the 5 month long maturita stress-induced streak of not having any dreams i remembered after i woke up was BROKEN today by THREE DREAMS that ALL made me feel like shit yayyy we love to see it !

in the first one i was dating orson welles (around third man era i think) and we lived(?) in a nice old house but also i think we were filming there? and i CHEATED ON HIM with a random guy that came into one of the rooms just because he had a really nice heavy wool/tweed(?) coat . like he showed up and i was like OMFG I LOVE YOUR COAT and then we just started making out and then we had sex . and the coat was like really nice i think it was like dark beige/greyish and it had some kind of checkered or tartan pattern and it looked really coarse like Handmade and it was super heavy and then under that he had another layer of similar clothes (a waistcoat i think) and he fr looked sooo interesting . but he also had like bleach fried yellow hair ??? and he was really frail and tiny and he kept saying I dont know why you even think im cute! and i was like I just do idk! and he was like Do you even know where im from lol... and i was like Hmmm germany? (cause he looked really german) and he was like YEA LMAO OF COURSE YOU KNOW IT CAUSE I LOOK SO GERMAN idfk . and im p sure someone saw us and told orson or idk but i remember he was kinda mad at me .

and then (former) classmate AK had a viral tiktok where she chained random people on the street to lampposts with handcuffs and then handcuffed herself from the other side but it was like political in some way(??) and then i was on ceska and saw like 5 politicians getting ready for some pr thing in front of raiffeisenbank (i think ?? its where the big grey balls are) and they were talking rly badly abt AK so i came up to them and was like HOW DARE U TALK LIKE THAT ABT HER and one of them kinda looked like schillerova but it wasnt her i dont think she was a real person? it was just a blonde lady idk. and she grabbed my wrist w the rainbow bracelet and put it up in the air and yelled WE SUPPORT GAY RIGHTS into a camera and i was like WTF WHAT PARTY R U FROM and she was like Ods :) and i woke up and wanted to throw uppp

and then i was on like ??an arranged date i think?? with jan srna and im p sure omar arranged it? cause i remember going upstairs to srnas flat and omar was holding my hand up like i was a princess ? but srna met us outside of his flat and i introduced myself with my government name and he repeated it in a way where i KNEW that he DOES NOT LIKE ME AT ALL but we proceeded with the date and his room just looked like my room except with less things in it ?? and also im p sure my dad was there with us two and omar . and we were just talking abt random stuff and then srna just left through his window and he said hell be right back but then it started raining really hard and water started leaking through the floorboards ?? like just a tiny bit but it was still terrifying but omar said Dont worry that happens rly often :) so orson welles hates me and i was used for ods propaganda and srna hates me as well