i was with my dad in prague and there was a stray dog that looked like that one picture of a really fat rectangular sheep (but it was dog sized) and it looked rly scary and i was like nope were not going there!! and my dad was like Come on its not gonna do anything to u! and i just stood there and the dog walked slowly to me and then just pressed itself against my leg and i was like HNNN and i didnt move at all and my dad was like Stay there and dont move!!!! and then the dog changed its position somehow and pressed itself even harder on me i think and i was like !!!!!! and just started RUNNING and my dad was like NO OMG STAY THERE but i just ran and ran and i was running though masarykovo nabrezi and there were like underpasses (theyre not there normally) and they were rly narrow and u also had to duck going through them and in front of one were some comedians (idk who exactly but there was like 6 of them and one of them was definitely tom allen) and i was running and yelling at them like SOMEONE COME WITH ME ITS IMPORTANT HELP!!! and they were like ? and i was like JAMES!!!!! and grabbed james acasters hand and just dragged him with me and he was like HUH??? and i was like THERES A RLY BIG SCARY DOG IM RUNNING FROM PLEASE HELP and he was like OH OK!! U CAN HIDE AT MY PLACE and we just ran for a rly long time and i remember thinking Woah his legs rly are so long . . . anyways in one of the underpasses(?) it was like that mcdonalds play structure tunnel thing and i went first and james was like I CANT DO THIS IM TOO BIG and i was like OMG HELP but then we were running again and it was kinda cute the way we were holding hands but also i was still SO SCARED and then james was like this is my place were safe here :) and it was . this is so weird to describe but it was like a 2011 estranky website????? and it had this rly typical estranky lightish brown colour (which is also a very james acaster colour) it rly reminded me of my first website (medvedibrloh dot estranky dot cz i still remember it :( ) and that was just ?? where james lived??? in the website???? and i was just looking around at the different buttons and pages and stuff and it rly felt like i was doing prostreno smejdeni in his house u know?? it had a rly weird This Is A Real House feeling . and then i wanted to look if he listened to food house and just clicked around on the website (it wasnt like on a pc it was just . in front of my eyes and james was there it looked like he was greenscreened on the website just walking around and stuff ?? it was RLY WEIRD but not for a second i doubted that this was a real place where he lives) and i dont think i found food house so i woke up