i was with charles aznavour in a bookstore/record store (different than the one in melnik) and there were records stacked on top of each other like a stack of paper (CRINGE !) and at the top was a charles aznavour one and we were like 😳😳😳 and there was a rly old lady employee (she looked like this one german/czech teacher at our school EM but i dont think it was her) and she was walking around the store talking to people so we thought maybe shed recognize Charles Aznavour standing next to his own album but she walked up to us looked at the record read the name and went “yeah i dont know who this is sorry 🤷 sounds french tho. anyways madonna has a new album out sooo?” and we were like 😐😔 and then idk where he went but i was still in the store looking at records and there was a girl next to me who picked out scott 4 by scott walker but then left it there so i was like 😏 and tried to take it but then she returned and was like Omg i forgot this here thank you so much for taking it haha id completely forget!!! and i was like Ok❤️ and then i spent so much time looking at books and they had an entire shelf for lord of the rings and i think i met with some people from class there but i dont rly remember who ? i know JV was there and then some boys and they all had like 20 books and JV had an ultra old version of the bible like it looked like those 15th century ones with the brown leather and the metal clips n stuff i was like omg and she was like Yea gotta prepare for maturita somehow 🤷 and then someone said aznavour got beat up and then went missing but i dont remember anything from that which is so tragic