quarantine just ended so everyone was like LETS DO SOMETHING!!! and me and buster keaton were ?? we were in a PLAY TOGETHER and like a rly fancy one like the theatre was that kind of old fancy building n stuff and idk what exactly was the play but it wasnt a musical or anything just a normal play BUT i had to do like 2 big ballet jumps and then a ballet 360 degree turn ??? and the woman that was the director of the play(?) was like EVERY VERSION OF IT HAS THIS YOU *HAVE* TO DO IT! SORRY BESTIE and i was like :( i cant dance tho im gonna fuck this up!!! and buster was like Nooo ur gonna be awesome dont worry :D and i was like Sigh and we had a WEEK to LEARN ALL THE LINES AND THE LIL DANCE so i was super stressed but we went on a walk me buster and my parents (???) and we were under a bridge (but it looked like my hometowns train station underpass but with mad high ceilings like it kinda looked like the inside of a silo but like . long ??) and there was water and everyone was just normally walking like there wasnt any but there was just . filthy ass brown water ?? and at the beginning there was like a dropdown menu where we had to choose a number for our hair colour and i dont remember what colour was what number but we did that ig and then there were like 10 pillars (like u know . at a bridge) and each pillar had a czech political party on it and if u climbed the ladder u voted ???? and my parents went off voting somewhere and i tried to climb a ladder just for fun and then my mom started yelling at me SO HARD and i fell off the ladder into the water and then i saw that it was the ods pillar??? and i was like OOPSIES I DIDNT WANT TO DO THAT :( and i was super wet even tho before we werent (like everyone acted like there was no water except when i fell into it ???) and i was like :( and buster was like omg dont worry :D and then he climbed some ladder that was like ? on the side on the wall and jumped into the water so he was also wet ?? and it looked so funny . and he had the same outfit as on the buster keatoncore playlist cover so that was Cute anyways my parents came and we went outside and i remember as we were walking through the voting tunnel bridge underpass thing (??) we saw the kscm pillar (even tho it had the cssd orange but i knew it was kscm somehow) and there were lots of old people and for some reason i noticed a couple that was a guy that looked like pavel novy and a lady that looked super fancy and had like an elizabeth ii outfit in black ?? and i remember thinking "wow it must suck if your hair colour is the same number as kscm ... man i dont even remember what number mine had what if mine is kscm...." ???? anyways then we went to a car ride somewhere and i was thinking about how my name is gonna be on the poster of the play and stuff and the poster i was thinking about was like a sign that u put on the ground (like a wet floor or restaurant menu type sign) and it had my name at the top and then holden caulfield below me ?? like it wasnt buster or anything it was ?? holden caulfield ?? but i was just ok with that ig ??? anyways we were at the car ride and we were in some village and the guy that was driving kept telling us about how now were in slovak pocatky and how hes mad that the czech pocatky isnt the only pocatky anymore (even tho theres 2 pocatky in the czech rep but Ok sir) and that this slovak pocatky wasnt even a town or a village at the beginning of the year ???? and we were like Ok ... and by the side of the road we saw a kaaba but it wasnt that black one it was like an oldtimey gravestone material one u know like it was grey and it was covered in rly worn out letters and words and i went there cause it looked rly interesting and i walked to the back side of it and started pressing letters that looked like words and some of them like ? when u pressed them they shifted backwards like a button so i was like HMMM and then i noticed that there was a balcony with a stairway on the side and some guy was there staring at me and i was like :o :) Hehe . and he was like COME HERE!!!! and i went there and he looked like a fairytale wizard but he had like . Ed gamble hair which was the funniest thing ever and he was like WHO DO U THINK U R??? and i was like idk im just pressing stuff :( i have no malicious intent sir :( and he was like R U HERE WITH BUSTER KEATON??? and i was like Yea but hes not here idk where he went . and the guy was like Ha! I bet u dont! and i was like WHAT WDYM!!!!!! and he said i should go inside so i did and it was minecraft all of a sudden like there was minecraft lava everywhere and a few paths but u had to be rly careful and then either 4 or 5 random guys that looked the same appeared and were like SQUARE UP!!! and i noticed i had a diamond sword so i took it out and they all took out their weapons and it was just the randomest shit like one of them had a beetroot i think and one of them had newspapers ??? and i was like Hm i can kill these with my sword but theyre 4 so idk :/ and then i think i woke up