i was with harold smith in his house but it was a rly big house like on twin peaks u only ever see the kind of hallway/living room and then the orchid greenhouse thing but like . obv theres other rooms there but it still looks rly tiny? but this harold smith had like an agatha christie type house with big hallways between rooms and 2 storeys and a big old staircase and a marble bathroom n stuff . and i remember before i fell asleep i was thinking abt how it would be kinda nice if i just lived with harold smith and if he read me those old ass books that he has and i would fall asleep and he would be like Awh . and ig thats what happened in the dream cause i just woke up (in the dream) and was like Omfg harold must be so mad at me that i fell asleep aaaaa ! and i went to find him and he was sitting on his bed it looked like a hotel bed like it was just white with so many pillows and it had the weird blanket that czechs never use ? and he was just sitting fully clothed on top of all that like he just arrived at a hotel . and i was like Sorry :/ and he was like Nah yea its alright i just need some space to think rn do u want to come think w me? and i was like Idk i mean "space to think" and me thinking w u is kinda the opposite but sure i need to get as many harold smith interactions from this dream as i can . and i just sat next to him and we were just ??? sitting in silence??? and not gonna lie it was very cute i was just looking at him and he was Thinking(?) . and then i was in the living room (it was a different living room than he has cause it was a different house ig) on my pc watching a movie but this was SUPER WEIRD cause the movie actually then happened in the dream so i was basically watching the dream in the dream? like if theres a dream timeline then in this moment another timeline splits from the main one but then they still go together? and theres 2 timelines that are exactly the same but one is on my pc and one is actually there with me but theyre exactly the same ? like its like if i was watching security camera footage u know ?? but it was obv shot like a dream . And the thing that happened was that JOHNNY CASH came to visit harold??? and at first he was just sitting in the living room but this time it was the actual harold smith twin peaks living room!! and harold didnt notice him cause he was upstairs (in his non twin peaks house lmao) Thinking and im guessing he came up with a rly good thought cause he just STORMED DOWN THE STAIRS and was like OMFG COME HERE I NEED TO TELL U THIS OMFG OMFG and i was there watching the """movie"""and then he noticed johnny just sitting there and LOST HIS MIND he was like OH MY GOD JOHNNY JOHNNY MY GOOD FRIEND YOU *NEED* TO TAKE ME WITH YOU ON TOUR YOU HAVE TO DO IT MY OLD FRIEND PLEASE I NEED YOU TO TAKE ME ON YOUR TOUR PLEASE PLEASE FRIEND YOU KNOW WHAT GOOD TIMES WE HAVE HAD TOGETHER PLEASE FRIEND I NEED TO GO WITH YOU YOU KNOW HOW IVE BEEN YOU KNOW THAT I HAVE TO GO WITH YOU COME ON PLEASE and i was watching this on the pc but also it was happening in front of me and i was like Wait a second What The Hell was i watching?? and then i woke up

and THEN i was in billa with my mom and she said U can buy whatever u like for the night ur home alone :) and i was like Yeehaw but i wanted to buy monster and obv i cant tell mom that so i just waited til she goes to wait in the line (there was a rly long slow line for some reason) and then i went to pick monster and there were the normal flavors there was ultra and ultra paradise and then the basic one i think? and then one that had the same design as the coffee one but with blended red borders (???) and i was like Hmmm whats this! and it was for some movie promotion and they only sold it in rly tall cans?? like imagine 2 pringles cans on top of each other thats how tall this monster can was . so i was like Ok not that. and picked out sth else and then i was just walking around billa cause i needed to wait for my mom to go home and it felt so awkward at one point i went to return the monster on the shelf to kill time and then i just came back for it ?? (and the lady that was in the ham(?) part of billa was looking at me so weird cause i went past her like 20 times) and then my grandma came for some reason and we wanted to sit down at one of those tall tables they have in mcdonalds with the barstools? but for some reason they were in billa (by the freezer in the vegetable part where they also had monster today) and we sat down and opposite us at the table was just ?some guy? i dont even remember if he was hot (only thing i remember is he had straight brown hair and he miiightve had glasses ? but he was def like college aged) but he had one side of his upper teeth rly white and then the other side normal ? like bernie sanders but jimmy carr levels of whiteness ?? and we kept talking and he kept joking and i always did the kind of polite xD where u just smile and exhale air a couple times and dont actually laugh with ur voice? and he was like You smile a lot i like that! and idk why but after that i just went so h word for him and we were just flirting??? and my grandma was like Thats good that youre getting to know people at your age :) and then idk what happened but it was kinda cute but kinda scary cause he was def older than me

and THEN.. THE ABSOLUTE WORST DREAM EVER... i was (supposed to be) in a david lynch movie and it was shot in a rly old house but it just kinda looked like a czech socialism type old house and also it looked like on big basement with the grey walls and humidity and stuff? and when my time came i was supposed to be running on a treadmill and he was like Ok lets do one take with a woman run and one take with a man run? and i was like Idk what this means but i cant say that to Him!! so i just started running like ?normally? and he was like NO NO DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT WOMAN RUN MEANS GOD????? and i was like Uhhh and started running more slowly and he just started YELLING AT ME like YOURE SO USELESS WHO THE HELL HIRED AN ACTRESS WHO DOESNT KNOW WHAT A WOMAN RUN AND MAN RUN IS???? GET OUT OF MY FACE!!!! and i started to cry super hard and ran out of the room and there was a room that just looked like sth between a small hotel lobby and a normal living room and my parents were there and they were like Why r u crying??? and i was like IDK SOMETHING ABOUT WOMAN RUN I CANT BELIEVE THIS GOD WHY ME I CANT BELIEVE I LET DAVID LYNCH DOWN THIS IS SO FUCKING AWFUL I HATE MYSELF SO MUCH WORST DAY OF MY LIFE and my mom got super mad at ME and my dad just went You really are supposed to know what that is tho 🤷 and i was like WHAT?????? and went back to the room and sat on a couch there (??) and classmates LP, SK and i think IK were there but i dont think we actually interacted?? or like ig we talked but i only remember that LP was in a groupchat that was her and two boys (PN and MŠ) and i thought it was rly random . and then some other girl came to our couch CRYING and i was like Oh man whats going on? and she was like Its lynch :/ and i was like Yea me too :( and we became besties i think and we just sat there together feeling rly bad and then i looked at some paper that had NAME OF ROLE - TYPE OF FOOD written on it and it was weird cause it was like "BAND/OWN LINES - BUFFET, SANDWICH WITH PICKLES" and stuff so i was rly confused what food i had and i asked some girl (who kinda looked like my elementary school besties sister but i dont think it was her this one had rly long dark hair) and she was like Do you write your own lines? and i was like Uhh no and she was like Oh then youre BAND/CHARACTER/ACTOR :) and i was like Wtf is this . and then i went to my parents again for some reason and when i went back i looked at the door where there was a list of who played which roles and my name wasnt there ?? which was kinda weird but i also was thinking abt if he wouldve put my legal name or my cool name there cause i def would want to be in a movie under my cool name but also when it went this terribly idk if i wanted people to google my cool name and see that . And then i woke up and it was so fucking bad i hated it so much i genuinely want to cry no bc thats exactly the opposite of what hes known for like ??? all the directors r like this but David Lynch is supposed to be a kind gentle encouraging director :( >:(