i was with billy bragg in a mall and there werent many people but we had a task that we had to make interviews with people and then ask them if they wanted to come to the local chateau (the town with the ""greenhouse"" park by the chateau and we were supposed to invite them to the main building) and we rly werent interviewing anyone we were just walking around the mall and window shopping and sitting on the benches and vibing and i had such a good time and then i saw our history teacher (also he was wearing jcc style sunglasses which was kinda funny) and i was like OMG LETS INTERVIEW HIM and billy was like Sure so we went and we were like hi mr O do u want to come to the chateau :) and he was like Uhhh idk abt that but im rly happy to see you :D and then we went for ice cream and just sat at a table at the ice cream place talking with billy bragg and my history teacher like WHAT ?:"!(!": it was so wholesome tho i miss this dream

then i had another dream that i was in our classroom and it was dark outside (or like dark ish like in the morning when its december) and there was like 10 people all sitting at the front but just 3 or sth from class i know there were girls SK and AB and some guy and then random people ive never seen before ? and jimmy carr was teaching us either history or the thing in poetry with the hoops and lines (??) and our old math teacher n our history teacher were sitting at the window sill next to the teachers desk and jimmy was like You all did such a wonderful job on the essays! and everyone was like YAYYYYY but math teacher was like Duh its cause ur dating [ellis]!!!! and everyone was like WOOOOOOOO and i was like WHAT THE FUCK??? HES ABSOLUTELY NOT DATING ME and jimmy was like 🙂 and i went up to him at the whiteboard and was like WTF DID U TELL THEM! and someone from the people in class i didnt know was like THEYRE ABSOLUTELY SLEEPING TOGETHER LOOK AT THEM!! and i was like . i hate it here so fucking much!!!! and then i went to town and i randomly met classmate MB on ceska and we talked for some reason and classmate ZD was jogging there topless ?? but she had no boobs ??? it was like she had two backs it was so weird but she was like hiiii heard u and jimmy are dating :D:D and i was like no omg 😐 and they both started saying stuff like nooo u dont have to hide it hes so cute and you make such a cute couple omgggg! and i was just like I AM NOT !! DATING JIMMY CARR and they were like Hehe we know u r tho 🤗 and then i woke up like what