i was skiing with bladee and i was on a lift to mont blanc but it was more like an escalator ?? but i was still sitting in a little thing but it was just 1 person and it was inside ?? and bladee was behind me and there was a sign that said FOR MONT BLANC, LSD and i was like HUH???????? and bladee was like Dont worry its just a normal procedure its not dangerous! and then they gave me lsd(?) and i started seeing weird colors exactly like when u play w the Hue slider and move it around ???????? and then we got off at a mall??? and i was like Damn this lsd is making me see weird colors r u sure we need this for mont blanc ?? and bladee was like Yes dont worry it will make the experience so much better!!! and then my parents came and were ULTRA MAD idk why but it wasnt lsd related i remember that and then i woke up

then i had another dream that i looked at a festival poster and it was the weirdest shit ever like it basically looked like the coachella poster but all the names were misspelled like there was BRUS SPINKSTEEN n shit like that and i was like Oh its just a quirky indie thing u know like elvis depressedly . and also there were like 5 ppl w the last name bragg ?? anyways i went to the festival and i saw BLADEE (i dont even remember him being on the poster) and i was in 1st row and had a disposable camera and i took lots of pics and then i could like ??browse through them like on google images?? and i remember thinking he was ultra cute in all of them and also all of them had brno related descriptions like Rapper Bladee shows Brno that he has lots to offer n shit like that but the festival def wasnt in brno?? and then i was at some old ladys show she looked kinda like the rly short german teacher at our school but like liza minnelli type glam? and she was singing hallelujah and i went on stage (??) and tried to take a pic of her and she was like NO NO FOCUS IT ON OURSELVES and i was like ? and she was like TAKE A PHOTO OF US! and i was like ???? and then i realized she probably meant a selfie so i tried to take a selfie w that camera but uknow . and someone in the audience yelled WHAT IS THE THOUGHT BEHIND THIS??? and i was like HELP and ran away and then i tried to find bladee and there was like a basement (??) from which u could see the stage and ppl from class were sitting there?? and then in another basement there was a footballers dressing room i was like OK SORRY UHHHH and they were like Do you want an autograph? (there were like 8yo boys getting autographs from the footballers) and i was like No im trying to find bladee!!!! and then i noticed i had jeans on which was ????? but i went to like a typical city underpass and there was the guy from death grips saying something and like 20 people listening?? but he didnt look like mc ride i dont even think anyone called him mc ride? he was super tall and like ?? rly big ?? but not like fat he was just rly wide and big and took up lots of space and he had a rly wide round face etc and he looked super nice like u look at mc ride and ur like Yea this man is definitely in a band called death grips . but that guy just looked like he enjoys baking like this is cca what he looked like minus the beard . and ALEX FROM ALL TIME LOW was there ??? and i was like ALEX??? and he was like You like death grips? At your age? and i was like YOU LIKE DEATH GRIPS???? and we were both like Hehehe and i sat down next to him and took a photo of the guy and he noticed me and came super close to me (and we were sitting on sth high i think so we were kinda on the same level) and leaned in and i was so scared i thought he was gonna be like WHY ARE YOU TAKING PHOTOS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION but he didnt say anything abt photos at all he just continued talking and it was about this restaurant that was rly cool and a great community place and now theres just an underpass and he was rly emotional like his voice started breaking n stuff and i was like 😐 cause he was like 10cm away from me but i got teary eyed cause it was rly sad n u could see he rly cared abt it and then he started full on crying and he hugged me ??? like in that way u hug someone when ur crying uknow like for comfort??? and i was like Uhh but then i put my arm around him and we were just hugging and he was crying and it was rly weird and the ppl there were like I CANT BELIEVE THIS CHILD IS HUGGING THE FRONTMAN OF DEATH GRIPS OMFG and then he gave me 2 photos of like a class??? or ppl at a prom or birthday party or sth like that and he was like Thank you for this, now you can have these . and apparently it made sense in the dream cause i remember being like Woah i cant believe he would just give this to me thats wild ….. and then i got home ( i dont think i found bladee) and had the photos on my bed and i went to my room(?? the timeline here is weird ok) and was like FUCK MY PARENTS DEFINITELY SAW THEM AND NOW KNOW I WAS AT A FESTIVAL AND I WILL HAVE TO EXPLAIN WHO THESE PEOPLE ARE AAAA so i woke up