i was in the parking lot in front of my apartment building and amy from the big bang theory was there ??? and we were friends ig ?? and shes like come help me !! and shes rearranging sth in the trunk and then she says “uhh do u know which text type (?) this is ? i think i saw it on 4chan but idk” and im like “ah yes thats not the obc type thats the nrc text type!” and some tall af nordic looking guy looks up from the car next to us and hes like “so ur like a 4CHANNER 4channer” (???? nobody says that also help) and im like ,,yea ig ??? and then he says “so whats the name of your boyfriend?” (???) and im like “i go on 4chan do u think i have a boyfriend” and hes like ok fair enough and then starts talking to amy like “so what r u doing tonight” n stuff and i get kinda mad ??? idk why i dont even remember if he was cute but i do get mad and grab his hand and we go inside the apartment building to the bike&stroller&stuff storage room and it looks like the main room we hung out in at lyzak but like with more furniture ? and JARVIS COCKER IS THERE and im like GET OUT JARVIS!!!! and hes like huh??? and im like DID U NOT READ THE 4CHAN AGREEMENT (???? literally tf was i on in this dream) and hes like HUH?????????? and then i wake up but i also remember my classmate SM was there and he had that 19th century poet shirt and i was super jealous but idk where that fits into the dream