i married ross geller i was his 7th wife and we bonded over being sad that my neighbours chicken coup is being made into a bus stop (???) and then me and all the Friends watched a rly old documentary about israel and palestine and then monica(?? the one w black hair??????? idk her name) said we should visit palestine and so we went on a class trip (??? the entire class was there but none of the Friends were so idk) to a jungle and it was so scary cause we had to walk over a wooden bridge that was like 1km high over a ravine and everyone did it but i was too scared and i ran off and then i hung out with some dude in a cave that wasnt from class idk who he was and hes like write ur name on the cave! and im like no omg im gonna get arrested and then he wrote his name on the cave and my geography teacher came there and got EXTREMELY mad at ME like he started yelling and screaming and throwing shit at me and im like sir this literally is not my name \????? do you not see this guy standing right next to me ??? but the teacher didnt do anything to him he was just so mad at me like tf ??? and i woke up cause i felt so bad like sir ????? i hated this dream so much ugh all that for ross fucking geller