we were going on a class trip by train and i was at the train station and someone told me bernie sanders and his wife are also coming but theyre disguised as slavic agents?? (?????) so i was like YOOOO and i went to the meeting spot (it was already at the platform) and i passed BERNIE so i was like OMFG I HAVE TO TAKE A PIC WITH HIM and i tried really sneakily to get closer to him and then i realized I DONT HAVE MY PHONE and it was 7:59 and the train left at 8 apparently and i was like AAAA and i tried to run back to the actual train station building (??? as if my phone would be there) and then i ran back cause 8am and all the classmates who were boarding the train were like Wtf and i tried to talk to my parents abt it but they starting yelling at me that i should board the train immediately so i did and the door that i used was a republican door so the inside of the train was completely red there was a red carpet and red tablecloth and red walls and it wasnt rly a proper train it was like . a long restaurant room where the really long table is in the middle and everyone sits at the sides of the table ? and i ran super fast through the republican area trying to get to the democrat one (it looked exactly the same except blue) and most of the class was already there and at the end of the train the long table ended and there was a projection type area like it looked like that one biology classroom where the desks are in longer rows? (the one with the stuffed animals and the skeleton but those werent on the train) and a big projection screen and our biology teacher was there and i think the 2nd groups english teacher was there too and they were preparing the projection and i just ran there super out of breath and everyone was like ??? and i just leaned my back on the wall where the projection screen is(so i was facing everyone basically) and breathed super heavy and i think classmate VM? was like What happened and i was like I forgot my phone at home idk what to do im so sad this sucks and also i dont have my camera i wont be able to take pics im so fucking sad!!!! and then the projection was starting and i had to sit down and the only spot that was left was next to this GUY . AND THIS GUY looked exactly like the guy from social network (??? idk the actors name sorry EDIT its jesse eisenberg) but with darker and straighter hair ?? Anyways i sat next to him and he was like Dw its gonna be ok and i was like Ugh and biology teacher put a lil 45 vinyl record (but even tinier than normal) into the pc like a cd???? and it was either a movie or just the songs (it had a visual and u could see the tracklist but i think it was just like . historical stock footage of railroad workers and houses n stuff) of an album that was ??? it was like in the aeroplane over the sea by neutral milk hotel but also not really??? i know the song ghost from that album was there cause me and the guy were super hyped about it but i didnt recognize all the other songs and they sounded more ??experimental?? it was like if death grips went jazz and remixed a folk song ?? and everyone else was NOT HAVING IT and classmate MP (carti stan) a few rows behind us started playing playboi carti out loud and me and the guy were like LMAO XD CARTI XD NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL XD and we were having a rly good time even tho we wanted to get to ghost and we couldnt hear shit over carti but we loved carti too and we were xding at each other and i think i put my head on his shoulder and it was soooo cute and biology teacher got super mad and turned it off and started explaining something to us abt how were never gonna get anywhere if we dont pay attention to important political issues at school? and everyone was like Hehe xD and then biology teacher came up to me and was like Why r u sad :( and i was like Idk i jus forgot my phone and camera at home it sucks i love taking pics! and then i noticed she had the exact same camera as i have OVER HER SHOULDER?? and i was like YOOO I HAVE THE EXACT SAME ONE and she was like Yea it sucks it rly is a pretty camera :/ and then i think i woke up but i am still thinking abt the guy we had such a good time