i was in young roger waters' house when he was writing songs and i gave him some advice cause im from the future u know ,, and he was like thats such good advice! and tried to write the song but he couldnt do it and he got so mad he started smashing the piano and he was so aggressive and i was like UHHHH and went outside and in the parking lot i saw richard krajco coming out of his car so i was like omg hi ur going to collab with roger right? and he was like yea! u know him right? ive never collabed with him sooo what can i expect? and i was like yea hes a genius songwriter hes really good but like he might beat you up,,, and krajco was like,,what,, and we went inside together and idk what happened but they got rly mad at each other and started chasing each other in cars??? and roger had a rly big land rover and idk what car krajco had but they were both white and i was like i need to see this omg and i went into my car (that was also white) and barney sumner was in the drivers seat and im like GO GO GO I NEED TO SEE THIS and so we just . chased each other and we went to a field with rly difficult terrain and i yelled at krajco like THIS IS UNFAIR ROGER HAS A HUGE CAR OMG but he just started speeding??? and barney was like omfg hes gonna die i know it im so concerned wtf!! and i was like FUCK KRAJCO DRIVE DRIVE DRIVE and we were just . chasing them for idk how long and then we all stopped at a wooden bus stop/gazebo thing idk what exactly it was but it looked kinda like the bus stop in the village we went to with our teacher at class trip 2017? how it was a completely empty village and there were the villagey poster things on the bus stop yea it looked kinda like that but wooden and also with a roof and we were sitting there on both sides of a table and i think some other people were also there . and roger was like finally i have finished my first ep :) and i want to give everyone a gift for helping me get through this :) and he gave krajco the clicky part from a pen??? like the thing u chew on???? and i was like wtf but krajco was like OMG THANK U ROGER IM TEARY EYED EMOJI ILY!!! and i was like ??? but he gave this clicky thing to like 3 people so idk and he gave everyone something except me and i was rly sad abt that i was just sitting there like :/ and he saw me and went And now the most important person to live through this entire ep process with me, i couldnt thank you enough! :D and stuff like that and i was like WHATTT and he gave me a ziplock bag with some stuff in it and there was a tiny tiny record like fist sized?? and it was the ep but it was a very tiny record and im like thanks roger this is indeed a very tiny record :) and he was like NONONO READ THE LINER NOTES and i read them and there were no actual liner notes except it said that the entire thing was dedicated to me and just like 2 paragraphs about how cool i am n stuff ?? and it was so cute i was like Sir . . . sir ., ., . and i hugged him and it was just so cute i hate online school