phil ochs was going on tour and we were at the airport and i was like call me or sumn! and he was like i will write you a letter every day :) and i was like O. Oh ??? oh okay ?? okay sure . sure :) and then he hugged me super hard and i was like OH??? and i looked at my friend (no clue who it was but it mightve been alice avril from that french agatha christie adaptation thing and i think we were besties) like marina meme??? and she was like :)! and then he went and i was like <3 and i guess some time passed cause the bestie came to our office(???) with a letter like !!!! this is for u!!!!! and i was like yay and opened it and it was from phil and it said he was extending the tour so now instead of 8 shows hes playing 16?? and i was so sad abt it and my bestie was like nooooo dw hes def coming back soon <3 and im like :( and then i was in my towns chateau garden but it looked more natural with lots of plants and way cooler and there were those cottagecore white tables and chairs for tea n coffee n stuff and there was a fountain? which i dont remember if there actually is a proper ⛲ looking fountain there but there was in the dream anyways it looked SO COOL and i was just hanging out there by myself idk why but i was jus . Standing there looking at the entrance and all of a sudden fuckign PHIL OCHS comes and im like ?:(!":?:!(!_:? BESTIEEEEE:!(!:"!((!":"(!"!(!":"(!": and hes like YESS I MISSED U and we hug and it was so fucking CUTE and then we just sit at the cottagecore ass tables in the cottagecore ass garden drinking tea from those cottagecore ass cups and he tells me abt what he did on tour and it was SO CUTE I UGH . ME AND WHO ME AND WHO