me and my friends LP and IK (maybe SK too idk) and grian chatten were at our school and it was the last day of school so we we just went there to get our absence cards signed (????) by the vratna (but her spot was in a different place it was like where the trophies are ? like the opposite corner of vestibul from where she is irl) and i didnt have an absence card i didnt even know they existed (it was legit like if studijni prukaz only had 1 page on hard paper) so i was like Uhhh ❤️ and kinda thought grian also wouldnt have it cause hes grian chatten right but he DID and i felt so bad . i was like Look i dont have the card but u def have my absences in the computer right (viber shy emoji) and she was like Yea sure whatever ! and i looked at grian like Damn maybe its gonna be ok!! and he grabbed my waist and like pulled me closer to him??? and it was :) :D but the vratna looked at us and instead of my name she wrote in the computer “hnědooká dívka (hranatý obličej) s chlapcem se špičatou bradou” like EXCUSE ME?????????? why do i have the hranaty oblicej and he the spicata brada when our face shapes are literally identical . Fuck u vratna!!! and i think my chin is pointier than his!!!!!!!!!! anyways we then went to a mall (it wasnt any mall that i recognized tbh but it was closest to vankovka) and i dont even remember what we did there but i remember i looked at my phone and it said fontaines were playing a whole ass kabat type czech rep tour like they were in Zlice they were in Bosonohy (which i know is brno but) they were in Nova Lhota nad Jizerou n shit like that and i wanted to buy a ticket to the brno show but it was SOLD OUT so i was like K ill ask grian if were apparently dating or sth ? but he just DISAPPEARED like he wasnt anywhere at the mall and i was so sad like he just left me there wtf am i not good enough for u ??? so i woke up And then ..

i had another grian dream that i had a new archive job (yay) and it was ?? in ruins of a castle that were repurposed to be an office space??? (or so i THOUGHT) and they walked us through the place and it was just a concrete cube room basically with a table and chair n shit but i was happy cause the place was rly vibey but then the tour guide(?) guy went So this is the mens section reserved for law firms, now lets see your spot in the archive! and i was like Oh and suddenly there were like 20 nuns touring with me and the guy walked us to . literally just a room(?) that was the ruins like there was nothing ModernizedTM about it the walls were the stone from the castle with the moss etc and it was so scary but there was again a table a chair etc but holy shit like ??? and then the tour guy said So here will you ladies work, in the wonderful female job - archives! Honestly i think its a more respectable position than the male job - law firms! But i’ll just leave you to this, if you have any questions i’ll be downstairs! and he left and GRIAN CHATTEN walked up to me and he had a suit ……. and i straight up said Damn u look so hot in a suit!! out loud and he was like 🥺😉😘thank you you also look hot (i dont even know what clothes i had tbh) and turns out he worked for the law firm?????????? Ok so we just stood there w the nuns at one end of a wooden bridge that kinda had big gaps between the planks ? but it uknow linked two parts of the castle together etc and there were moms with babies coming towards us over the bridge and the babies were walking on their own and everyone was like Awwwww babiessssss but i was so scared cause of the gaps and I WAS RIGHT CAUSE LIKE 2 BABIES FELL DOWN THROUGH THE GAPS and everyone was like NOOOO and i was like NOOOO and i turned my face to grians chest like a proper woman who Cant Bear The Sight Of This or something and he was like THEYLL BE OK DW!!!! but like … i doubt it tbh (and then i woke up)