we were at my school and i was besties with pete seeger and i remember we were in the chairs area on the second floor? but we werent sitting we were just standing there by the plants and suddenly a ROCK (like cannonball sized but it was a natural shaped rock not like a ball) crashes through the window and i was like ??????? i thought it was an asteroid at first but pete was immediately like THIS MEANS WAR HOLY SHIT WERE AT WAR and the headmaster had a radio speech that we should all go home but we have to come back tmrw cause we need to pay the electricity bill(????) and then i was at school the next day but pete wasnt there and i was like where did he go and one of the boys who sit in front of me (i dont remember which one) told me that 46% (???) of all men older than 15 were drafted to war????? and i looked around and some boys were missing and i was like ?:"!(":!(/"::!(/"::!(!":!(/":_!(":_!":! WHAT THE HELL?:!(!"::!(!::"!(!:"!(!":? and i was so sad and then we had latin in ju5 room i think but it was really dark outside and i think we had either our old english teacher or this one other teacher that we never had but they start w the same letter ,and i was sitting next to classmate VM and the teacher told us to do a task that she sent in our notes app? and i opened notes app and it looked like the create new world menu in minecraft and i guess i figured out how to do the task cause VM was like HOW COME U HAVE IT ALREADY and i was like I can help u i guess :) and she was like NO I WILL DO IT BY MYSELF CAUSE UR USELESS and i was like ??? excuse me . and i left the classroom cause that made me rly sad plus i was already sad about pete and the bell rang and suddenly there were so many ppl and i went to the lockers but the locker room was the same as at my elementary school? but i met PETE there and he was wearing a light brown soldier outfit with the lil paper boat looking pilot hat a bit on the side of the head and he was SO cute and i was like OMFG HI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and he was like HI!! IT WAS RLY INTENSE AND PEOPLE DIED BUT THE WAR ENDED :D and i was like oh???? glad to hear that Alright! and we went to our classroom and on the stairs we met jendrik the guy in eurovision germany 2021 and he had the same soldier outfit and pete was like HIIIIIIIIIII and jendrik was like HIIIIIIIIIIII and i was like whos that is that ur bestie and he was like idk we met at war and were now besties ig :) and im like Cool and then i think i woke up and when i fell asleep again i was at my bus stop and it was like 1am and my mom sent me to buy rohlik and i was supposed to have it done by the time she comes to the stop by tram? so i was stressed cause its 1am but there was a new bakery that opened instead of the old grocery store that i always used to buy ice cream and coke in? and i went there and it looked like the butcher meat kinda store thats right next to it but it was in bakery colours so it was like beige and stuff and i was rly scared cause tf kinda bakery is open at 1am and nobody else was there except this one romani boy he was like 12 and he asked for bread and the guy at the counter was like GO AWAY WE DO !!NOT!! SERVE PEOPLE LIKE YOU and i was like What the fuck! I was about to make you a sale but not anymore i guess!!! and me and the boy went outside and there was like 20 other 12yos but also girls and most of them were white but we were all like !!!!! and we went to the other bakery thats on the corner and it was closed obv but there was a truck right outside of it and it was unlocked so we all just crammed ourselves into the cabin and i was driving and i dont think we even said anything but we just crashed the truck into the bakery at full speed and nothing happened to us it was like when you unmount a horse in minecraft we were just on the ground and then i woke up