i went with geordie greep and classmates AK, IK and SM (??????) to a fancy restaurant for a tasting menu and it had like 10 courses but the only thing i remember is sushi which wasnt actually sushi but like a smore where the soft part was salmon and the hard part was algae ? and the waiter was explaining how to eat it and nobody was listening to him and greep was already eating it (cause hes a canon asian food Knower) which was . kinda rude but ok . and then THE LAST COURSE was fucking svickova . and the waiter was explaining it to us like it was an exotic meal and none of the ppl from class said anything it fr looked like they didnt know svickova but i was like 😳😂😌☺️ and the waiter (who was kinda losing his patience w us) was like What……… and i was like Uknow im czech i was born there i lived there until i was 16 (?) and this is literally like my favourite food ever ! and i stg the waiter did THE biggest eyeroll ever i was like ⁉️⁉️⁉️ and greep just started laughing and told the waiter that hed eat the entire thing by himself??? so he just ate the entire svickova and at the end we had to rate every course on a political compass (??) where the left-right axis was “interesting-boring” and the auth-lib axis was “disgusting-tasty” and greep put svickova right in the bottom left corner so he thought it was the tastiest most interesting thing ever and omfg ive never felt more nationalist