i was reading diary of the wimpy kid the yellow one (??) and there was a bit about how he wants to become an actor and how his biggest inspiration is buster keaton and im like:!(!":"!(!:!(!"!(!":"!(!:!!: cause thats so ooc and also buster keaton so i text it to my friend LP and i specifically remember taking a pic of buster that he drew into the diary and sending it to her with the caption "why does greg heffleys buster look like someone id stan in 2016" and then i woke up and fell asleep again and had another dream and oh boy . i WAS buster keaton in this dream ?:!!":"!":?:"!":"!":"! so im gonna say Me and Mine when actually i mean BUSTER MF KEATON anyways i was buster keaton and i think i commited voter fraud??? or something like that i think i took peoples ballots and wrote my name on it ??? and then gave the ballots back to them(????? rly not a good plan but ok) and that was my crime and the police was after me so i ran away to this skiing place and there was a rly cozy looking cottage right in the middle of the slope so i just went in there but there was a whole ass family living there and it looked super luxurious inside so im like ohkay?? and they had a daughter that kinda looked like joeys gf from friends idk the dancer one that hated monica idk i saw 2.5 episodes of friends but she was this kind of type but she was short cause im buster keaton and that would look weird anyways im like ;) and we start dating and its so cute we genuinely do so much cute shit we have matching ugly christmas sweaters (that are black and white for some reason and mine was so big on me but its ok) n stuff and we dance SO MUCH like idk why but like half the dating time in the dream was just us dancing to the randomest bops ever and once i give her dad a shovel thats apparently a rly special heating thing ??? anyways its my birthday (??) and she invites her friends (??for my birthday ok thanks) and theres a party n stuff and my classmate AB is there and we talk w her and shes like hi im AB :) and im like hi im buster keaton :) and she goes :!'!:?:"!"?:"(!"?:" and im like yea what about it and shes like OH MY GOD BUSTER KEATON!!! THAT WAS THE NAME ON MY ELECTION BALLOT!! YOU WERE THE GUY THAT DID THE CRIME!!!!!!!! and im like ... oopsies ... and run away and me and her entire family and friends just have a chase scene on the ski slope in proper buster keaton fashion and then theres kids w the exact same heating shovel that i gave to my gfs dad and then i just kinda disappear cause its too stressful and its like i went from survival to creative in minecraft like they cant do anything to me and i can fly ?? so i fly to some like conference space and i talk with either my classmate DG or MP (?? idk cant remember) and they tell me i quote "bladee died in a stream" ????? like TF IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN???? LIKE . IN A TINY RIVER OR ON TWITCH??????? ALSO BLADEE IS FUCKING DEAD???? and theres also a bowling space and on the lil bowling tv theres like ocko news?? and they say that some dude called mgumbo sode won a grammy and its apparently super controversial??? but they didnt say why its controversial so im like ight ig and then i see my gf, her dad and like 10 of the same chad looking dude??like clones??? and theyre having a very heated discussion so i fly over to watch them an they cant see me (but DG/MP could so idk) and apparently all those guys are her new boyfriends and theyre abusing her??? and she has a lot of blood on her face and the dad goes "i dont understand why you couldnt just keep the old boyfriend he was so nice to you" which probably isnt the ideal thing to say in this situation but im like YEARIGHT??? and i decide to kinda haunt them??? and theres a lot of paintings where they are so i change all of them to my face ??????? and theyre like Oh My God Its Him and then i wake up it was such a weird dream