i was at the park closest to my house and DALLON WEEKES came up to me and was like Hi….you like my poetry right? and i was like HUH I MEAN YEA BUT and he was like Youre one of the only people to care about it so i figured out you would be here today haha do u wanna look at it with me? and i remember Knowing in the dream that i once saw dallon at the park with his poetry and it was 2pm ??? but we sat down at the bench thats looking right at the swings ? like the last bench in the line before the street intersects . and we were just sitting there and reading his poetry and analysing it ???????? and suddenly there was like 7 other ppl from my school ?? like idk who exactly but i know VP from the year below us was there ???? but it was so cute cause dallon was always talking primarily to ME uknow and then the other ppl were just watching .. I felt sooooo special forreal but then for some reason i was walking away and i dont even know where this was but it was just a super wide concrete road in like a more industrial area ??? and i was just walking and vibing and suddenly huge fires started everywhere like it wasnt one fire it was smaller fires everywhere that were getting bigger and closer ??? and i wanted to run back to dallon etc but the entire road back was completely on fire so i couldnt go there so i climbed??? this barrier ??? like one of those chainmail type barriers that was like 2m tall so i climbed it and jumped on the other side and there was a huge hill down like if u were running down kravi hora or sth so i did that and landed ?somewhere close to our school i think it mightve been billa but i might be confusing that w another part of the dream? and DALLON was there with the ppl from school and i think our entire class?? and then some teachers our history teacher and german/spanish teacher were def there and probably someone else too ? and they were boarding TINY boats like 3 ppl could squat in there and it filled up the entirety of the boat uknow . and i went there and dallon was like HI OMFG I THOUGHT WE LOST YOU. and gestured me to his boat so i sat down at the front and someone(?) was in the middle and dallon was at the back and we just rode(?) the boats through this canal looking thing idk it was rly dark and then i was in billa i dont even remember what i was buying but boys from class were also there and then i went towards a tram cause there was still fire uknow and something was telling me that thats a safe way out ? and i saw one tram just speeding past me with ppl from class (AK was there) and the back of it was just ON FIRE it was sooo scary