i went to new york with my mom and shoeonhead on a tiny fishing boat ? and when we were approaching nyc i saw the skyscrapers (but they were being repared or sth cause there were cranes n stuff like the ones next to my school) and texted a new york oomf (i actually have that oomf but shes from bulgaria so ???) like OMG I CANT BELIEVE IM ACTUALLY HERE HOLY SHIT WHATTTTT and she was like YESSS U HAVE TO TRY THIS TELECOM COMPANY!! U HAVE TO MAKE AN ACCOUNT WITH THEM OMG and i was like ??? and shoe was like DO NOT DO THAT!! THATS A SCAM U DO NOT NEED A PHONE COMPANY IN NEW YORK ALL YOU NEED IS WIFI DONT WORRY!! and im like . sure . and then im in the city and it looks so european like theres the very european town squares and the ancient tiled street grounds and the old buildings n stuff and im like :O and theres so many artsy looking people and theres some Youths like playfully getting into a fight and they looked like something between 50s rock and rollers and smiths stans ? (also all of them had the same beige jean jacket which was kinda funny to me) and i was like . my god im in love with this city. and then i was at the computer classroom at my elementary school????? and like it was literally at the school cause there was the same hall and stuff but we were in the computer classroom but it was also still nyc?? and FRAXIOM WAS THERE and MY DAD WAS THERE and im like OMG HI FRAX!!!! and frax is like OMG HI IM SO GLAD U CAME!! i have time in like 10 minutes so we could hang out in the city? and im like holy shit what ?:!(!":? and i deliver the AWKWARDEST LINES EVER like i try to say that where im from im not used to these spontaneous meetups n stuff and also because of my parents i usually need to plan this like 2 days in advance but i STUMBLED OVER MY WORDS SO BAD AND IT WAS SO FUCKING CRINGE but frax was just like no problem this is neeeeew yooork baby we do stuff a biiit different haha! (frax is from massachusetts) and then they invited me to watch some movie that they were supposed to be a part of?? so i was like HOLY SHIT UR IN A MOVIE?? I HAVE TO SEE THIS and then we were still in the computer room but it was also a cinema and my dad was next to me and frax was somewhere in the rows in front of us and it was a netflix documentary about climate change and at the beginning the dramatic narrator voice was like "our children will live in an awful society and will need to deal with even more terrifying problems than us. however these 4 brave young people have decided to combat fate and stand up for their planet." and i thought that frax was gonna be one of those 4 people but it was just 4 random girls they all looked like tiktokers and i was like huh???? and then there was a scene in the movie where the sun was like ?? super big and looked very hot and it was getting closer to the camera n stuff u know cause climate change . and there was like 20 people on the ground next to a castle(?) looking at the sun like :O :O :O :O and it was a slow motion shot and the camera was in the air looking down at them and it kinda circled over them so we could see all of them doing :O and ONE OF THEM WAS FRAX AND IT WAS SO FUCKING FUNNY I HAD TO PUT MY HAND OVER MY MOUTH CAUSE ID BE LAUGHING BUT IT WAS A SERIOUS SHOT AND FRAX TURNED AROUND FROM THEIR SEAT AND LOOKED AT ME LIKE YOOOOOOO ITS ME IM IN THE MOVIE!! BUT SAW ME TRYING NOT TO LAUGH AND WAS LIKE :( AND I FELT SO BAD SO I PUT TWO THUMBS UP LIKE YESSS UR DOING GREAT I LOVE THIS MOVIE! AND FRAX WAS LIKE :) BUT IT WAS STILL SO FUNNY and then my dad asked me if i know who frax is like if were friends or something and i was like . . .. kinda . . . .. and then we watched the movie further and my dad kept making old man noises like laughing for no reason and ugh! when there was something outrageous and i was just like bequietbequietbequiet and then the movie ended and me and frax were hanging out :) and it was so cute we were on a bridge?? but like a rly cute modern looking bridge (it was made from the same kind of stone thats at the intersection when u go from globus to my house) and there was also a metal wire fence that was like 3m tall u know the one that looks like fishnets idk how to explain but . and frax was holding onto the wire fence with one hand and i had my camera in my hand and we were just Talking and it was SO CUTE it was like a movie scene i rly felt like they didnt hate me u know ? and i took some pics of frax at the fence and they were like i think u should move to new york! u feel like u were made for this city haha! and i was like WHAT and they were like yea!! u would fit right in! and i was like hnn i wanna kiss u so bad but i didnt say that i said oh?? really?? damn might consider haha .. . and then we talked further and it was just so cute and then i woke up :(