i was at my bus stop and there was a girl super happy and celebrating n stuff and she was tweeting and i could see what she was tweeting ?? and she twote that she just bought a flat that once belonged to bob dylan and i was like :O and then i looked and the flat was the park thats by the bus stop??? like the park transformed into like an interior of a flat and it had a rly weird stained glass marble astrology gold/purple kind of vibe and it looked so cool so i called classmate LP and we went Exploring and we found lots of those horrible histories books and there was one about buster and one about some other historical fav but idk who and i showed them to LP like OMG BOB HAD TASTE YESSSS and she was like cool :) cause she was looking at some atlas from 1734 and it didnt have australia on it and they ranted abt that for like 10 minutes and then i was at home doing geography homework and our teacher said we were supposed to find literally any statistic ever and write it in our notebooks and i found that if you play chess with a republican you have a 48% chance of having sex with them as opposed to 46.4% with a democrat and i thought that was super interesting (????) and then i woke up