the dream had like 1000 parts and i forgot most of them and i have no idea which went first but . one of them was that i saw an old photo on google images of a horse carriage in the middle of the city like ? exploding ? or like not exploding but it looked like it fell apart and some of the bits fell like ? outwards and up into the air ?? It looked rly weird and like 5 rows down on google images i saw a photo of phil ochs with the carriage exploding in the background ?? Like it was supposed to be a photo of phil and then the carriage was just there randomly and i was like HUH???? cause thats not very 1960s and then i somehow remembered that i took the photo???? and i timetraveled to the day and i asked phil why is there even a horse carriage and he just went Come to this bus you have an important task there!! and i (without phil) went to this village bus it looked like on the way to where my grandparents from dads side live (its a very tiny village) like just fields and shitty narrow roads and you could see a village on the horizon and a bus came and i sat down and next to me was a guy who had a paper over his face and it was some form thing and i immediately knew i was supposed to index it ? and i opened indexing somehow and it said there were 141 entries to index for this paper so i was like Wtf is this but there were so many different things like there was name obviously and then like 5 separate columns for town like there was "mesto" "vesnice" "osada" "zanikla osadka" "administrativni subjekt osady" weird ass shit like that and then there was a company the guy worked in and stuff like that and then the bus stopped and he said Good job you did well :) and i was like i didnt even get to column 30 and he was like Dont worry :) and i was like Ok and then i was like ? on the side of a stage ?? like not exact backstage but like the place from where you would come on stage except i could see perfectly whats going on on the stage? and reviewbrah was there with me and like 3 other people that i didnt know (or i guess i did in the dream but irl i dont) and it was outside like a festival but it looked more like a theatre stage than a music stage and there were technicians setting up some rly complicated like industrial pipes and robots and there was a miniature church that looked rly abandoned and it looked SO COOL and finally they finished setting it up and there was so much stuff and it looked like it was gonna move and it was just so cool and there were people watching waiting and one of the people who were there with us (she looked like something between my art teacher and martha issova but rly tall) gave everyone (or like she went there and then suddenly everyone had it) like a scented candle that had different lights inside? like it looked like a kpop lightstick but in the shape of a scented candle and she said that they're gonna need this ultraviolet light thing to see the lyrics that will be on the screen (there was an opera type screen at the top) so they can sing the requiems (???) cause it will be a really cool experience if everyone sings? and everyone was super excited about it (???) and then the thing started and i dont even know what exactly it was but it was like a theatre play with all the characters being the v aesthetic things they put there before and it was all moving and it looked rly complicated and thought out like all those ok go music videos u know ? it was so cool to look at i loved it so much and real me was kinda confused but dream me started talking to one of the other people that were there (this was a guy and he looked a bit like jerma but it wasnt him) and we talked about how were so happy that reviewbrahs project is finally finished and people can see and appreciate it and all his Hard Work paid off and were so proud of him and stuff and i have no clue what all this meant but i was very teary eyed emoji abt that and then i went back to the side backstage thing and only reviewbrah was there and we watched the play(?) and he was like man i cant believe its actually real and i was like im so proud of u <3 and it was such a cute moment and then i think i talked either to my friend AH or friend ZJ (??) but it was still in the same place and the play was still going but i talked to one of them and i said its weird i remember seeing it here at the same festival (i think i said colours of ostrava but ???) in 2019 so its kind of a deja vu moment??? but that makes NO SENSE THEN W REVIEWBRAH N STUFF??? but i remember having a rly strong feeling that ive seen this before?? and it felt like it was on a different layer than dream me but it wasnt real me cause obv i havent seen any of this but i remember feeling rly weird abt that ???? idk but then i woke up