i went with nick drake to the cemetery and he was like my grandpas buried here! and im like ??? and hes like yea his name was samuel cohen and im like YOURE JEWISH???? and hes like i mean he was jewish but then married a catholic girl and changed his name to drake cause the girls family was embarrassed to have this obvious of a jewish guy in the family??? and im like that sucks :/ but like cool !! and we go to his grave and its RIGHT NEXT TO dan nekonecnys grave and im like DAMN WHAT A COINCIDENCE and theres 3 egirls putting flowers on dan nekonecnys grave?? and then im like omg but ur grandpa looks exactly like u !! cause he kinda did they had the same chin and eyes and nick is like yea he was a drug dealer i think but not sure he mightve been an art collector :) and im like EXCUSE ME ????????

and then i have a second dream that im on a train and buster was there and i think he was doing a movie and the actress that played his wife tried to poison him like forreal and im like BUSTER DO NOT DRINK THIS and he doesnt but gives it to a parrot thats in the train for some reason ?? and the parrot dies and hes like OH MY GOD THANK U FOR SAVING MY LIFE and then invites me to a book reading thing ??? and its in my elementary school theatre room and im having so many flashbacks and buster is like whats wrong and im like i went to school here and was in the drama club and hes like thats so cool ! but i gotta get going sorry :/ and then fuckign jumps out the window and theres a train right next to the building and he just fuckign leaves on the train ?? theres not even any traintracks but go off i guess

and then i have a THIRD dream and were in like the 1920s (which would make no sense with whats about to happen but ok) and its me, classmate LP and her sister TýP and were dressed in like modern winter sport clothes?? like stuff youd wear if you went to the forest in january?? and were on [the street where the library is right next to the main square ?? idk im dumnb] and theres a gathering outside one house so were like omg lets look and we go to the first row and everyones like huh?? and i ask some tzara looking dude whats happening and hes like oh!!! do you not know?? were waiting for bobby fischer to show up!! and im like god not again,,, but im like holy shit we have to see this!!! and theyre letting people in only with a partner??? and LP and TýP go together cause T has a ponytail and a hat so it looks like she has short hair?? and im like ...what do i do... i know for a fact im not just going with a random 1920s chess man dressed like This.... but the tzara guy that i asked immediately does that like . arm thing so im like oh boy,, and we lock arms and just go inside and theres no bobby fischer but its a literal supermarket ?????????? but theres no food on the shelves its all just cowboy related stuff?? and theres SO MUCH OF IT like theres so many accessories and some of them look super cool like belts n stuff and theres also hair gel which is kinda cool and jus so much stuff and the 1920s people all gather around the entrance cause u know theyre wating for bobby fischer but we go to the supermarket and were like LMAOOOOOO and we start making us cowboy outfits and its so funny we had such a great time and then i go to the tzara guy and hes like BOBBY FISCHER IS COMING IN 5 MINUTES and im like look at my cowboy outfit and hes like THATS SO COOL NOW YOU FIT IN!! BOBBY FISCHER 4 MINUTES and im like how tf do i fit in but whatever and then we go to first row of the crowd so we can see bobby fischer ig and then he doesnt come and everyone like >:( classic robert james >:( and were like yea whatever and go back to the supermarket but now theres the entire class and also some younger kids ?? and we just vibe and make cowboy outfits and so many ppl have punk hair cause of the hair gel and we are just having a great time and then someones like OH MY GOD SAVE BOBBY!!!!!!! and everyone looks up and BOBBY FISCHER IS SITTING ON THE TOP OF A SHELF ??? and hes like Hi Guys :) and its a really weirdly tall shelf too like its probably 5m or something so theyre like HELP and he just talks to us instead ??? from the top of the shelf ?? and were like yea were from 2020 no clue what were doing here but also no clue what youre doing here??? and how tf do they know u ???? and hes like wink emoji and then my dad knocks on the fuckign door cause i have to wake up i hate it HERE