i had a baby with josef zíma and the baby kinda looked like a tiny elton john and had the sacrifice outfit for some reason and we called it elton ????? and we lived in a new york hotel that looked like the international in my town and he hated it there so much and once he said that he bought a cottage and sold our hotel room ?? and im like UM?? but we move to the cottage and its on like a hill? like it looks like kravi hora except for a church you see all the new york skyscrapers n stuff? and im like ok but im so scared that a bird will eat elton :( (??) and hes like nooo dont worry the skyscrapers will protect him ?? and then i thought i woke up but i was still in the dream but i was laying in my bed and my mom was awake downstairs and my dad just woke up and stormed into my room so mad and im like HUH IM SLEEPING and hes like HUGH GRANT AND COREY ZIMMERMAN(?) ARE IN OUR BATHROOM!!! WHY DIDNT MOM TELL ME SOMEONE WILL BE SLEEPING IN OUR HOUSE TONIGHT?? and im like IDK DONT ASK ME OMFG and then i woke up for real cause wtf