i was in a room that was completely empty except there was a cupboard and lil table in the corner (also the entire room was one shade of like ?beige pink? idk) and there was a vase on the table and a boardgame and kyle maclachlan was sitting there and we just . played a board game ? and idk what it was but the board looked kinda like a monopoly board but it wasnt actual monopoly . and then i went outside and i saw my kindergarten bestie playing catch with james dean ??????????????? and they had so many balls on the ground (just in case ig) but they werent actual balls they were like . if water wings were made from pillow material ?? and they had red and white vertical stripes on them and thats what they were playing with and my kindergarten bestie kept throwing the ball("") at me to do some trolling and james dean was kinda mad abt that he was like Come on pay attention stop this throw it at me ugh! and she was like xD xD xD and once when she threw the ball at me james dean was like Give it to me! and i wanted to throw it but he came rly close to me so i kinda half threw half handed it to him and it was so awkward . anyways i went back to the kyle room and on the way i went to a ?? hallway with stairs that had all the walls carpeted?? and it was rly dark there but i saw a woman (somehow i knew she was A mom but she wasnt My mom) looking over the rail and she had rly messy ?ash colored like it was sth between dark beige and grey? hair in that founding father type bun and she was crying and saying something about the bible? and i was like Ok and went back to kyle and i sat on a chair opposite him (the same when we played the board game) and i kinda held his hand? but rly hard like the way u hold someones hand when u have something important to tell them? like his hand was on his knee thigh area and i put my hand over his? and i asked him something rly deep but i dont remember what and then he had a KNIFE ?? but a rly tiny one like the blade(e) could be cca 5cm but i was still kinda scared and he said this exactly "whats the only thing that drives people" and i replied "fear" in a rly movie dialogue type way and then he fucking??? he grabbed my wrist super hard (the same hand that i held his hand with) and he wanted to slit my wrist with the knife??? and he was . so weirdly turned on ????? like he kept talking about how horny he was and he said the word erection like 5 times which would be rly funny but i was SO SCARED and it was so fucking weird and i took the knife from him and ran off to the woman in the carpet room? and i remembered having like an inside dream internal monologue (or maybe i said it out loud but like . to myself) that just said "she's a nun!" and i went to her but i didnt go close i was like 10m away from her but also somehow above her? like i was looking Down on her ??? anyways i said "i found the only way - it's in the bible!" (????) and i threw the knife on the ground next to her and she took it and then became EXTREMELY MAD she literally looked like the red angry viber emoji and she ran super fast to me and wanted to stab me and i woke up ???