we were as a class somewhere that looked like something between the jewish quarter of my town and england? and we were just walking there and we were communicating via minecraft chat instead of our class groupchat or something?? but like we were also normally talking . and me and friend LP went together to a playground and we were just vibing and i think other friends IK and SK were also there ? but not sure i just know LP was there cause she had a huge movie type camera and she said she was gonna bury it in the gravel thats on the playground ???? and we were like ?"/(/"?:"(":!(!":"!( and she started burying it and our history teacher came and was like WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!!!!!! and she felt so bad and said that she wont go anywhere unless its buried??? and the teacher was like Ok. and we were just vibing and then i saw a guy who wasnt from our class but was also there on the trip? and he had a nostalgia critic's the wall tshirt so i was like Uhhhhh but i thought maybe he likes pink floyd too and is just wearing this ironically?? cause some fantano stans would absolutely do that . and i went up to him and was like Hiiii :) and he was like Hi :) and i dont even remember what he looked like and i didnt even ask him about pink floyd we just said hi to each other and then went to keats' grave ??? and it was LP, me and the pink floyd guy ?::?: and we went there and i was like Woah. Damn . Holy shit . Keats Holy Shit Woah . and i was stepping on the ground over and over cause i was so weirded out by how im at the same spot as PHYSICAL KEATS u know ???? but it just looked like i was stomping on his grave so sorry abt that keats i meant well i swear . anyways there were 2 guys swordfighting right next to the grave i was like >:( and went to the bathroom and there were public bathrooms but they looked SO WEIRD the stall was like . if u took two ironing boards and stuck them together in a 90 degree angle? i might draw it but it was SO UNCOMFORTABLE and there were so many people not even in the stalls but just hanging out??? and they were looking at me so weird i was like Ok nvm . . . . and i went outside but then i went back in for some reason and i noticed boys from our class were all gathered around a big framed photo of one of those grey parrots??? and they were laughing so hard and i was like wthn ?:"!":?:"/(":"!!": and i went outside again and tried to find my friends but then the boys started spamming the minecraft chat with CUKI CUKI CUKI CUKI CUKI CUKI CUKI over and over i guess cuki was the parrot??? but the teacher was like WHAT IS THIS! STOP SPAMMING KIDS and he went up to us cause we werent at the cuki place and asked us what it was about and my friends were like idk were just vibing and i was like theyre really excited over a photo of a parrot :) and teacher was like ??? and said were gonna play a game?? and gathered everyone and assigned us to teams and idk who anyone else was but i was blue and my goal was to rescue all my teammates who were trapped in enderman bodies and i had an enchanted stone sword and also ladders and all the people were on the 2nd floor of a house with no stairs so i wanted to put the ladders there but someone else from my team started yelling at me that i cant do that cause im not a ladderino??????????? and i was like :( but also it was so funny like ?? LADDERINO?? EXCUSE ME ??? so i waited for the ladderino to put up the ladders (which was annoying cause i couldve done it myself and it wouldve been faster) and then went up and there were so many endermen and i killed them with one hit and they turned into people ?? and i did this like 20 times and i was like this is so easy wtf and then there was someone who looked like a kpop star like he had the hair the outfit he just looked like a kpop guy and he wasnt an enderman so i was like Uhhh? and went up to him to say something AND HE STARTED ATTACKING ME ???? LIKE HE STARTED BEATING ME AND I WAS LIKE WTF!! AND STABBED HIM WITH THE SWORD AND HE GOT SO MAD LIKE U COULD TELL HE WAS SO ANGRY AND HE JUST STRAIGHT UP KICKED ME IN THE HEAD ?? LIKE WHAT ????????? AND I WAS LIKE HELP! AND WOKE UP