i was at like an art summer camp ?? or idk but it just looked like a park with a shitton of people painting and dancing and doing Art Stuff and i asked some older painter guy How can i break out into being an artist 🥺 or sth like that and showed him ??something i made ig?? and he was like Ooooo youre like GOOD good! You should go talk to joan baez she will take you under her wing shes over there ! so i went and she was on a deckchair with bob dylan next to her and they were like laughing and kissing etc so i was like She looks busy ❤️ and someone next to me laughed so i was there w someone but idk who ? i dont think it was the painter guy but idk?? anyways i was like 20m from them like 🧍 cause obv i cant talk to her rn and then i noticed DONOVAN was sitting on a deckchair like 15 spots from them so i went up to him and was like Hi! and he was like Hiii and we talked for like 10 seconds and then i noticed joan was reading a book so i was like BYE I GTG and ran to her and when i got there she was kissing bob again i was like Ok . and went back to donovan like Hiiii im back anyways where were we ❤️ and he started saying sth to me but then i noticed joan was drinking a smoothie so i AGAIN was like SORRY GTG BYE and i could see him being like 😔 it was so sad i feel so bad !!!! cause he kinda looked like this was usual for him . anyways i went up to her and she was like Yea definitely you can become an artist omg do u wanna be my bestie? and i was like OMFG YESSSSSSS and bob was just sitting there and then he said Yay so do u want to show us where u live? like EXCUSE ME weve literally just met . but its bob dylan and joan baez so i was like sure ❤️ and on the way home i started telling them about ireland trip and that i got my period in the middle of it Which isnt even true???? but joan was like Haha youre so funny that sucks such a good story tho hahaha!!! like wtf . what are your standards girl . OH and somewhere during the dream when we were home already my friend L texted me “omg i love maurice” and i was like Oooo my friend is watching maurice 1987 ! and joan said Oh is dada patrasova in it? and i was like ???????No??????? and she was like Thats a shame cause we recorded a duet isnt that right bob! and i looked at bob and he was eating a fucking ROHLIK like sir …. Sir … and it looked SO funny and then Sth Shifted and i was watching like a ?documentary? that was just drone shots of flying between cliffs with commentary about how theres nobody left from the generation that remembers joan baez anymore (?????????????) and it was just talking abt old singers who died like karel gott hana zagorova etc and they were all czech??? and i remember thinking to myself Damn all these shots of cliffs r kinda making me scared im watching this on a cliff so i feel dizzy! but idk why i was on a cliff .