i was with my parents at some gallery and the entry was paid but we could see like the first two rooms and elijah daniel was there and im like ive already been here tho so why am i paying ??? and hes like β€œnono i expanded it a lot like u can see these paintings werent here before!!” and im like ight 😐 and then i AM elijah daniel??? and im at some sport oriented summer camp and its like 1989 czechoslovakia and im like lets play football (wink) and this teacher thats there (she looks like our old math teacher but meaner) gets SUPER MAD shes like IMPERIALISTIC WESTERN SPORT 😑😑😑 UR BANNED FROM THIS CAMPSITE FOREVER and im like ok 😌 cause i know its about to be not communism anymore ,, and then i start just running around in some empty cinema space but its like when ur flying in minecraft ?? thats how it felt ???? and im like . flying around the camp and going to buildings n stuff and they try to catch me but they cant and then i see some girl whos just looking at me like 😳 and i talk to her and shes like ur so cool i wish we could play football πŸ˜” and im like come with me!!! and we go to this wooden house it looks like a house that would be in westernove mestecko but its super tiny it looks like a stable or a storage room idk but me and the girl hide there (??) cause the teacher is looking for us and she walks by the house but then comes back to it and enters and im like hi😌 and she starts trying to attack me with some fork ??? and i cause im apparently 6’2 elijah daniel i rip the fork out of her hand im like Ha!!!! what u gonna do now!!!!! and she pulls out a fucking KNIFE?? and im like OKAY HELP HELP HELP !!! HELPHELPHELPHELP cause i cant try to take it from her cause shes gonna stab me so me n the girl are just there like πŸ§β€β™€οΈπŸ§β€β™‚οΈ and then it ends πŸ˜” i have no idea why me being elijah daniel was even there but i enjoyed it