me and gjon were at eurovision it was already after the show and we were sitting on a white couch in what looked a bit like the greenroom but it wasnt it it was super spacious and kinda looked like the pit after a show when everyone has already left but with the lighting of the lil alley that leads to a cinema screening room ? anyways someone asked us what were gonna do now and we said were gonna go to our high school ?????? and we went (and it wasnt my high school) and it was so scary the main hall kinda looked like the main bongo room but to get from classroom to classroom you had to walk down these EXTREMELY STEEP STAIRS that were made from newspapers and suitcases and just like . stacked stuff so it was moving super hard when u stepped on it and it was SO SCARY but we went down somewhere and there we met some teacher who kinda looked like the husband of our english teacher but it wasnt him and he was like omg hi look at this! and he showed us a yearbook type thing with a photo of gjon (that looked kinda current or like . maybe a bit younger but def not 15) and it said "Joël Hävle Hägglund, 15 - First Prize in Poetry" and there was a bit from a poem and i kept thinking the poem was super bad but also i said "oh lmao thats so funny! so that means gjon ochs is a stage name ha ha that must be phil ochs related!" and gjon was like Yes! Actually :) and ??? im sorry dream me but WHO TF talked about a gjon ochs ??? what the HELL IS THAT anyways then we went to the main hall and suddenly it looked like the inside of a space rocket and gjon said I bet u cant stay in space for more than 2 minutes!!! and i was like Who do u think i am smh my head . . and opened some door and idk what happened then but i was on my phone and i was looking at this channel with 70k subs that just reuploaded classic czech viral videos and everyone in the comments was discussing how the pavement the kids in this particular video are on is definitely in [hometown] and my friend AK was in the comments like Yes because i live there! and everyone was like OMG U LIVE THERE and then it turned out AK was running the channel ???? and then i woke up

but also its kinda funny cause joel hägglund is the birth name of labour leader and iww activist joe hill (ABSOLUTE ICON) who is from gävle which is almost hävle but i honestly dont remember when i last read anything abt him? hes on the cover of my real peoples stories in folk songs playlist but i honestly didnt even remember he was from gavle so . thank you dream brain you are officially smarter than me but also ?? what the hell