we were as a class with our class teacher in some abandoned building and there was graffiti all over the walls and there was also lots of acab graffiti ? and we got to some Main Room (???) and bernie was having a speech there and i was like !!!!!! he shouldve won !!!!!! and the teacher was right next to me and hes like Oh???? U think that???? and then we have a class discussion about bernie and i say some rly smart stuff and teacher is like HEY MR SANDERS COME LOOK AT HER!!! SHE IS SMART and bernie comes and looks at me and says “well if shes truly smart then she surely has interviewed ments little brother at one point” and im like HUH????? and bernie shows me a video on his phone of him interviewing some boy thats saying stuff like “yea my brother ment is working for the bbc now i think yesterday he had a report from brno zoo about motorcycles” and im like ????? and teacher says that it doesnt matter if i interviewed him or not that im still smart nonetheless and then bernie goes to have another speech and we have a class discussion during the speech and then teacher pulls out 2 bags of candy and hes like “i will give them to the people that contributed the most to this discussion” and he gives one to me and says i can choose so i choose one cause apparently i had the other one yesterday ?????????? and everyones like yay !!!! and im like :) and then we go out of the building and were at a park and some guys r skateboarding on the roof of the restaurant and then one of them falls down and its so scary but the teacher is like hes gona b fine (wink) and then i woke up