i was in a billa but it had a record store at the front (and i think it was in a mall too ??) and i met a guy there and he looked so funny he had he gingerest hair ever in a 50s teddyboy haircut and a white shirt buttoned all the way up like david lynch and those rly light blue jeans (same shade as i have) and also he was rly tiny and i was like ooo its the guy from the 1950s i have a date with here! (??) and also his name was frankie which is the most 1950s thing ever but he was SO SO SO CUTE and we were walking through the record store and there were records on the walls and i saw ok computer and unknown pleasures and was like Damn frankie doesnt even know those exist...Damn... but we just walked through and got to the actual billa and there were SO MANY PEOPLE like a CROWD OF PEOPLE and i was like ugh 😩 and he was like omg do u see that ice cream over there it looks so cool can u go get it and i will wait here and hold a place in the line :) and i was like Ok so i went there and the ice cream was half the flavour of oreo filling and half the flavour of the basic normal milka and there were also choclate bits on the top?? and i was like Wth is this guys taste🙄 but he was rly cute so i got the ice cream and then i was in a completely different part of the billa and there were ppl from class all trying to squeeze themselves between the other people to get the same ice cream as me ??? and it was in different places too like i got it normally from the shelf but it was also in a box on the ground and in the freezers and stuff and everyone wanted it and i couldnt see frankie anywhere so i was panicking cause there were so many ppl everywhere it was like at a show same kind of Population Density and i was rly panicking and i saw classmate JN and he saw the ice cream in my hand and went YOOO WHERE DID U GET THIS and i was like on the shelf :) but theyre literally everywhere in this billa??! and he was like Yea but :/ and im like yea :/ and i was like im looking for this Guy and he was like Ohhh i think u need to put the ice cream in a bowl :) and i was like ??? and went away and tried to find frankie and then i saw him like behind the checkout like in the place where u get the basket and theres the vending machine and stuff and i was like OMFG HI FRANKIE AAA IM SO GLAD I FOUND U and he was like YESSSSSS LOOK LOOK LOOK and he had a green ceramic bowl with the ice cream in there but it was like halfway melted so the remaining ice cream was swimming in chocolate soup and it was THE FUNNIEST SIGHT EVER like . this DUDE with BRIGHT ORANGE TEDDYBOY HAIR with a COMPLETELY BUTTONED UP SHIRT and MODERN TALKING STYLE JEANS standing INSIDE A BILLA WITH A GREEN BOWL OF ICE CREAM SWIMMING IN CHOCOLATE SOUP LOOKING AT ME LIKE :) it was so fucking funny and cute i was like sir ❤️ and he was like its kinda melted :/ and i was like Dont worry that doesnt matter :D and we sat down in the billa but there was like a cafe style table with chairs? so we just sat there and ate/drank the ice cream and it was so CUTE and then i woke up and i was wearing my headphones and was kinda choking on the wire which was . unpleasant but the dream was so cute i miss frankie

UPDATE 01/07/2021! i drew frankie with his funny little green bowl made him look a bit too much like bruce springsteen sorry about that but it is him in th dream from february 14