we were the entire class in a place that was something between my flat building and my cottage ??? like it looked exactly like the big room in our flat where the kitchen living room and dining table intersect and you also looked down on the grass out of the window the same way as in the flat (this is important) but you could go downstairs the same way as from my room in the cottage to the living room and also the hallway(? or like the lil room with shoes n stuff) was the same as in the cottage?? Anyways there was a FIRE!!!!! and normally id be like AAA and immediately wake up cause fire is like my #1 fear but this time it was rly weird cause i didnt feel like i was in a nightmare?? like it was more of a How To Solve This Problem And Get Out Of This Situation type of feeling? and i looked down at the grass and most of the class was already there so i was like HMMM How do i get out!!! and i threw all my important papers out of the window to save them (which is . very risky if the entire class is there but ok) and the fire was everywhere so i was like Either i jump out of the window and i die or i try to run 5 floors of stairs that are on fire and maybe not die but also maybe die a very slow and painful death . . so i ran down the stairs and everything around me was fire and i was like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa but i survived and downstairs was like a public toilets type hallway? like idk what it was but it was rly narrow and there were multiple doors on one side of it? and there was no fire anymore and i met HASAN PIKER ??????? which is the randomest thing ever but i was like Holy shit am i safe now?? Im so glad ur here omfg!!! and we hugged rly hard and he said exactly this "from now on we're always gonna be safe" and he was lying obv but it was SO CUTE and then we went to the cottage shoe room hallway thing (????? literally why was it there) and we all changed shoes and i was squatting changing my shoes (the literary prowess of me.. . . ) and i noticed classmate ZJ and hasan have the exact same shoes like rly huge heavy black military boots?? which hasan ok but it was SO funny to see them on ZJ anyways then classmate SK started reading out something that ended in "Burákovi" and somehow i knew that it was written in beige pen??? and that it was MY PLANNER and SK was like I found this in the fire whose is it! and i was like OMFG MINE BUT IM NOT BURAK I SWEAR BURAK IS CLASSMATE LP!!!!! and this sounds like a lie but in the dream this was genuinely true somehow?? Idk but then i think we were in town for a bit but i remember none of that but . yea