i was at a beach with my parents and i was trying to get away from them so walked a bit further like 300m and i saw a line of like 10 bright orange water wings right by the water and then it stopped and my conclusion was SHARK (???) and i was too far away from my parents so i went up to this random old couple that was sitting in like one of those lil trains that drives u through the zoo or the western town ? but it was just on the beach as like a place with shade and they were there and i was like PLEASE HELP I TJINK A CHILD GOT EATEN BY A SHARK and the guy got up and he was rly old he was like 85 but also super tall and i think he was kind of a gilf u know that kind of tall skinny smooth respectable old man that looks like he goes to award ceremonies for fun? and he looked into the sea didnt see anything went Huh??? and went back to his train thing and i was like Sorry for bothering u :( and they were like Nono come hang out w us :D so i did and the guy told me that his name was daniel fine and his last wish is to build his own yacht and that he used to be a millionaire and really respected in this area but then he moved to america and lost almost all his money and his life savings can go to like 80% of a yacht and he told me he has a fundraiser so i was like :) and sent him 3.80 usd i think? and he was like Thank you sm :D youre invited to the first cruise of my yacht it will be huge u know like a premiere! and i was like Yay even tho im scared of boats and ships and rich people but i thought it would be a rly cool experience and then i talked with his wife for a bit and for some reason i had my 2019 planner with me (it looked the same as my current planner but it said 2019) and i put it on a wooden table thing that was there and the wife was like Omg can i see ur planner :O and i was like ? its just a planner its nothing interesting plus its old lol . and she was like whats boring to most people is usually interesting to me :) and she looked through my planner and found some (cringe) ballpoint pen art (?? idk why it was in my planner but Ok) and she was like :) like the kind of :) a grandma does if you do something and she knows youre gonna turn out okay?

and then there was a cut and i was on the yacht and it was preparing to start the cruise and i was downstairs in the Cool area talking to someone and they said daniel fine himself is gonna drive the boat cause thats his biggest dream? and i was like Cool ;) but inside i was like holy shit hes so old i dont think thats a good idea . and then i was upstairs looking out of the window and we finally set off and he was driving SUPER FAST and we were still in the port and he CRASHED INTO A ROCK THING RIGHT AT THE PORT and i was like AAAAAAAAAA and fortunately my window ended up right next to a grassy hill thing? (WTH IS THIS PORT) so i just opened the window and climbed out onto the hill and also my dad was there waiting for me literally right at the same spot??? and i was like HNNNN but i went to the main pier area where all the people got on? and i saw a guy that i saw previously in the boat doing some employee thing (? idk what it was but i knew he was a Boat Guy and also had shoulder length black hair that looked like my hair 20 minutes after washing if i dont blowdry it and a full black outfit with a black waistcoat so uknow) and i was like Hi uhhh do you know where I can get my luggage back? Like where is it stored cause i really need to go back for it :/ and he was like Were u on the yacht??? and i was like YEA WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED and he was like so theres this guy hes really old and his name is daniel fine do you know daniel fine? and i said I'M A FRIEND OF DANIEL FINE (i specifically remember saying this exact sentence cause we were talking in english for some reason) and he said You're a friend of Daniel Fine?? Holy shit ok. and it was almost like he didnt believe me at first but then we talked a bit more and we went on a walk on the promenade??? and he was like So your bag uhh its in the lowermost part of the boat so it looks like you cant really get there safely right now so were gonna have to wait and maybe we wont even be able to retrieve it :/ and i was like THERES ALL MY IMPORTANT STUFF IN THE BAG and he was like Sorry :( and we talked more and we became like actual friends like we were vibing and we walked and i had my arm around his neck??? and we were back at the pier and the yacht somehow turned itself back to normal position and everyone was like YAYYY and there were still some people in the yacht and suddenly it started moving again and the employee guy was like OH MY GOD I CANT BELIEVE DANIEL FINE IS STILL TRYING TO DRIVE and he was genuinely so distressed by that like u could see it in his eyes and the yacht immediately crashed again but now it was like in the middle of all the water (so u couldnt climb on a hill like i did) and it was like . horizontally with the water so it was a much worse situation than before

and then there was a cut and i was with the guy at my schools pe section but we were upstairs in the pingpong tv room and in the space where wed be looking down at people in the main gym there was a door to THE BOAT???? and i went there and there was a first door that was circle shaped and you needed to like slide your body into it (like when ur at the mcdonalds play zone thing or at bongo or sth) so i did and the second door was a normal boat door (that kind of rounded rectangle door that usually has stairs after it) and it was open and you could see really old wooden stairs and then like? really poor looking families on the floor the stairs were leading to but like cartoon poor like with soot on faces and dressed in potato bags n stuff and i was like Holy shit . and i knew i couldnt just go there to get my bag so i went back and tried to slide my body thought the circle door again but in the meanwhile the boat kinda changed positions again and there was a huge like 3m jump from the door to the school gym and i was kinda scared cause in the sliding position id def break some bones . and the guy was there and he was like WOOO U CAN DO IT U DID 3M JUMPS AT SCHWIMMEN ALL THE TIME (thanks for bringing this up DUDE) so i was like Ok and jumped and it was probably the funniest thing to watch cause i literally did it like that one clip of rob brydon showing how he got in the supermarket fridge on wilty . and then we went to a cathedral???? and we were having so much fun for some reason and i was like WOOO IM LIVING THE HIGH LIFE NOW and threw my phone down from the choir/women section on the floor of the cathedral and the guy was like YESSS WOOO and then i think we were still at my school pe section but instead of like the geography teachers cabinet there were rooms like shops at the mall but with no doors and they all looked like either western salloons or 50s diners and all the posh yacht people were there and i was like WHERES DANIEL FINE ANYONE SEEN DANIEL FINE??? and everyone was like Uhhh and i was just speedwalking through this school mall thing asking everyone in the rooms and the guy was rushing after me and he was like xD u dont need to do this dont worry daniel fine is gonna be ...fine xDand i was like >:( Ok then.

and i walked outside and the place i was walking from looked like my towns train station like the big main room that we meet at when going to class trip? but the stairs that are outside were inside and u went down them u know like they were inverted? and there were 2 cleaners at the doors and one was a girl the other was a guy but they both looked like h****d from the b*g b*ng t*eory (HELP) the girl just had a ponytail? and i went outside and guess who was there just vibing talking to the cleaners JIMMY CARR................ and i think sara pascoe was with him? or like it was a girl comedian i think it was sara pascoe . and i was like Lmao hi jimmy xd and i guess we knew each other well cause he was like OMG HII and we hugged and the guy cleaner said that whoever hits jimmy gets 20 pounds so i was like omg me xD and i said that now i regret throwing my phone from the cathedral cause id love to make a video of this and everyone was like ????????????? you did What. and i tried to hit jimmy but he flinched and guy cleaner was like LMAOOO TOO BAD XD and jimmy was like Hehe thank god! and then sara pascoe tried and he didnt flinch enough and she was like HAHAHA GIVE ME 20 POUNDS and jimmy was like :( and then i woke up