/02/2019 - twenty one pilots (the regrettes)

i waited like 10 hours outside and it was Worth it, i talked to a guy that i then met at a palaye show 3 days later lmao. the regrettes were kinda mediocre, i feel like nobody in the audience liked them but thats just the opening bands curse haha pilots were awesome, it was my first Proper show and i enjoyed it a lot, we were in like the 8th row and it was REALLY crowded and we stole some dudes water so sorry if ur reading this oof


21/07/2018 - colours of ostrava - ziggy marley, seasick steve, grace jones

ziggy was good, we stayed like 20 minutes tho bc my mom got bored lmao. seasick steve was REALLY good but i got weird vibes from him,, like really creepy,, idk anyways grace jones was AWESOME I LOVED IT SO MUCH SHES REALLY LEGENDARY

20/07/2018 - colours of ostrava - jessie j, calexico

calexico was nice, didnt know them before, jessie j was really good, she talked a lot and then she said "if you have an iphone please turn on the flashlight thing... and if you have an android, im sorry" like GIRL do u actually think androids dont have flashlights

19/07/2018 - colours of ostrava - declan mckenna, aurora, kensington, kaleo

declan lowkey sucked at singing but he climbed on shit and then he went into the crowd and i TOUched his coat (that maroon velvet-ish one ?) and it felt SO comfy !! aurora was great, kensington were underwhelming but i didnt know much about them. i love kaleo so i was REALLY stoked for that but for some reason i didnt know how the frontman looked like and then he came up on stage and i was SHOOKETH bc he looked like benjamin ingrosso and mikey way's lovechild hnng

18/07/2018 - colours of ostrava - george ezra, future islands, n*e*r*d, beth ditto

i don't remember the details but future islands were great, it was my first time hearing (about) them and the lead singer reminded me of someone so much but i dont know who it was,, i was a bit creeped out but i LOVED it. ive wanted to see george ezra live since 2014 and finally i did and it Transcended Dimensions!!-- i mean,, he was,,good i suppose. i was in like third row and we made eye contact A LOT because i knew all the words and then the best thing happened i still cant believe it was acgtually real- he looked at me and i mouthed "i love you" and he mOUTHED IT BACK I CNANTTN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!§§§§§ nerd and beth ditto were cool


28/08/2015 - vojtěch dyk & b-side band

look i absolutely hated this guy in 2015 bc he was in a really annoying movie that was Everywhere (and was co-starring two other guys that i Despised and one of them i still do) but i LOVED the show and that experience was rly nice,, so he showed up in this really funny outfit- like a bright cyan-ish shiny jacket with gold hearts on it (?) and bright red pants?? and it was rly funny also hes like 6'4 so id normally be intimidated by him but ??? so he sang some bops, i knew like 2 of them and then? he went into the crowd (it was a sitting show bc it was in a summer cinema so i kinda looked like an open air theater) and he went IN MY ROW?? AND HIM BEING 6'4 HE OBVIOUSLY HAD PROBLEMS WALKING THERE SO HE WAS APOLOGIZING TO US AND THEN HE FUCKIGN STOPPED RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME AND STOOD ON THE CHAIR IN FRONT OF ME AND SANG A WHOLE ASS SONG LIKE THAT SO I HAD A VIEW OF FUCKIGN VOJTA DYKS BUTT,,, THANKS REALLY (yes his last name IS pronounced dick)


27/10/2013 - lucie bílá

i dont remember much from this but she was my favorite singer when i was a kid and my mom hated her a lot (thanks mom, thats definitely what you should say to an elementary schooler's face about their favorite singer) so i went with my dad and i think it was nice? we had like 3rd row so that was great but i literally dont remember anything from it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, OH!!! i bought a promo cd and i have her signature whoooo

30/08/2013 - olympic

well... my first show i think? i dont remember ANYTHING, like, ANYTHING from it other than they played želva which was like the only song by them i knew the words to and i enjoyed every second of it lmao and also my grandpa was there with me :) but like,, i was a lil kid back then and my dad loves this band so i acted like i didnt like them but i've grown to love them so much, theyre I C O N I C also i saw them again in july 2019 and that was also an experience lmao