we were in japan (it was probably supposed to be korea but i specifically remember our teacher saying japan) and it was night and me and friend LP (who is a kpop stan) were chasing a bus (and i think friend IK was a couple meters behind us but she wasnt there again so idk) and the bus looked completely empty like no driver no passengers nothing but we were chasing it cause it was apparently something important kpop related??? and i was like i think the bus is empty.... and LP was like WAIT IS IT? IS IT???????????? and im like yea.... and LP was like HOLY SHIT THAT MEANS..... and started running even faster i was like ???? but we caught the bus and went inside and there was like 20 people ?? but from the outside it looked completely empty like wtf?? and LP sat down and there were no empty seats nearby so i just stood there and also i had my school bag (which i havent used since march) on my back so i was just blocking the entire aisle basically and we were just in the bus and LP kept looking around and there was a guy that got on the bus and went past us and rly awkwardly brushed against me cause i was making up all the space with my bag and LP was like :OOOOOOOOOOOOO and i was like ? and LP was like THATS .. . . . ITS HIM . . OH MY GOD U TOUCHED HIM "??:"!(!":? and i was like Uhhh sure . . .im sorry :( and LP said that we have to get off right now!!! so we did and we got off right outside a tunnel but it was also in a town? and it didnt look like japan/korea AT ALL it had all these lil old ass european houses like in cesky krumlov or sth and there was the cobblestone ground and idk if they have that in japan/korea maybe they do but it looked so . European and our history teacher was there with like 20 other people from class and i asked him about it and he was like 🤷 Just watch! and there was a new store that just opened (?) across the road and it was a record store but all the banners and name of the store n stuff were in czech? and i was like wtf but i looked inside and they were selling records that i sort of recognized but something on the cover was always different ? like there was nirvana nevermind but instead of a baby it was a rabbit????? and there was japan tin drum but there was a white square in the middle of the cover??? and it kinda freaked me out and i mightve woken up or i mightve just went into another dream ? but i was at a swimming pool on the grass lying down with the girl from the faber wem dus heute kannst besorgen video (who coincidentally looks exactly like my therapist which is kinda scary) and we were just vibing as besties and it was summer we had picnic she had a straw hat it was rly wholesome and then i for some reason remembered ashtar sheran and i was like Haha xd i wonder what the woman that wrote the ancient fanfic about ashtar i read is doing now :) and i remember me (sleeping) thinking "wow haha this is funny cause i actually read the fanfic irl and now im mentioning it in a dream" BUT I FUCKING DIDNT!!!!!!!! AND THIS ME (SLEEPING) I THOUGHT WAS ME OUTSIDE-DREAM WAS THEREFORE ACTUALLY INSIDE-DREAM WHICH IS MAD :??? LIKE I HAD 2 LAYERS OF DREAM THINKING ????? anyways i said that and the girl was like !!!!!!!!!! and suddenly we were on a ferry to australia?? and i was reading the fanfic and i found out that there was a chapter written on february 23 2021 and people were still interacting with it (and it was a website that looked exactly like the rym voting page) and i read the fanfic out loud and the girl was like NO!!!!!!! and the ferry started shaking and moving so hard and the lights were flashing and there were huge waves and i was so scared so i closed the fanfic and went on tumblr and wanted to check up on an ashtar related anime thats in works (and this was ACTUALLY IRL) and a post saying the first episode is now released had 17146 notes and i was like WOAHHHH and it also said that we can look forward to an episode featuring billy bragg ?? and then i woke up