the dnc was happening in my flat but also half of it was in some clothing store ??? and i went there with classmate SM and i just really wanted to meet bernie so i was looking for him and i found him in the shoes section and i asked if we could take a pic together and he was like ight so the three of us took like 6 pics and then me and bernie were just walking in the store and talking ??? and he was like ugh i slept so weird today :( and im like omg why and hes like yea i have a fucked up back and also knee so i have to sleep tilted at a really specific angle (?) and i remember thinking like damn he rly is gonna die soon :/ but we were jus talking and we got to our kitchen and idk how it got to it but bernie said "okay just because its you i wont show anyone ok ?" and he showed me a photo on his phone of a paper on my bed that said Results and there were some weird ass election results ? and i remember one of them was someone X jo jourgensen = 3:6 ?? and idk what that even means but bernie was like LMAOOOOO BAHAHAHAH JO JOURGENSEN 6???? LMAOOO NO WAYYY but he said some czech last name instead of jourgensen ??? and i was like NO OMFG THATS PRIVATE WHERE DID U EVEN GET THIS OMFG SIR LMAO an then he also showed me like a hidden camera video of me in the clothing store just walking around ?????? and then i woke up