we were on class trip in italy (or like in a lil italian town type place) and ed gamble was also there and i was talking to him and then i noticed we were lagging SO behind and i was like Uhh maybe we should... and he was like Nah thats ok :) and i was like Ight... and then i couldnt see my teacher or anyone at all and i was like UHH EDWARD??? and he was like Ok now is time for the car xD and i was like wdym car and he showed me his car and it was THE sexiest car ever it was like the stereotypical american vintage 70s car like it was so shiny and pastel darker salmon type color and stuff and i was like omfg this is so hot and he was like ;) and then we went to egypt??? like we were just driving through egypt????? and it was sooo cute we were just talking it was like a coming of age movie minus the egypt thing . and we drove through a village and i was like Just realized we have no water TRAGIC and he was like dw well just ask someone :) and we asked some guy and he gave us one ofthose tiny school glasses and the water was like ??mold colored ?? like that grey green mold color . and we were like What the hell and we just drove away and then i had a second dream where we were with my family (parents and brother) in some mall but we were also on vacation and also BILLY BRAGG was there with some guy who could be my age ? and there was also some girl who looked kinda like katherine ryan and i dont think we were on a joint vacation with billy and the guy and girl but we were walking together and then my family went all to the bathroom and billy and the guy went somewhere random and i sat down with the girl in like a kofi kofi type stand but there were also chairs and tables in the middle of the mall and it was kinda awkward cause we didnt know each other and she rly looked a lot like katherine ryan who is a terf (but it wasnt her) so i was kinda scared of her and she ordered white wine and started talking about how Wow billy really is a lot to be around huh? and i was like ??? and she was like He just DOESNT STOP TALKING does he ??? and i was like Wtf wdym maam . and went to the bathroom that was right opposite where we were sitting and apparently it was bathroom "H-13" which meant 13 year old girls ?? and i was like oopsies but lets hope theyll think im 13 hehe. and i spent so much time in there for some reason and then washed my hands and looked in the mirror like Haha 13... and then realized i dont have one of my shoes ????? and i was like Omfg i left it in the stall!!! and went back to the stall and there was some 13yo girl in there and i was like Uhh could u pls pass me the shoe :( and she was like ??? Alright and gave me something else i dont remember what but it wasnt the shoe and i was like Nono the shoe!!!! and idk if i actually got it back or not but then we were all at some party and i kept talking to my mom about changing my name and she was SO mad at me and classmate AK was there with her non school friends and there was a guy in a miner outfit and classmate ZD was there and i wanted to take a photo of her cause it might as well be the last time we see each other (???) and then i wanted to go find billy and the guy and they were somewhere outside the party walking around on the edge of a forest(???) also it was like 2pm . and i ran to them and started talking to them and told billy the katherine ryan girl said he was annoying cause he talks too much and billy was like Oh...wow.... like he genuinely seemed hurt by that (also i dont even know if it was young or old billy ???) and i was like OMG IM SO SORRY I DIDNT MEAN TO . and then we met with my family and they said were going to suchy ?????? and i was like Ugh............................... and then i woke up OH AND ALSO somewhere in the dream i found out that taskmaster podcast is on the tv show tracking website that i use which SUCKED cause i thought it wasnt and didnt track it and ive now listened to 37 out of 40 episodes . but i just checked and dream me doesnt have to panic cause its actually not there