i was at 2hometown main square but it looked really oldtimey and i saw vojta kotek coming out of the town hall and im like OMG HI RAIMUND <3 and hes like HIIIIII and im like wheres your dad! and hes like hes at home hell make you some tea omg im so glad u came! and we walk down the main square and i notice like a big noticeboard and i go look and its just achievements of people with my last name? and im like omg raimund come look this is so cool!! and hes like yea we put it here just for you <3 and im like WHAT and theres a certificate of some guy selling "pipe parch" in town (it was in english) and then another and another and theres like 10 of these pipe parch certificates and im like ,,,uhhh cool i guess,,,, and then im at the main street in 1hometown but theres a tram stop right in the middle of the street and some dude is there with me and i call him raimund but its not kotek ?? so ig i got tired of seeing kotek or sumn idk but hes there and theres also my parents and im arguing with my mom about the play that were going to (???idk why were arguing but) and then were at the play and were standing right under the podium stacked onto each other like its a music show and im in first row between raimund and some asian guy (this is important) and i think its the early 1900s cause everyones dressed like that except me and then the play starts and idk what its about but the asian guy starts making really weird faces at raimund like viber emojis (wtf)(ohno)(tongue)(crazy)(meh)(dizzy) and raimunds like ??? and the guy is like THANKS. NOW LEAVE ME ALONE AND NO I WILL NOT GO BACK TO ASIA. and im like what the fuck did you tell him!!!!!! and raimunds like I DIDNT TELL HIM ANYTHING I WAS JSUT LOOKING AT HIM and im like .....How were you looking at him......... and hes like IDK IVE NEVER SEEN AN ASIAN PERSON BEFORE and im like ,,whatever,, and then the play ends and i check my phone and i was added to a twitter list called "oodTRY2" and then i check dms and i have 48 dms from this one mutual called maggie and shes like OMG I SAW U NOTICE THE LIST HIIII!!! CAN WE BE FRIENDS! and im like sure yea why not! and she sends me a dm that says "sooo whats your cultural background? sorry im really bad at this haha" and im like ??? and am in the middle of writing a really long text about my cultural background when my dad comes to wake me up